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Elmon D7 Enhanced – Revamp your Budget mSLA Printer!

D7 Enhanced mSLA Upgrade Pack Two of the most used budget printers in the mSLA (DLP/SLA/DUP) category are the Wanhao D7 and the Anycubic Photon. Both having huge followings (the 2 main facebook groups for these members have a combined total of 24,000 members) there are a lot of these printers in the wild! That being said, they do come with their issues/quirks and one company has tried to alleviate some of these with an elegant revamp.... Elmon D7 Enhanced Upgrade Pack! Two of the biggest printers in the budget mSLA market. (Left; Wanhao Duplicator 7, Right; Anycubic Photon) New...

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3D Printer Reviews

Longer 3D LK4 3D Printer Review- One to watch?

The LK4 3D Printer by Longer 3D is finally here! With its build volume of 220mm x 220mm x 250mm, this matches the build size of the Ender 3 so is it a good contender? Specifications of the CE Certification: Yes Fliament: 1.75mm PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fibre Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm Bed Temp: 110 Slice Software: Cura/Repetier-Host Consumables Diameter: 1.75mm Precision: 0.05-0.4mm LK4 3D Printer Color Print Speed: Up to 120mm/s Maximum Print Size: 220*220*250mm File Format: stl Molding Technology: FDM Auto Leveling: No Voltage: 110-220V Maximum Printing Speed: 120mm/s Interface Type: USB Packaging The LK4 3D Printer came packaged neatly and securely with plenty of absorbing sponge inside! The components had their own little space, and...

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3D Printer Filament Reviews

3DQF Pearl Plum PLA Filament Review

3DQF has started their new Pearl range of filaments, fresh out of the extruder. They wanted a set of unique colours that are different, almost with a metallic effect. As a result, after a long time testing, they decided to settle with four new colours. Therefore, these range from Pearl Black, Pearl Blue, Pearl Purple, and Pearl Plum. Available in 1.75mm with a weight of 1KG. 3DQF recommends using a print temperature of 180-220°C and a bed temperature of 40-50°C, or you can use an unheated bed. In addition, for best results use Elmer's purple glue stick to help with...

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3D Printer Resin Reviews

AmeraLabs AMD3 Resin Review – Amera-zing?

I test out the AmeraLabs AMD3 Resin, which is specifically designed to work with low powered 3D resin printers. For instance, Anycubic Photon, Longer3D Orange 10 and Sparkmaker, to name a few. Read on to learn more! About AmeraLabs Lithuania based AmeraLabs goal is to engineer 3D printing materials that inspire. They create resins for 3D printers with a purpose: To empower and enable the creativity of the 3D printing community worldwide. As a result, they strive to produce resins with exceptional physical properties which are affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike. Packaging AmeraLabs AMD3 Resin comes in...

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3D Printing Accessory Reviews

Duet 2 Maestro a 32BIT Symphony in a 16BIT Orchestra – but can they Carry a tune?

Duet Control Board, MKS, SKR, Creality - There are many and varied choices for replacing the main board in your 3D Printer. Maybe you want to extend the functionality? Possibly you want to add another Z screw or a second extruder?. Perhaps you're looking for something more intense, such as live network access to your machine on the fly? ~Maybe you're replacing a faulty board & want to future proof the machine a little at the same time. The choices and combinations are virtually endless and increasing all the time, in this article i will review a Duet 2 Maestro...

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Laser Engraving Reviews

Longer Ray 5 Laser Engraver Review Diode

Now it is time to read a laser-newbie's review about this 5W Diode Laser Engraver from Longer3D. Prior to the release of this kit from Longer, I had not considered purchasing a Laser Engraver. Owning and enjoying multiple Longer FDM 3D printers, lead me to investigate the Longer Ray 5 Laser Engraver. Although I have never laser burned before, I am familiar with vector images, photo editing and similar hardware used with 3D printers. Even with my previous hobby knowledge, laser engraving and cutting truly is a new hobby for me. Therefore, we can learn about the Ray5, software and...

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Best Budget 3D Printers cheap, mid-range and high-end

A 3D printer can be an excellent investment, depending on whether you want to use it for making money or for fun. Is it worthwhile to find the most affordable and reliable 3D printer on the market today? I'm glad to inform you that you've come to the right place if that's what you're looking for. It is the aim of this article to give you an overview of some of the most popular budget 3D printers that are currently available on the market which are priced less than £200, £500, and £1000 and offer a wide range of types...

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