3DQF Anime Pink Review – Are They Really Quality?

Over here at Inov3D William and Lyn got the chance to review 3DQF new anime pink 3D printer filament, before it was released to the public. So yes we get the 1st chance to use this, and for that, we are honoured to thank you 3DQF for this opportunity. Hopefully, in the future, we can test out their other filaments because they look just as great as this one is.

3DQF Filaments
Who Are They

We are a Family business with my father roots in the plastic industry for around 40+ years, myself I have been in retail for 15 years after leaving Uni. The idea was sparked from a conversation after my father asked me did I know anything about 3D printing. From that point, it all snowballed, and around 12 months later we had our factory in Leigh ( Manchester), and the equipment started moving in.

We had a long road ahead of us and a lot of research and equipment to purchase. We aimed to try and keep as much UK built machinery as possible (which I am happy to say around 80% of our Line the UK made 10% Japanese and about 10% Chinese). Once everything was in place, we started to run trials with LDPE to fine tune our line.

After a good number of months, we switched over to our Nature works PLA and started practising making filament, we must have gone through that first ton of material just on testing, but it was invaluable dealing with the right equipment. It was important to us that we didn’t waste this material and I am happy to say we still have it, and one day with the correct equipment it will be put back into production as new filament.


Unfortunately, there is no rule book or cheat sheet when it comes to making filament, and you have to learn all the trade secrets by trial and error, all of a sudden you have a eureka moment! Simple things fall into place all of a sudden something that has been plaguing you for months just clicks! You make the changes, and your filament starts behaving.

We have had a number of these moments, and on each time the filament becomes better and better. We have made around 1.8 million meters of thread in the last 14 months. Hopefully, this is just the start of things to come, and we hope to break the 2 million meter mark in the next few months. We want to thank all our customer, Facebook and Instagram community for the support, as without them well we wouldn’t be here.

For the future, we are looking at a few ECO materials and are working on several projects with OEM customer which may turn out to be very interesting. For the short term though we are working on increasing our Range of colours in PLA and introducing our 2Kg Spool which is very late ( Should have been Christmas time 2018).

3DQF Filaments
Anime Pink

It was 1st called Pink Edge Glow, but then they changed it to Anime Pink which we think represents the colour a lot more. In anime cartoons, the colours are vibrant and trust me this colour sticks out. With it being that of a vibrant depth of colour when the light hits the edges, it glows with a slight change in colour. We just put this filament on our Tevo Tornado and started printing, didn’t need to change any settings at all in the slicer.

1St Impressions
Plain Brown Box

When we get the 1st new filament from a manufacturer to test. We do a small unboxing, by explaining what’s in the box, is there anything special about it also was it sealed good.


It came in a plain brown box nothing exciting there, won’t get you jumping for joy. There are two labels one stating PLA or ABS, of course, the PLA was marked with a black circle, and it tells you the different colours 3DQF have. But of course there was not a position for the new Anime Pink, so they wrote on the box “new colour”.  They have their facebook page and a QR code. Good thing that we liked was on this label it tells you that the 3D printer filament is made in the United Kingdom.

Label -2

Now on to the second label, they have added a small thank you note, print settings for the Anime Pink, and the last thing is 3DQF explains how to store the filament correctly. Both of these labels have the 3DQF logo on them.

What Do We Have In This Box Of Joy

Now on to the exciting part, the 1st time we have got a sweetie in the box from any 3D Filament manufacturer, this is such a grand little gesture. There was a sample of there Electric Purple PLA filament, every single roll someone purchases they receive one free sample filament.

So after we got through those layers of lovely gifts. We got to the Anime Pink filament, recently I have noticed some companies are starting to use cardboard spools. This helps cut down on recycling plastic, 3DQF and Filamentive do this that we know.

The great thing about these cardboard spools is they won’t arrive cracked, unlike the traditional plastic spools. It may bend, but surely that won’t harm anything. In the reel, there is no hole on the outside to insert the filament to keep it all tidy. But they supply you with a small clip to help keep the filament from unwinding.

The bag was not vacuumed sealed but was airtight. To us, this is perfectly fine as long as it is closed. Lets you have a bag to use for life, to keep your filament dry. The filament its self is a bright, vibrant pink a great colour. We have used other pink filaments before but nothing quite like this. Keep reading to see the results 3DQF do they have the Quality in their filament.?

Let’s get those printers warmed up

For the dog and the lizard, these were models that came with the Geeetech A10M. Let’s get on to the big model Bree we have seen a lot of people printing or painting this model. We thought this would be a perfect print to show the colour. Overall printability for this filament there is no fault.

For the Lithophanes, we won’t go into much detail about it, because currently, we are testing Luban lithophane generator. A new up and coming software for really unique 3D printing needs. Both of the filaments that are used on these lithophanes were 3DQF Anime pink and 3Dprintz Crystal Teal PLA. The printer used is the geeetech A10M a dual colour 3D printer 2 in one out.

What are those specifications

  • Material PLA filament
  • Diameter 1.75mm + or – 0.06mm
  • Filament Weight 1 Kg Gross
  • Print Temperature 180 – 220°C
  • Bed temperature 40-50°C or unheated
  • Elmers Purple Glue stick to aid in adhesion

Spool Specifications

  • 75mm W
  • 180 mm D
  • 35 mm Axle
  • Card & Steel Construction
  • Airtight Bag with desiccant sachet

So what do we think of this filament

We had no problems at all with this filament as you saw above. We didint have to fine tune our S3D Slicer profile for both of the 3D printers. This PLA is really reliable causeing us no clogs, jams, or slipping in the extruder. At the time of this article getting published the filament is priced at £14.99 on 3DQF Website.

Hands down there Anime pink filament is absolutely great, the quality of the whole package, in general, is fantastic. At such a low price and high quality, why would we not want to buy it in the future? I really think this is going to be our goto filament, we have tried many different brands. Our old goto filament was the brand Eryone £24.99 per KG with less quality than this filament. Eryone filament used to be priced at £16.99 but it fairly went up in price.

Intrested in buying this pink filament click the link

Maybe this filament would look cool as a moon on the HE3D moon circuit board give it a try and tell us what you think.


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  1. Please correct your review. It says “Airtight Bad with desiccant” where ( I think) should be “Airtight Bag with desiccant”. Actually nothing, but search engines and crawling bots may understand it incorrectly.

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