3DJake Magic PLA Filament Review

I‘m sure you already know about 3DJake, who is another online seller dedicated to everything related to 3D printing.  3DJake introduces a new and extraordinary line of filaments that is sure to capture your attention from the moment you see them! 3DJake Magic PLA filament is a line of dual-color filaments that are a fantastic option if you would like something different from the usual PLA filaments.

There’s no need to bore yourself back to sleep by printing the same colors repeatedly. Magic PLA adds a touch of awe to your 3D printing experience. I should note that 3DJake Magic PLA can be used on all common desktop FDM 3D printers and should be printed, like conventional PLA. In addition to not warping, no heated bed is needed when printing with Magic PLA.

To create the magical PLA filament, 3DJake uses their famous eco PLA filament to produce the basis for the Magic PLA 3D printer filament. Using this material, you can create 3D models with a remarkable color-changing effect that is created through the combination of ultra-satin colors in the material.

Magic PLA 3D Printer Filament Colours

They developed this filament to create six unique color combinations, each named after a colorful element. These include Deep Space, Metallic Emerald, Juicy Peach, Sunset Sky, Frozen Gold, and Frozen Lavender. If you’re not planning to spend too much money on the filament, you should be happy to know that 3DJake offers both 250-g and 1-kg spools of MagicPLA filaments at prices between £11.79 and £31.79 each.


Duel-Color Filaments Features & Advantages

  • Shimmering colours
  • eco PLA base
  • Made in EU
  • No warping or shrinking
  • No heated bed required

3DJake Magic PLA Product Information & Technical Details

Item NumberCLF-MPLA-GREENBLUE-285-0250
Manufacturer NumberMPLA-GREENBLUE-285-0250
Content250 g
Diameter1,75 mm, 2,85 mm
Product typesPLA Filaments
Filament colourdual-color filaments
Net weight250 g, 1000 g
Recommended processing temperature215 – 235 °C
Recommended heating temperature50 – 70 ° C

3DJake Magic PLA Deep Space Filament

For the 3DJake MagicPLA filament, I decided I would use all STL files with a 0.4 nozzle, 0.2400 layer height, and I would use the Fokoos Odin-5 F3 3D printer. I have been so pleased with the results I have gotten so far. Some mistakes happened like the first layer issue, but aside from that, the effect that this dual-color filaments gives any 3D model is absolutely amazing.

Spiral Vase

It has been the designer’s interest to experiment with lofting using Creo. He has included the source file for the Creo modeling express version of the project. The program can be downloaded for free and has been really powerful to use. It has also been fairly easy to figure out how to use it. I love the look of spiral vases because they make for an excellent decoration. Furthermore, another prominent feature is that they can be printed easily without the need for support!
  • Designer – BigBadBison
  • Thingiverse – 550604
  • Price – free

2 Love inscriptions

It is based on the world famous statue of the love statue, which is located in both New York City and Philadelphia. The American pop artist Robert Indiana made this statue famous. You can own and print this love word sign at home and it can be printed on most kinds of materials thanks to its 3D capability. It would make a gorgeous addition to your home and make a gorgeous decorative piece. Suitable as a gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day in the shade 3DJake Magic PLA filament Deep Space.
  • Designer – Unkowen
  • 3DMag – Download
  • Price – free

Make Up Brush Holder And Beauty Blender Holder

Why buy make up organisers when you can 3D print them with 3DJake Magic PLA filament to give that WOW factor for your bedroom? I printed out 4x make up brush holders and 2x beauty blender holders. It has made such a different how clean my desk looks.

  • Designer – Olivatechmade
  • Cults3D – Download
  • Price – £0.89

Cotten Pad Holder And Cotten Ear Bud Holder

For your bathroom or desk, here’s an organizer for cotton pads and cotton swabs. In addition, you can use it for removing makeup, retouching your makeup, or even cleansing your face. With the pocket in the middle, you can keep your cotton buds in place and prevent them from getting stuck sideways. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a makeup routine or skincare routine, whether they are male or female.

  • Designer – 3D Deco
  • Cults3D – Download
  • Price – £1.04

3D Benchy Boat

This is one of several torture tests that is designed to calibrate the 3D printer so that anyone who is a novice to 3D printing can get a sense of how it works. This model can also be used if you want to give a child a fun, quick model to play with while in the bath.

3D Printed EyeShadow Pallet Organizers

In order to keep your individual eye-shadows organized and visible for quick access, you should use this eye-shadow organizer. A creative design keeps the shadow color visible while saving space so that you can quickly locate what you need. It is ideally suited for single eyeshadows from your favorite brands such as ColourPop and MAC, or from most other brands.

  • Designer – Bro3D
  • Cults3D – Download
  • Price – £1.49

3D Printed Lipstick Organizer

With this 3D printed lipstick organizer, you will be able to make sure that your makeup area is clean and organized. This design makes it easier for you to view the color of your lipstick compared to others. 3DJake Magic PLA filament gives this 3D model that girly looking effect.

  • Designer – Bro3D
  • Cults3D – Download
  • Price – £1.49

Wind- Up Dancing Skeleton Toy

The dancing skeleton was 3D-printed with the 3DJake Magic PLA filament available through 3DJake. Supports are NOT required for this print. A very cute and fun toy. It is very easy to print and is very easy to operate. Its wind-up motor was designed to be printed in 3D. The designer has tested it with different materials and on different 3D printers to ensure perfect performance. But unfortunately using 3DJake Magic PLA filament, it did not move. I used the intrusions on how to print it but it still did not work for me. I contacted the designer to ask if he knew why it didn’t work, so he has sent me a new file to test out. Fingers crossed it works looks like an outstanding 3D model to print. –

  • Designer – Dancingoys
  • Cults3D – Download
  • Price – £2.67

3DJake Magic PLA Filament Conclusion

If you are looking for dual-color filaments, then 3DJake’s Magic PLA collection is quite highly rated on the web, with several online reviews mentioning that the filament produces top-quality 3D prints. There have been some complaints in some reviews that users have found that the PLA filament was somewhat difficult to print as compared to other PLA filaments. In addition, Magic PLA requires abnormally high temperatures for PLA, especially for the nozzle (closer to PETG’s range than PLA’s). As for using my standard temperatures 210-190 with a bed of 60, I did not have any problems doing so. I would definitely purchase their other duel-color filaments for more Magical colour combinations for breathtaking 3D models.
  • Unique colour change effect
  • ecoPLA base with ultra-satin colours
  • No warping
  • No heated bed required
  • Simple to print
  • High printer compatibility

Where to buy 3DJakes Dual-Color filaments

You can purchase this magical dual-color filament directly from 3DJake website.
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