The Alfawise U10 3D Printer: Review The Specs

The Alfawise U10 3D Printer is another entrant into the market that makes use of the trendy Creality CR-10 design. Since the popularity of the Creality CR-10 increased over time, more and more 3D printers are being designed on the lines of the super hit design. Here we are going to review the specs of the Alfawise U10 3D Printer so buckle up.

Features and Specifications of the Alfawise U10 3D Printer

The Alfawise U10 3D printer is a budget printer that otherwise contains excellent features for its users.

Gigantic Build Volume

This fantastic printer is famous for its enormous build volume. Amazingly, the build volume for the Alfawise U10 3D Printer stands at 400 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm. Believe it or not, but that is some build volume for a 3D printer of this category.

Glass Bed

Another exciting feature of the Alfawise U10 3D Printer is the presence of 4mm thick glass bed. This is different from the usual aluminium print bed that is very common among the various 3D printers. Furthermore, the printer comes semi-assembled and can be put together in no time.

Bowden type Extruder

The presence of Bowden type extruder ensures that less weight is put upon the X-axis. As a result, this provides a higher printing speed. Moreover, the printer is fitted with a second Z-axis stepper with the thread guide. This increases the printer’s stability.

Print Resume and Filament Run-out Protection

Another feature of the Alfawise U10 3D Printer worth mentioning is the filament run-out protection. This automatically pauses the printing process if you have run out of material. In addition, the print resume function enables you to resume printing from the spot where you have left it. This is a fantastic feature keeping in mind that the printer is a budget category printer.


    • Nozzle Quantity/Dia:  Single/.4mm
    • Print Temperature:  260C
    • Layer Thickness:  .05-.3mm
    • Print Speed:  10-150mm/s
    • Supported Files: AMF, DAE, OBJ, STL
    • Material support:  PLA, ABS, Nylon, TPU
    • Supported Connections:  SD card, USB


And now we come to the all-important question of the price of this amazing printer – The Alfawise U10. Well, currently the printer is only available online at a few retailers including at GearBest. This amazing printer is currently being offered at an extremely affordable price of $500. We can ensure that this is an amazing price given the stability of the printer and its humungous print volume.

Who Should Buy the Alfawise U10 3D printer?

We highly recommend this printer for experts, professionals and newbies alike. This is because the build volume is the real catch here. And whosoever wants to build something of formidable size. Then this is the printer for them. Although the price seems to be on the higher side for this budget printer. However, we ensure that this price is perfect for the volume being offered.


Summing up, the Alfawise U10 3D printer is a fantastic printer that will fulfil all your huge printing needs. This model can be compared with the Creality CR-10. However, there are quite a lot of features that enthusiasts love more advanced than the Creality version. As a result, this printer is becoming very popular among people from all types and times of experience in the 3D printing field.

All3DP Alfawise U10 3D Printer review

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