Eryone S8 3D Pen Review. Good value? Does it work?

by GloucesterGeek on September 28, 2018
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Eryone S8 3D Pen

September 28, 2018

Low Temperature Printing with PCL mode
Ergonomic design
Safe for younger children and easy to use


Brand: Eryone
Model: S8
Extrusion mode: Melting
Formation: 3D
Materials: PCL, PLA
Diameter of material: 1.75mm
Theological extrusion quantity: 0.076~0,86m2 per minute, adjustable Melting temp of material: PCL:90℃, PLA:170℃
Pen electric spec: DC5V,2A,10W
Power supply: micro USB


1. A great pen for beginners looking to get a 3D pen.
2. Can print with both PCL and PLA.
3. Cooler tip when using PCL mode, safer for younger children. (90c for PCL)


1. Only includes a small sample of PLA in the package, no PCL.
2. No USB power adapter included (you can use pretty much any USB adapter).
3. Quite chunky so may be a struggle for some younger children to hold.

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Ok, so having played around with the Eryone S8 3D pen for a little while, I would certainly recommend it as a starter pen for someone that is looking to get into 3D printing with a pen. As I stated in the review, it is a little chunky, but is still comfortable in the hand and easy to draw with once you have had a few goes.

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This is the Eryone S8 3D pen that was sent to me for an honest review. So, Is it any good? Is it worth the price? Read on and I will give you my honest opinion on the Eryone pen.

Ok, so firstly, the price. The current cost of the Eryone S8 3D pen is £23 (found here), which is pretty much the average price for one of these basic pens (although some of the other 3D pens do come with a little more filament and features).     


Inside the box you will find:

  • The 3D printing pen
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 3m PLA (Blue in my box, not sure if they are random colours)
  • Sheet of templates
  • User manual


The filament included seems to be of good quality, I’m not sure if it is Eryone’s own filament or not, I would assume it was. When testing it out on one of the templates, it stuck well, but also peeled off easily once cooled. I was a little disappointed to find there was no sample of PCL in the package,maybe that’s something they may look to add.


The Eryone S8 comes with a USB cable included, but no USB power adapter, so you will need to use your own. You can use just about any USB adapter, or you could use a power bank, which is what I done so as I wasn’t tied down to where the wall socket was.

Eryone S8 3D Pen

The pen itself currently only comes in Blue, although there will be other colours available soon. It is quite a chunky pen to hold, much chunkier than other 3D pens I have used, but feels quite comfortable in the hand. Although, It may be a little bit of a struggle for some younger children with small hands to control.

The pen has 3 buttons and 2 LED’s. Button 1 is to load the filament, button 2 to unload the filament and is also the power button, button 3 is to switch between PLA and PCL mode. The LED will light up for whichever of these modes you select.

The included instructions are straight forward and easy to follow, although it states in the instructions that you can use the speed control button to adjust the extrusion speed, there is no speed control on this pen as far as i can see.

The filament does have a slight delay on starting to extrude, this is maybe because it is a safety procedure, but once extruding, it flows at a nice steady speed. i also noticed that if you click button 1 (load) it will continue to extrude without having to hold it down constantly.

I drew a pair of the glasses on the template to test it out. Ok, so i’m no artist and I dare say some 10 year old’s could do a better job, but you get the idea lol.

eryone 3d pen

eryone 3d pen


Also, take a look at Makersmeltdown’s review on the Sunlu SL400A, another great value 3D Pen.

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