3D Printed Fountain How And Why Check It

Hello all,

I will explain how and why I created a beautiful 3D Printed fountain that contains only one cheap pump and nothing else!


Why do that ?

Because why not, it’s extremely enjoyable to have your own 3D Printed fountain entirely printed in plastic.


What will you need ?

  • Of course a 3D Printer, my fountain was designed to fit inside a 200×200 cartesian or delta printer

Build Plate Size 3D Printed Fountain

  • A water pump: it is not a sponsored link, but this pump is quiet and very inexpensive. Search B07D7WHVFW on the Amazon of your countryPower Adapter 3D Printed Fountain
  • Mandatory colorless varnish, and if you wish, paint spray of the color of your choice
  • The STL files that you can find here :


That’s how the 3D Printed fountain is made

Inside The 3D Printed Fountain
Inside The 3D Printed Fountain

All parts fit into each other and you will not need anything other than the pump, no pipe, screws or anything else are required.


How to print parts ?

All the parts have been designed to be printed without any support, so it will be very easy for you to print successfully!

I suggest you print in PLA, even if it is possible to do this in ABS

First you have to print the 7 parts of which the fountain is composed

After that you need to varnish at least the tank with the transparent varnish spray, you can also seal the other parts, but it is not at all obligatory ( do it anyway on the board). On the tank, apply at least 2 layers inside AND out.

Once well dried for at least two days, simply put the pump with the suction pads at the bottom of the tank, fill it completely to the top with water and finally assemble the other floors on top of each other.

We will now check if there are no leaks. Place the 3D Printed fountain in a saucepan or glass container that can hold all the liquid and plug it into a USB socket. the pump will start very quickly, but if bubbles continue to come out of the top of the fountain, gently add water with a glass until the flow is continuous and without any bubbles.

Let the 3D Printed fountain run for at least a full day, if you do not see any liquid in the glass pan: well done your fountain is ready to run for a long time. If on the other hand there are leaks, disassemble everything, let the fountain dry completely, and add other layers of varnish on the tank. Do not forget that no one is going to see the inside of the tank, do not hesitate to put more coatings than it takes, even if there are runs, at least it will penetrate well into plastic.

Small bonus:
The fountain consumes very little energy. I tested it with a power bank of 10000mAh and it turned over 8 hours, so nothing prevents you from bringing it to an event, a party or a birthday. it will certainly please the guests


Here is the final result:

I hope that you will appreciate this fountain and that it will be very pretty in your living room! Feel free to leave your comments or ideas at the bottom of the page



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