ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver Review, Specifications & Price

INOV3D are proud to present to you the latest product innovation the ACMER P2 33W laser engraving machine. The ACMER P2 33W machine is everything you could possibly need in an engraving device and more, thanks to its impressive specifications that are sure to provide you with unrivaled precision and accuracy.

With its sleek and sophisticated design, this diode laser engraver machine will not only elevate your engraving and cutting work to a new level of professionalism but also bring a touch of elegance to your workspace. From intricate designs to simple logos and lettering, the ACMER P2 33W can handle it all with ease and consistency. 

As 3D printing continues to evolve, it's no surprise that the prices of filaments will also continue to fluctuate daily. But don't let this discourage you from pursuing your passion for 3D modelling! You have the power to create incredible designs and bring your ideas to life. In fact, we've provided access to some awesome 3D models for you to explore through the links provided. We encourage you to download them now and let your imagination run wild. Remember, the only limit is your creativity, so keep pushing boundaries and keep innovating. Happy printing!

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ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver


I am excited to share the specifications for the ACMER P2 with you. The device features the latest software and hardware technology for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Focal Length – 5mmLaser Wavelength – 450±5nmPower Input – DC 24V
Engraving Accuracy – 0.01mmFuselage Material – Aluminum ProfilesEngraving Material – wood, bamboo, paper etc.
Communication Method – Acmer APP, LaserGRBL, LightburnCompatible Systems – macOS, Windows,LinuxEngraving File Format –SVG, NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc 

ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver


ACMER has come out with some pretty sweet features on the P2 33W laser. We could make some seriously cool things and make a positive impact on the world. Let’s embrace this tech and use our imaginations to create something that can have a lasting impact on future generations. We’ve got the power, and with the right tools, we can achieve anything we want. The sky’s the limit, let’s get to it!

Super Power

The ACMER P2 laser engraving machine boasts cutting-edge 6W laser technology and unparalleled precision with 0.01mm accuracy at 30,000mm/min speed. Ideal for furniture and jewelry-making industries.

Observable shield

Filtered glass shield provides an unparalleled level of protection to your glasses and filters out up to 97% of UV rays.

Dual processor

The ACMER P2 33W has a powerful ESP32 dual processor chip. It also has a special feature called a 256-bit color scale that makes the engraving look really clear and have high contrast.

Product standard with air-assist kit

Significantly improve the cutting speed and cutting accuracy. At the same time, improve the quality of the cut and avoid yellowing and burning of the material.

Newly upgraded focusing system

The new gate design helps you focus more quickly and easily.

Emergency stop button

If something unexpected happens, you can stop the machine at any time.

15 ° tilt angle protection function

The machine automatically stops working when tilted more than 15 degrees. This is to prevent causing injury to the human body or damage to objects. This is a good safety measure to protect you

Integrated design

90 percent of the cables are hidden inside the P2 33W, giving you a clean and tidy laser engraver.

Industrial guide rail device

20% more stable compared to other machines, ensuring stable operation and high precision engraving.

Silent motor

All motors are made with silent motors for less noise and quiet operation.

Power safety lock

Each P2 laser is equipped with a safety key that needs to be inserted to open the switch in order for it to work. This is to prevent children or others from using your machine and causing accidental injury.

Flame detection function

When the carving process produces too much smoke or fire, the flame detection system will activate the alarm and stop the machine from working.

ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver

Featured Accessories

ACMER offers a wide range of top notch accessories to further enhance the performance of your Laser machines. We have carefully picked and curated a collection of accessories that are designed to cater to all your needs and requirements. ACMER do have there own brand of camera but we have opted to utilize the Mintion laser cam for our P2 33W laser device. 

R10 Laser Enclosure Box

If you’re concerned about the amount of smoke, dust, and other pollutants generated by laser engraving and cutting, the ACMER R10 Laser Enclosure is the perfect solution for you. Not only does it help you maintain a clean and smooth indoor air, it also protects the respiratory health of your family.The enclosure is designed to work with almost all open desktop laser engraving and cutting machines, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

With its spacious size of 700x700x350mm, the enclosure provides plenty of room to work without any hindrances. Plus, its simple and easy-to-use design makes it a hassle-free solution for anyone who wants to maintain a clean and healthy environment while working with their laser engraving and cutting machine. Order your ACMER R10 Laser Enclosure today and enjoy a safer, cleaner workspace.

HoneyComb Bed

When it comes to protecting your desktop from engraving marks or cutting softer materials like kraft paper or thin plywood, investing in a honeycomb bed can make all the difference. Not only does the honeycomb bed provide a more even surface for your materials, it also features air channels that are uniquely shaped like honeycomb, ensuring that the airflow during processing is smooth and efficient.

This ultimately results in less dust and waste being generated, which in turn reduces unsightly yellowish marks on your cutting edges. Moreover, the honeycomb bed also acts as a heat dissipation function, making it a must-have for those who work with heat-intensive materials.

Finally, when cutting through thicker materials, the airflow facilitated by the honeycomb bed can significantly improve the ability to cut through them in a single pass. In summary, a honeycomb bed is a versatile and essential tool for ensuring that your work area stays clean, and that your materials are cut precisely, without any unnecessary marks.

M2 Laser Rotary Roller

The Acmer M2 laser rotary roller engraver is perfect for all of your engraving needs. One of the standout features of this engraver is its one-piece rubber roller and all-metal structure, which provides incredible durability and resistance against wear and tear. This roller has a hardness of up to 60A, ensuring stronger friction and a more stable carving process.

The rotary roller engraving diameter can be adjusted according to your needs, allowing for engravings as small as 4mm and as large as 138mm. This versatile engraver can be used to carve long cylinders, small diameter cylinders, and conical rule objects such as tall cups. In addition, this Acmer M2 laser rotary roller engraver is compatible with 95% of the engraving machines on the market, including popular brands like ACMER, XTOOL, ATOMSTACK, NEJE, Ortur, SCULPFUN, and Twotrees.

Acmer A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module

The Acmer A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module is a precision tool made for engraving metal, gold, silver, platinum, copper, and many more materials. If you are looking for a laser module that delivers high-quality performance, look no further than the Acmer A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module.

With its advanced features, you can make custom jewelry with better results. In addition to its metal engraving capabilities, this laser module works wonders on leather and wood as well. This laser module is designed with a 0.3mm circular laser spot, making it highly precise and accurate. This precision tool is perfect for tasks such as engraving fine details and creating intricate patterns.

It is compatible with ACMER P1 and ACMER P2 series, making it a versatile tool for any task. Moreover, the Acmer A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module is easy to install and operate, allowing you to get started on your projects in no time. In short, if you want to achieve the best engraving results with the highest precision and accuracy, the Acmer A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module is the ideal choice for you. Investing in this top-of-the-line laser module is sure to take your engraving projects to the next level.

IR Laser Key Features

  • Laser Power and Wavelength

The high-performance ACMER A2 Laser Module is capable of producing a powerful laser beam at a laser power of 2W, which corresponds to a laser wavelength of 1064nm. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional precision, this laser module is the perfect tool for a wide range of applications and industries.

  • Spot Size and Precision

When it comes to creating fine and accurate engravings, the laser module we offer delivers exceptional results. With a spot size of only 0.03mm, it ensures precision that is truly remarkable. But that’s not all – we have incorporated cutting-edge spot compression technology to bring your artwork to life like never before. This technology allows for lifelike precision and intricate details that will take your engravings to the next level.

  • Material Compatibility

The ACMER A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module is not limited to metal engraving. It also performs exceptionally well on various materials, including plastics, black acrylic, leather, ceramics, and slate. This wide range of applications allows you to unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities.

  • Modular Design and Compatibility

The laser module features a modular design, making it compatible with ACMER P1 and P2 series engraving machines. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and hassle-free installation, enabling you to enhance your existing laser engraver effortlessly.

  • Long Lifespan and Durability

The laser module features a modular design, making it compatible with ACMER P1 and P2 series engraving machines. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and hassle-free installation, enabling you to enhance your existing laser engraver effortlessly.


IR Laser Module Applications

  • Metal Engraving

The ACMER A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module excels in engraving various metals, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and more. Its high absorption capability for infrared light makes it the ideal choice for achieving clear and precise engravings on metal surfaces.

  • Plastic Engraving

Beyond metals, this laser module delivers excellent results on plastics as well. Whether you’re engraving ABS, acrylic, PC, or other plastic materials, the ACMER A2 Laser Module ensures high-speed and fine engraving, allowing you to create intricate designs with ease.

  • Jewelry Making

With its compatibility with ACMER P1 and P2 series, the ACMER A2 Laser Module becomes an invaluable tool for custom jewelry making. From engraving intricate patterns on precious metals to personalizing accessories, this laser module opens up new possibilities for jewelry artisans.

  • Art and Crafts

The ACMER A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module is an indispensable tool for artists and crafters. Its ability to engrave on materials like leather, ceramics, and slate enables the creation of unique and personalized artworks. Let your imagination run wild and transform ordinary materials into extraordinary masterpieces.

  • Industrial Applications

In addition to its applications in art and crafts, the ACMER A2 Laser Module finds utility in industrial settings. From marking serial numbers on metal components to engraving logos on industrial equipment, this laser module offers precision and efficiency for various industrial engraving needs.

Why Choose The Acmer A2 1064 Infrared Laser Module

The ACMER A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module is a top-of-the-line solution for laser engraving enthusiasts and professionals seeking exceptional results on metals, plastics, and various other materials. With its advanced features, compatibility, and precision, this laser module empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life. Whether you’re a jewelry maker, artist, or industrial engraver, the ACMER A2 Laser Module is a reliable and versatile tool that will elevate your engraving projects to new heights of excellence. Invest in the ACMER A2 1064nm Infrared (IR) Laser Module and experience the endless possibilities it offers in the world of laser engraving.

ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver


The ACMER P2 laser engraving machine is an exceptional piece of equipment. Its solid structure improves its stability and durability, reducing the chances of encountering errors during engraving and ultimately improving the accuracy of the final product. The machine is constructed with an all-metal frame, significantly enhancing its lifespan while keeping up with the rigors of regular use. What’s more, the whole engraving machine is designed in a modular form, making it straightforward to assemble, maintain, and update machine parts. Delivery of the machine consists of a 60% pre-assembled model, which ensures you can install the equipment more easily. The simple installation process can be completed successfully in as little as 10-15 minutes with only four easy steps, giving you more time to do what you love – engrave with zero stress!

ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver

Engraving And Cutting

You can make beautiful designs with the ACMER P2 33W laser tool. You can use different materials like wood, plastic, paper, and even difficult materials like non-reflective coatings and ceramics even stainless steel. Each material has its own qualities, so you should pick the best one for what you’re doing. With this latest technology, you can make precise and detailed designs on a variety of surfaces. This is really exciting for artists and crafty people!

Engraving Anodised Aluminium Test

When it comes to working with anodised aluminium, we understand that there are a lot of different options available to choose from. For instance, you could opt for a low power setting and slow speed, or go for a high power setting and fast speed. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the specific needs of your project.

For us, after careful consideration and research, we have found that the optimal speed and power setting for working with anodised aluminium is 34000 mm/s with 80 percent power. This setting allows us to achieve the perfect balance between speed and precision, ensuring that each piece we produce is of the highest possible quality.

Anodised Aluminium Projects

As someone who has personally worked with a variety of different materials in my line of work, I have to say that while I may not have used Anodised Aluminium extensively, I am confident that there are countless possibilities and potential applications that could make this material a valuable asset in a wide range of industries.

In Case You Need A Little Reminder I Love You Wallet Card

The aluminum alloy engraved wallet card decoration gift is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your boyfriend or husband. It’s a small and thoughtful gift that will remind him of your love every time he opens his wallet. The delicate engraving on the card makes it a unique and personal addition to his wallet, and it’s a great way to mark special occasions such as weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays. This gift is not only a reminder of your love but also a practical item that he can carry with him wherever he goes. Surprise your loved one with this heartfelt gift, and let it be a reminder to him that you will always be there for him.

Engraving Stainless Steel Test

With advancements in technology, stainless steel engraving has become more accessible than ever with the Acmer P2 33 watt machine. Gone are the days of limited options and difficulty engraving on stainless steel surfaces.

Thanks to the sophisticated engineering of the Acmer P2 33 watt diode laser, engraving on stainless steel is achievable in various styles and colours, previously impossible. The flexibility of the machine allows you to adjust the speed and power to produce your desired engraving colour, making the process simple and efficient.

With the daunting challenge of engraving on stainless steel, the Acmer P2 machine has opened up a new world of possibilities, paving the way for individual creativity and expression to shine through.

Stainless Steel Projects

While a diode laser engraver may not be as powerful as some of its counterparts, such as a fiber laser, it can still deliver impressive results. For those who need to etch stainless steel and create precise marks, a diode laser engraver can be an ideal solution.

Stainless Steel Silver 6oz Hip Flask

Personalize your flask with the ACMER P2 laser and cutting machine engraving. Whether you want to commemorate a special occasion or simply show your love and appreciation for someone, adding special dates to meaningful messages or even picture. We guarantee that your flask will be transformed into an fantastic gift that your recipient will cherish for years to come. 

Engraving And Cutting 3mm PLY Wood Test

Engraving softwood, like plywood, has always been easy with a diode laser, but cutting has been time-consuming. With a more powerful laser like the P2, you can cut faster. When making products for customers, speed with precision is key. 

The speed and power for cutting are 550mm/s at 100% power to ensure the engraver will cut through the material. The engraver speed and power I use are different combinations to achieve the depth I need.

PLY Wood Projects

Plywood is an exceptional material that can help you create intricate designs and structures for a variety of purposes. It is durable, lightweight, and dimensionally stable, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including architecture and model making, prototyping, gifts, toys, arts & crafts, and furniture making.

Boxed Pallet Coaster

Boxed Pallet Coaster SVG file is such an incredible craft item that you definitely want to get your hands on! The file comes with an array of different sizes which is perfect for a wide range of wood thickness. In particular, the 3mm size was utilized by me, and let me tell you, it turned out absolutely perfect on my very first attempt.

One thing to keep in mind while using this file is to focus on dialing in your ACMER P2 33W laser engraver, as doing so will ensure the best possible results each time you use it. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to overscan by at least 2mm for the etching aspect as well. With the ability to be used with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm material, this file is undoubtedly an essential item that you can keep with you for all your future crafting needs!

Engraving And Cutting 3mm MDF Test

After conducting our experiment with engraving and cutting on 3mm MDF, we discovered that the results were quite similar to our previous test with PLY wood. However, one notable difference was that the PLY wood was able to achieve a greater cut depth at a lower power percentage compared to the MDF. Despite this, we still found the MDF to be a good material for both engraving and cutting. It is important to note that the success of both processes is heavily dependent on the power settings and speed of the laser cutter.

MDF Projects

A diode laser and MDF Wood offer endless potential for creativity. Precision and speed allow for intricate designs, making this technology perfect for personalized gifts, art pieces or adding unique touches to your home decor. With the right tools and imagination, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Start exploring the numerous possibilities for yourself.

Peterhead Scotland Topographic Map

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Aside from the bustling fishing industry, Peterhead is also home to a 100-berth leisure marina, which caters to the needs of those who love the seaside life. In addition to these, the Maritime Heritage Centre offers a glimpse into the history and culture of the local sailors, whalers, and fisherfolk. And for seafood lovers looking to try fresh and authentic Scottish salmon, Ugie Salmon Fishings, Scotland’s oldest salmon fish house, presents an opportunity to purchase top-quality salmon directly from the source.

Engraving Canvas Test

Simply apply one coat of white spray. This will give your canvas art more depth to burn, and then apply a final coat of matte black. However, if you find yourself in a time crunch and must use the ACMER P2, it’s good to know that increasing the speed to over 30,000/mm sec and adjusting the power to 90% can also produce the same results as if you were going slower.

Canvas Projects

Canvas is an amazing fabric made from cotton that is very strong and durable. People have been using it for a long time because it can be used for many different things and lasts a long time.

Beautiful Sunflower Canvas

This photograph captures the essence of this beautiful flower, embellished with the perfect touch of sunlight and raindrops. Inspiring you to believe that even through the darkest of days, there’s always a way to find the light.

Engraving Natural Slate Test

I will embark on a new round of testing with a more consistent speed and power setting to determine an optimal engraving solution that yields a greater contrast of black in the final product. Based on the previous test, the speed and power settings used were 34000 mm/sec and 100% respectively. By conducting additional tests, I hope to gain a better understanding of how the characteristics of natural slate can vary and ultimately fine-tune my approach to optimize the engraving process.

Slate Projects

Slate material has been used for centuries due to its undeniable quality and durability. When you choose slate for your project, you can trust that you are selecting a natural and long-lasting substance that will withstand the test of time. Indeed, slate is well-known for its remarkable ability to maintain its beauty and overall construction for decades on end, making it a popular choice for homeowners and contractors alike. By opting for slate, you will not only get a product that is functional and practical, but one that is truly a work of art. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your masterpiece is made from a high-quality, organic material that has stood the test of time and will continue to offer reliability and performance for years to come.

Captivating Colourful Slate Portrait

Having a colourful slate portrait in your home is an excellent way to showcase your appreciation for art and creativity.  Don’t hesitate to add a touch of colour to your slate portrait. You can use many different paints or pens to create the desired effect that you want. It’s very fun and even better let your kids have a go at creating there own slate design and painting it.

ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver

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You can buy from Acmer directly or from the bellow stores

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ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver


8Expert Score
MUST Buy !

I have recently tested the ACMEER P2 33W laser engraving and cutting diode laser and I am thrilled to report that it exceeded all expectations. This innovative piece of equipment not only lives up to the claims made by ACMER, but also offers unparalleled reliability and versatility for all your artistic projects. Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, the ACMEER P2 33W laser and cutting machine is a must-have tool in your household. With its precision cutting capabilities, you can easily turn your ideas into reality with stunning results. From intricate designs and patterns to sturdy materials, the ACMEER P2 33W laser and cutting machine is the ultimate tool for bringing your projects to life. So, if you're ready to take your projects to the next level, why not invest in the P2 33W laser engraver and cutter? It's the perfect addition to any workshop or creative space. let me tell you one thing Ortur you have a lot of catching up to do now this is not a article to compare ortur products to acmer products but this machine wipes the ortur laser master 3 out of the window by speed and power

Material Useability
Machine Quality
  • Speed And Power
  • Needs Better Focal Adjustment

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