3D Printing Makers that Helped Inov3D Grow!

3D Printing Makers the Helped Us

Here, I will be talking about the best makers and companies that have helped Inov3D grow. The 3D printing world is great, without these people we would not be where we are now.

East 3D

East 3D is the new 3D printing company in town and has a lot of growing to do. East 3D gave us the opportunity to review their Gecko 3D Printer and so far it exceeds all expectations. It is a more advanced build CoreXY 3D Printer. This 3D Printer is stable, fast and really user friendly.

They have given us the opportunity to sell these premium 3D Printers and Inov3D will soon have UK stock on hand. We at Inov3D hope we can keep this relationship going and continue our partnership for years to come. Now to mention some names:

Chay Chen is the CEO of East 3D and the brains behind this innovative design. Chay is dedicated and friendly guy.  He is always happy to help you with your 3D printer problems.

Kerry Lee is in the Sales Department and also Tech Support at East 3D. She is a great help as well and continues to be active in the East 3D Gecko community.


TEVO has been with us the longest, they gave us the opportunity to review all of there 3D printers even sell their products, which we have been very grateful for. TEVO, as a company, has grown very quickly into the 3D printing world, they many different Facebook groups for all printers, you will get alot of support from these. William of Inov3D is a moderator of TEVO Tornados Owners Group

Alice Yu works in the Sales department, this person is our main contact. Alice is great to talk to and she is very helpful.

Forward 3D Printing

There is a group on Facebook (Forward 3D Facebook Page),( Forward 3D Facebook Group) that is full of great makers and good information. Here is there you tube channel (Forward 3D Youtube Channel) . They also have great competitions so just keep an eye out for them. Forward 3D P gave William Donald and Lyn Stewart of Inov3D the opportunity to be moderators on these groups. Inov3D are very grateful for their kindness.

Yourdy Alcaide has been a driving force behind Forward 3D. He is familiar with building 3D printers, structure and firmware. He’s been an invaluable source of information.

Derek Brown is another good maker in Forward 3D. He is a great source of information and has been very helpful.


Filamentive is a 3D Printer filament manufacturer in the United Kingdom.  Filamentive specializes in recycled filament also known as RPLA and RABS. They sell a wide range of filament including exotics. We also got the opportunity to sell their products. Inov3d has also reviewed there RPLA, and it is great and we highly recommend it.

Ravi Toor, the Manager of Filamentive, is a great person to talk to.

Nub Werkes

Nub Werkes is a chapter of E-nable. They make 3D printed hands for children. We were also able to interview them for an article for Inov 3D Nub Werkes Interview. Nub Werkes is also going to be printing us a customized prosthetic device with the Inov3D logo for us to showcase.  If you want to be part of E-nable, visit enablingthefuture.org, and help change someone’s life.

Andrew DeLisle is a maker who is a great guy who is easy to talk to. If you need help, he will help you.

3D Print And Paint

3D Print and Paint is a group on Facebook for the painting of 3D printed models,  It is a good place to go to learn about painting 3D printed models.  3D Print And Paint is a new group but they are growing fast.  Kevin Sharp, Founder of 3D Print and Paint, gave William Donald of Inov3D the opportunity to be an admin of this group, and we thank him for this.

Kevin Sharp is the founder of 3D Print And Paint. He is a very helpful guy will help you.

Evan Morgan from Model3D

This guy knows his stuff about SLA printers.  Model3D has a YouTube channel which you can see all of his content, including reviews.  If you are into SLA, this is the guy to get to know.  He is a great guy to talk to.


MakerFun3D Great website for 3d printed terrain reviews and information on what MakerFun3D is doing MakerFun3D has helped us by linking back to our website

Kevin Rank great person to talk to about anything 3d printer related friendly helpful guy

This list will be updated regularly to showcase the great people that have helped us grow. Inov 3D would like to thank you for the time you have given us.  We hope that we can keep our relationships strong.

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