3D Print Halloween Trick Or Treat Top 15 Models

In my house, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year, so decorations are a must! In many instances, you could purchase something similar if you were to go out and buy it, but what’s the fun in that? Growing up, it was a rite of passage to make your own Halloween costume. Today there are so many people who buy their own costumes, but with 3D printing becoming more and more mainstream, why don’t you print out the costume from scratch? This is a list of some of the coolest Halloween 3D prints I found for this year.

May your Halloween be filled with many treats… and no tricks!

3D Print For Halloween #1 Zombie Head

Here is a spooky head that you can use to decorate the garden with this year! I actually printed this model for my desk in Yousu Tricolor Filament!

Designed by: Fotis MintLink: My Mini FactoryCost: $3

3D Print For Halloween #2 Articulating Skeleton Hand

This Halloween 3D print will get everyone talking at your party!

Designed by: Flexi FactoryLink: Cults3DCost: $2

3D Print For Halloween #3 Jack-o-lantern

What would Halloween be without some pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns??

Designed by: BirdBott ToysLink: Cults3DCost: FREE

3D Print For Halloween #4 Cauldron

Of course you need a way to contain all your treats to give out to visitors on Halloween night! Why not print out this Cauldron?

Designed By: Tone001Link: Cults3DCost: FREE

3D Print For Halloween #5 Reaching Wall Hands

Now these are really neat and can be hung up on the wall, your door, maybe even your car for those who like to go all in for Halloween! Print these out at the recommended 0% infill for a really lightweight Halloween 3D printed decoration.

Designed by: F0R63Link: ThingiverseCost: FREE


3D Print For Halloween #6 Skull Helmet

I actually printed this one out for this year’s Halloween, and I must say I am quite happy with the result! This model will require some knowledge on how to use a 3D modelling software to export each part, or how to separate a single file into multiple. Once complete, you will also have to do some post processing. I just glued mine together, but to make it look really cool, some additional modeling should be done. The designer also did a pretty in-depth look at how he made his own Ghost Rider costume here. I printed mine in Polymaker Glow in the Dark.


Designed by: mikewarrenLink: TinkerCADCost: FREE

3D Print For Halloween #7 Squid Game Mask

Now I know that the Squid Games were last year, but so many good costume ideas came out of that show. The mask for the game leader was also pretty on point and easy to print. If you are running behind on your costume, why not grab a cloak and print this mask out for a quick and easy costume?

Designed by: DimebruceLink: Cults3DCost: FREE

3D Print For Halloween #8 Jack Skellington Halloween Mask

Anyone who has seen A Nightmare Before Christmas knows of Jack Skellington and will love this costume! Be warned, this is a very long print and will use a whole roll of filament!

Designed By: bermantdesignsLink: ThingiverseCost: FREE

Jack Skellington Halloween 3D print

3D Print For Halloween #9 Mandalorian

What 3D print list wouldn’t be complete without a Mandalorian helmet? Of course we love it here at Inov3D as well. There are plenty of places to get a model for this, ranging from free to ~$30, depending on the quality you want for your helmet. Again with a full helmet, this will use a lot of filaments and take a lot of time to get printed.

Designed by: Nikko IndustriesLink:Nikko IndustriesCost: $25


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