3D 360 Lamarr Lemon Yellow PLA Filament Review

Welcome to the review of 3D 360 and their Lamarr Lemon 3D printer filament with a price of £23.33 Ex Vat. They named 3D 360 Lamarr Lemon after Hedy Lamarr who was a huge movie star but also a marvelous inventor. Another good point about 3D 360 is that they are committed to using 100% recyclable cardboard spools and vacuum sealed to ensure the quality of their 3D printer filament.

Who Are 3D 360?

3D 360 is born out of industry and the realisation that 3D printing is the future of manufacturing and is changing the way things are made today. 3D 360 is owned and run by two vastly experienced engineers from the Nuclear, automotive, and commercial design sectors. Both have many years’ experience providing consultancy services to the engineering and manufacturing sectors and in utilising 3D printing within industry for prototyping and production applications. The 3D 360 support ethos comes from their extensive experience within industry in supporting equipment through its entire product life cycle, and not just stopping at selling you a printer.

Lee Fogg – DirectorPaul Bullock – DirectorYouTubeLinkedin
Josh Birkett – Trainee 3D Printer & Additive Manufacturing Technician
Jack Neal – Trainee 3D Printer & Additive Manufacturing Technician

3D 360 Filament Colour Range

Lamarr Lemon Filament Packaging & Spool

It came in a plain brown box nothing exciting there, won’t get you jumping for joy. Upon opening the box they greet you with the beautiful vibrant Lamarr Lemon filament spool with a 3D printed colour swatch. I have noticed some companies are using cardboard spools. This helps cut down on recycling plastic, 3DQF and Filamentive are also doing this. The glorious thing about these cardboard spools is they won’t arrive cracked, unlike the traditional plastic spools. It may bend, but surely that won’t harm anything. On the reel, there are laser cut notches to allow you to see how much Lamarr Lemon filament there is left. There are two holes on the outside of the cardboard spools to insert the filament to keep it all tidy, and from unwinding.

Keep reading to see the results of 3D 360 filament do they have the Quality.?


We love using our FDM 3D Printer from Voxelab their Aquila and using a 0.4 nozzle. The basic setting I used was Infill 15%, perimeter shells 2, top solid layers 3, bottom solid layers 2, heat bed temperature at 65c, hotend temperature 190c and used a layer height of 0.25.

Banana Boat Benchy – By BigMrTongSorry We’re Drunk Sign – By MattInDetroitKeep Calm and Carry Onmakkuro
Articulated Snake – By Bmarquez1997Do Not Touch 3D Printer Sign – By PolymathicRubber Duck – Voronoi Style – By Roman Hegglin
Lego Bricks – Kit Card – By joeldhenrySwatch – By 3D 360 Scissor Snake Family – By ricswika

Where To Get 3D 360 Yellow PLA Filament

Yellow PLA filament is available on 3D 360 website.

3D 360 Lamarr Lemon Conclusion

We had no problems at all with this 3D printer filament as you saw above. We didn’t have to fine tune our S3D Slicer profile for the Voxelab Aquila 3D printers. This PLA is really reliable, causing us no clogs, jams, or slipping in the extruder. The quality of the entire package is great. We have tried many brands but unfortunately 3D 360 filament is too costly for standard PLA. At the time of this article getting published they priced the filament at £28.00 including vat and a flat rate shipping of £9.99 with a total price of £37.99. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the yellow PLA filament is very vibrant and prints fanatic, has they same properties as 3DQF but with a higher price point. If you buy more than 3KG you get free shipping.

Update from 3D 360 TEAM:

We’re primarily aimed at B2B through purchase orders and offer support to the end user hence the higher price.


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