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Creality Ender 5 3D Printer What Do We Think?

At first, the Creality Ender 5 might seem to be a box type 3D printer that has not much to offer. However, after reading this article, you will get to know that the printer is more than a box and offers great features to the users. So here is what we have gathered for the Creality Ender 5 CoreXY. Specs and Features of the Creality Ender 5 Build Volume Creality Ender 5 is very different from the Ender 3 in terms of the frame size. The Ender 5 has an outer dimension of 440 mm x 410 mm x 465...

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3D Printer Reviews

MyCusini – It’s all about choco!

We all love comes in many shapes and sizes, different flavours, and it is also used in different variations. How about creating and printing your designs? Over at MyCusini, they have a Kickstarter campaign that will allow you to do this, and at a reasonable price! Come check it out! MyCusini Who They Are? 2014 was the year Print2Taste GmbH was founded as a startup to develop innovative solutions in the 3D food printing areas. With the 3D food printing system Processing, they have been targeting professional customers in hotels, catering, event gastronomy and confectionary worldwide already since 2016....

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3D Printer Filament Reviews

Fokoos Red PLA Filament Review

Fokoos PLA Plus is a filament I found while browsing Amazon. The combination of a sale price and the desire to print a few red models encouraged my personal purchase. Although Fokoos has been around since 2017, the company and their products were unknown to me. Currently, they sell 3D FDM Printers, Liquid Resin Bottles, Filament Spools and a new Laser Engraver. Their website has additional information and product listings. Keep reading for an unsolicited and honest review of their PLA Plus filament. Fokoos PLA Packaging and Filament Spool Quality Fokoos provide their filament in a custom printed box. Filament...

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3D Printer Resin Reviews

Elegoo Water Washable Resin – Is it a washout?

Resin printing is making its way forward within the 3D printing industry. In addition, there is a concern over the safety of it as well as the cost involved in post-processing. As a result, Elegoo has now produced their Elegoo Water Washable Resin which removes the need of using IPA to wash your prints post-processing! Let's see how it performs! Packaging The Elegoo Water Washable Resin came in a large box printed with lots of information about the product in addition to the usual warnings. I was sent the Ceramic Grey colour. Within the box, you have your bottle of...

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3D Printing Accessory Reviews

Bondtech BMG Extruder Review: You Must Try This!

Emvio Engineering gave me the opportunity to do a review on the Bondtech BMG Extruder.  I've been wracking my brain on how to do this article; for me, it is a hard one. This is because it was just plugged and play on the Tevo Tornado. I didn't have to change any firmware or VREF to get it to work.  On my Tevo Tornado, the steps per mm on the extruder is 400.  Even though the recommended value from Bondtech is 415, 400 is working just fine for me. Want to buy the Bondtech Bmg Extruder Check out Emvio's website...

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Laser Engraving Reviews

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Laser Engraver Review

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro laser engraving machine is a machine that is raising a few eyebrows in the laser marking industry. With passaging time, laser marking/engraving has become the number one choice of most of the industrial marking solutions providers. As a result, conventional engraving businesses are turning their investments into digital marking solutions, especially, laser. Let's check out the main specifications of the machine. Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Specifications Motherboard - OLM-MAXUP-V10 Motherboard, with 32Bits MCU Add-ons - Ortur Control Box (Offline Controller) - Adjustable Z-axis Lifting Device Available Laser Modules - LU2-4 (2nd Generation FAC ,...

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The Spaghetti Detective – Is It A Monster?

You own a 3D printer and you have Octopi setup with a camera in order to monitor your prints.  You leave a print whilst you go out to work and check on it periodically just in case something goes wrong.  When it does go wrong, all you can do is cancel at the point you notice meaning wasted filament...This is where The Spaghetti Detective comes into play! The Spaghetti Detective is an add in for Octoprint add-on and is currently in the beta stages. It is free to download and you can grab it from the Octoprint Plugin Repo How...

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