3D Printing Ideas – Easy Home Decor Things to 3D Print

Here is a list of fun 3D Printing Ideas. These prints can be functional, quick and all around great prints. Some of these prints can be used to show off that new 3D printer to your friends and give them a cool souvenir, just cause you can. Unfortunately, all the pictures shown have been taken from the site they were published on as I am currently experiencing some issues with my Ender 3.

3D Printing Ideas

FIFA World Cup

What is it? The FIFA World Cup can be a great birthday gift for a friend if he is a soccer fan. Use the same colors as on the actual trophy to achieve a maximum resemblance to the original. You can also make this trophy as an award at your local soccer tournament. If you have ever been to a World Cup final yourself, you can create the FIFA World Cup as a memento of your visit to that match. And present it on your shelf.

Who made it? Hum3D

Where to download: Hum3D


What is it? This is a very cool print that will always be impressive. Most 3D prints are solid and rigid which is what people normally assume when you tell them you have printed a new model. So just think of the confusion when you explain to them you’ve printed a wallet and when you show them it’s flexible and durable. If that’s not a print to impress your friends then don’t worry there’s more to come!

Who made it? BadPractice

Where to download: Thingiverse

Headphone Stand

What is it? This model is simply a headphone stand. I really like this headphone stand as it is very simplistic and has a modern look to it. This stand is also very durable and prints as a single piece with no support needed. If anyone was looking for a stand to hold headphones on their desk then this is the model I would point them towards.

Who made it? MakerBot

Where to download: Thingiverse

Headphone Clip

What is it? Okay so I know I have already included a headphone stand in this article but while looking around for prints I saw this and couldn’t help to share it! This is a very simple headphone clip it allows you to hang your headphones on your desk or shelves. This clip also has a little slot for you to wrap your cable round to keep it neat and tidy. It also has some little holes for you to put the audio jack in. This is a really cool print in my opinion and would definitely be using this to keep my headsets neat and tidy.

Who made it? PhilBarrenger

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Camera Mount

What is it? This everyday print is really simple to print but does require some screws for assembly which you could, of course, 3D print. This camera tripod is great for taking on the go and it is compact and foldable which makes it ideal for traveling. It’s durable for using every day and very quick to print. This tripod could even be used to hold a small GoPro to watch your 3D printer when you are not around or it could be used as a stationary camera for YouTube videos or even streaming.

Who made it? Kernel770

Where to download: Thingiverse

Car Phone Mount

What is it? This next print is a rather unusual car phone mount. It is printed in multiple parts that once assembled it allows the mount to move. The idea behind this is the weight of the phone will push the bottom section down, which will squeeze the sides together. This mechanism secures the phone safely and is a great simple model.

Who made it? Yaniv Tal

Where to download: Thingiverse


What is it? This print is very self-explanatory but basically, this print is a set of coasters. I chose these over other models because firstly I prefer how they look overall and second the creator also includes this nifty little holder for the coasters.

Who made it? ROBO3D

Where to download: Thingiverse


What is it? This is quite a popular model that you may have seen before. Crocz is simple 1 piece print clips. They look really cool and work really well in my opinion.

Who made it? Muzz64

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

Cable Holder

What is it? This very simple quick print can also be very useful. The print is simply a small dome about 1 inch in diameter. They are designed to hold cables such as chargers or other cables that sit along the top of a desk. There are 2 file types available for this model the first is a simple dome that is attached to the desk using double-sided tape. The other model has a hole in the bottom allowing a coin to be inserted in the bottom giving the holder some weight.

Who made it? bardiaesm

Where to download: Thingiverse

USB Holder

What is it? The USB Holder is another very simplistic model with a very useful purpose. This model is a small rectangular block with a number of slots to hold USB Drives and full sized SD cards. This model can be flipped in all directions allowing the user to connect multiple together to create a holder large enough to hold all of their devices. This is a quick print and doesn’t require massive amounts of infill as it does not require to be completely solid.

Who made it? rhmorrison

Where to download: Thingiverse

Spool Drawers

What is it? This is a very cool and useful print. It also helps you find a use for all your old spools instead of throwing them out. The print is simply little sections that you attach to empty spools using a screw or other means. These can be very useful and overall is an amazing idea. You could even stack these multiple times with multiple spools to create a very unique and cool object.

Who made it? Tanatof

Where to download: Thingiverse

Slicing Software!

After reading this article 3D Printing Ideas, I bet you are excited to go and print a bunch of new things! To do that you’ll need good Slicing software. So check out this article by Asjad Q about the Best Slicing Software of 2019!


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