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Parrot 3D Printer FDM – Amazing Quality, Coming Soon

Inov3D speaks to the designer of the new Parrot 3D printer, a new take on the Original Prusa i3 FDM design. History of the Prusa 3D FDM 3D Printer Back in 2010, Josef Prusa released the open source Prusa Mendel. It simplified the original Mendel design for a 3D FDM printer. Two years later he launched the Prusa i3, which has been one of the most successful printers worldwide. And it inspired many clones like the popular Ender series by Creality3D. However, the Original Prusa i3, which is the name of the version sold by Prusa Research, is not a...

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3D Printer Reviews

EasyThreeD Nano 3D Printer Review – Is It Good For Kids?

You have your 3D printers setup and whilst printing, your kids just stare in awe whilst it does it thing. (As do we no doubt!) EasyThreeD has produced an out of the box, compact 3D printer aimed at the younger audience. They have called it the Nano. The Packaging Now, this is where EasyThreeD can improve upon. Upon receiving my unit, it was shipped in a plain cardboard box with no branding at all. If I was a child receiving this as a gift, I'd be pretty disappointed. Aesthetics aside, the packing of the printer was good. It was securely...

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3D Printer Filament Reviews

Eono PLA Filament Review Standard PLA, Silk Or Rainbow

Eono is a Chinese manufacturer that makes 3D printer filaments. They produce Eono PLA filament using virgin NatureWorks Ingeo plastic pellets made in the USA. Eono Silk Rainbow PLA, Eono Silk Pink PLA  and Eono Red PLA  are all a full 1KG 3D printer filament reel, with a 0.05mm diameter tolerance. Initial impressions are good. The packaging is sturdy and has the company logo printed on it. The rear of the box proudly proclaims Eono by Amazon and lists the details of the filament in multiple languages. The Spool itself has a sticker on it offering advice on print settings....

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3D Printer Resin Reviews

Yousu iForm 181 Resin Released and Ready for Duty

YouSu iForm 181 Resin for LCD 3D printers is new and available in three colors (Grey, Skin and White) and two sizes (500g and 1000g) on Amazon's USA storefront. This brand name may be unfamiliar to some but, Guangzhou Yousu 3D Technology Co., Limited was established back in January 2013. Yousu's entry into the resin market began in mid-2020. My past use and review of Yousu's filament lived up to expectations. (Yousu Silk Pearlescent PLA Review). Their new resin product description claims good details and adhesion. Let's find out how well Yousu's Form 181 resin lives up to their advertisement....

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3D Printing Accessory Reviews

3DLAC – For those who struggle with bed issues

3DLAC what's that? Well let me tell you all about it..... Sticky Situation How often do you start a print off and have the confidence to walk away before that first later is down? Be honest, maybe 20% of the time? I level my bed obsessively. I use a feeler gauge to set the gap then use the contactless probe to measure the heights, adjusting manually until I am as close to perfect as I can be, however, I still suffer from adhesion issues occasionally. Surface? I mainly print on plain glass. I do plan to get a mirror but...

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Laser Engraving Reviews

AlgoLaser Alpha 22 Watt Review, Specifications & Price

The laser engraver market has recently seen a new entrant - AlgoLaser. This company promises to provide customers with powerful, reliable, and affordable products. AlgoLaser's flagship product is the AlgoLaser Alpha 22w laser engraver and cutting machine, which is designed to cater to customers who require high-quality output at a reasonable price point.However, before investing in this product, it is essential to determine its worth. Will the AlgoLaser Alpha live up to the company's promises of efficiency, dependability, and precision? Only time will tell, but if the company succeeds in delivering what it has promised, the AlgoLaser Alpha is sure...

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Creality Ender Extender Kit Review Go Big Or Go Home

Have you ever wanted to 3D print something large and only have a Creality Ender 3 with 200mm bed space? If so, you know the pain that comes with splitting a print into multiple sections and then gluing or bolting it together. The good news is a company out of Texas has an economical solution. I present to you, the Creality Ender Extender Kit. Here Is What You Need In Order To Extend Your Creality Ender 3D Printer Starting off, you will need to have a few things before you can extend your Ender to absolutely gigantic proportions. First of...

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