AlgoLaser Alpha 22 Watt Review, Specifications & Price

The laser engraver market has recently seen a new entrant – AlgoLaser. This company promises to provide customers with powerful, reliable, and affordable products. AlgoLaser’s flagship product is the AlgoLaser Alpha 22w laser engraver and cutting machine, which is designed to cater to customers who require high-quality output at a reasonable price point.

However, before investing in this product, it is essential to determine its worth. Will the AlgoLaser Alpha live up to the company’s promises of efficiency, dependability, and precision? Only time will tell, but if the company succeeds in delivering what it has promised, the AlgoLaser Alpha is sure to be a resounding success among both professional and hobbyist laser engravers.

In conclusion, it is crucial to evaluate all the relevant factors before deciding whether or not to invest in this product.

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AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver


The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W and AlgoLaser Delta laser engraving and cutting machines are a couple of impressive pieces of technology that promise to help you take your engraving projects to the next level. Here the specifications that set these machines apart:

Firstly, both machines come with a generous 12-month warranty and boast impressive certifications, including FCC/CE/RoHS/FDA certification. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who values quality and safety.

Additionally, these machines are supported on a wide range of operating systems, including android, iOS, windows, Mac OS, and web-based systems. This means you can use them on virtually any device, regardless of your preferred platform.

Both machines also support a wide range of file formats, including JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, and many others. This versatility ensures that you can work with a broad range of file types, making it easier to bring your ideas to life.

Lastly, you can use both the AlgoLaser Alpha and AlgoLaser Delta machines on popular software platforms such as LightBurn, LaserGRBL, and their very own AlgoLaser App. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to selecting software you feel comfortable with.


AlgoLaser Alpha
  1. Price
  2. Laser Power
  3. Laser Wave Lengh
  4. Focal Length
  5. Laser Head Life Expectancy
  6. Max Engraving Speed
  7. Movement Speed
  8. Focus Mode
  9. Machine Power
  10. Power Supply
  11. Motherboard Version
  12. Working Area
  13. 3.5” IPS Screen
  14. Offline Engraving
  15. RGB Indicator LightRGB
  16. Intergrated Air Pump
  17. Connection Method
  18. Working Temperature
  19. Product Weight
  20. Product Size
  21. Packing Weight
  22. Packing Size
  23. Laser Spot Size

Alpha Machine

  1. $799
  2. 22W
  3. 455±5nm
  4. 55mm
  5. >10000 hours
  6. 20000mm/min
  7. 30000mm/min
  8. Auto/Manual
  9. 144W
  10. 24V/6A
  11. ALGO_LASER_V2.1
  12. 400*400mm 
  13. /
  14. /
  15. /
  16. yes
  17. TF Card, USB C, Wifi-2.4G
  18. -15°C ~ 30°C
  19. 5KG
  20. X585*Y674 *Z200mm
  21. 9.62KG
  22. 870*290*280mm(with pump)
  23. 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power / 0.06*0.05mm 30% Power

Delta Machine

  1. $999
  2. 22W
  3. 455±5nm
  4. 55mm
  5. >10000 hours
  6. 30000mm/min
  7. 40000mm/min
  8. Auto/Manual
  9. 144W
  10. 24V/6A
  11. ALGO_LASER_V3.1
  12. 440*415mm
  13. yes
  14. yes
  15. yes
  16. yes
  17. TF Card,USB-A/C,Wifi, U Disk

  18. -15°C ~ 30°C
  19. 8.5KG
  20. X650*Y730 *Z175mm
  21. 12KG
  22. 795*720*145mm(with pump)
  23. 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power / 0.06*0.05mm 30% Power
AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver


This is a new machine from Algolasers. This machine is packed full of features such as:

The 2nd Generation COS Optical Technology

The latest technology trends have seen a tremendous improvement in the performance of the laser beam. It has been discovered that the most advanced COS technology enhances the laser beam performance by 40%, making it a powerful tool to be reckoned with. More so, the technology is capable of compressing the laser spots from a rectangle shape to a nearly perfect square shape having an aspect ratio of 1:1.

The benefits of the near 1:1 ratio are enormous in that it provides unmatched precision and accuracy while cutting different kinds of materials. Imagine having the ability to cut 30mm pine board, 10mm black acrylic board, 5mm MDF, and even 0.1mm stainless steel sheet at the same time. The technology can even cut 45mm thick wood and 45mm thick black acrylic with multiple operations, which is a remarkable feat.

Dual-core CPU

This motherboard isn’t ordinary. Dual-core CPU and 32-bit architecture enhance performance. 8MB RAM and storage offer ample space, and it includes a 32GB SD card. It’s reliable, with unmatched authenticity, and 7.5X faster than competitors.

Replaceable Lens

Adopts innovative replaceable lens, greatly improves the service life of the laser, which is more than 10 times longer than other general lasers. When the lens is damaged or after long-term use, the lens can be replaced to restore the cutting power.

Smart Air Pump

The Algolaser Alpha is a modern machine with excellent features, including an automatic air assist pump that makes your laser cutting and engraving easier and more efficient. You no longer need to manually start and stop the pump, as it will instantly activate when you begin using the Algolaser Alpha. This is a significant time saver, allowing you to concentrate on your designs and accomplish more in less time.

Flame Alert Real Time Monitoring Of Laser Temperature

Real time temperature monitoring ensures safe and efficient laser operation. Continual monitoring identifies potential issues and avoids harmful exposure. Temperature output monitoring ensures safe levels and avoids risks. This is critical in high-volume or high-stress environments. It’s vital in medical and industrial settings to protect workers and machinery.

Emergency stop button

If something unexpected happens, you can stop the machine at any time.

15 ° tilt angle protection function

The Alpha laser engraver and cutting machine has been designed with a unique safety feature. In the event that the machine is tilted beyond 15 degrees, it will automatically stop working. This measure has been put in place to safeguard against any potential injuries to the human body, as well as any damage that may occur to nearby objects.

Machine offset detection & protection

Ensuring that the machine can continue cutting the same project even in the event of a power outage is a highly important feature. It guarantees that the process will not have to be restarted from scratch or even worse, that the project will be lost entirely due to power failure. With this key functionality, you can be certain that your work will always be secure. In this way, you can focus on your work without worrying about any unforeseen circumstances that may affect your project.

Integrated design

The Alpha has a durable anodized aluminum structure which resists wear, corrosion, and is strong. This ensures optimal performance for an extended period. Its quick assembly time of 20-30 minutes is perfect for non-experts because the instructions are simple, and it requires minimal tools for hassle free assembly.

Power safety lock

The Algolaser Alpha 22w has 2 essential keys to control access. The keys act as a physical switch, ensuring the machine remains under strict control for safety. Unauthorized users cannot access the equipment, reducing the risk of accidents/malfunctions. The included keys guarantee a safe and secure environment for operators and the machine.

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver


The AlgoLaser Alpha laser engraver is a fantastic product that is sure to provide you with hours of fun, creative and exciting moments! When you unbox your machine, you’ll be delighted to see just how nicely it is packaged. There is an ample amount of protective foam ensuring that your delicate machine stays in pristine condition during shipment.

The package also comes equipped with a range of accessories to make your life easier and more convenient when it comes to setting up and using your Alpha laser engraver. You’ll find an illustrated manual, which has been prepared to guide you through the installation and setup process of your machine in a step-by-step, intuitive manner.

Other helpful accessories include protective glasses which have been specially designed to ensure your eyes are kept safe and protected as you work with your engraver. To help you keep your cables neatly in check, there are some cable ties, which can be used to efficiently manage and keep your cables tidy.

A small brush is also included with your Alpha laser engraver package to help you clean and maintain your machine with ease. For testing out your engraver’s capabilities, there are various test pieces included, such as a test piece of black acrylic, a test piece of 8 mm thick wood, a test piece of 3 mm MDF, and a test piece of 0.1 mm stainless steel. You’ll also receive three test pieces of steel that are specifically designed for engraving purposes.

Lastly, a small toolbox containing tools and screws for assembly is included to make the installation process even more streamlined and user-friendly. With these accessories, you’ll be well equipped to make the most of your Alpha laser engraver!

AlgoLaser Alpha

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver


Assembling the AlgoLaser Alpha was an incredibly satisfying experience, made all the better thanks to the detailed instructions that were included with the kit. While the process can seem a bit daunting at first, I found that with a bit of patience and attention to detail, it was actually quite easy. In fact, I was able to get the Alpha up and operational in about 30 minutes, which was much faster than I had anticipated! The straightforward process made it a breeze to put everything together, and the result was a beautifully designed machine that truly captured my attention.

Despite my excitement upon receiving the AlgoLaser Alpha, I soon ran into a problem. As I eagerly unpacked my new device, I realized that it did not come equipped with a surface to cut on. After scratching my head for a moment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make do with what I had. After all, necessity is the mother of invention, right?

So I scoured my workshop in search of a suitable cutting surface and landed on the same one that I had used on my trusty ACMER P2 33W laser engraver. It wasn’t perfect, but it would have to do. I carefully positioned my material on the surface, adjusted the Alpha’s settings, and set to work. Despite the initial setback, I was thrilled to be putting my new machine to use. And who knows – maybe this makeshift surface would end up being the perfect match for the Alpha’s cutting technology.

Algolaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver


The AlgoLaser Alpha 22w laser engraver is a great piece of equipment that can handle a wide range of materials with ease. One of the most notable features of this engraver is its ability to cut and carve various types of wood, making it perfect for woodworking projects.

However, it is important to exercise caution when working with certain types of wood with high oil or resin content, as they present a fire risk. Other materials the AlgoLaser Alpha 22w can work with include plywood, MDF, cardboard, corrugated board, acrylic board, cork sheet, polycarbonate, Depron foam, non-woven fabric, bamboo chips, leather, glass, ceramics, tiles, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, coating metal materials, and darkstones.

This impressive range of compatible materials makes the AlgoLaser Alpha 22w a versatile tool for any project, whether it involves cutting intricate designs from hard metals or engraving detailed images into delicate fabrics. With the AlgoLaser Alpha 22w laser engraver, your creative possibilities are endless.

Best one pass cutting material and thickness:

10mm Birch Plywood3mm Gray Cardboard0.17mm Stainless Steel Plate
12mm Basswood Plywood5mm MDF5mm Red Acrylic
5mm Eucalyptus plywood10mm White Oak3mm Yellow Acrylic
30mm Pine Board15mm Paulownia Plank

10mm Black Acrylic

Max cutting Thickness:

12mm Birch Plywood / 320mm White Oak / 510mm Red Acrylic / 6
20mm Basswood Plywood / 1545mm Black Acrylic / 1512mm MDF / 6
15mm Eucalyptus plywood / 620mm Paulownia Plank / 36mm Gray Cardboard / 2

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver

Engraving And Cutting

As the saying goes, “time is money,” and particularly so when it comes to engraving and cutting with a diode laser. The speed and precision of the process can make all the difference in the outcomes you achieve and the level of satisfaction you experience. You will want to work with a machine that delivers both speed and precision in equal measure, ensuring that your projects are completed efficiently and with great accuracy.

With the proper equipment and techniques, you can achieve stunning designs and results that will leave your clients or customers in awe. So, if you want to stay competitive in the industry and produce high-quality work that meets the standards of today’s fast-paced market, prioritize speed and precision in your approach to diode laser engraving and cutting.

Engraving Anodised Aluminium Test

When testing anodised aluminium, it’s best to use high speed with low power settings. The perfect settings are 36000 mm/min and 60% power output. Using lower power can make your laser last longer, which saves you money and time. 

This is important because lasers can be expensive to replace. By using the right settings, you reduce the need for repairs and replacements in the future. So, it’s smart to use the optimal settings of high speed and low power when working with anodized aluminum.

Engraving And Cutting Bamboo Test

The Algolaser Alpha is an awesome tool that can help you create fantastic cuts and engraving with precision. It can create dark engravings that can impress anyone.

I tested it out on 9mm bamboo, and it was impressive. I suggest that you set the speed to 10,000 mm/min and 100% power, for the optimal engraving settings. For cutting, six passes with a speed of 550 mm/min and 100% power is best. With these settings, you can get clean cuts without excessive burning to achieve the best result for your project.

Engraving 2mm PLY Wood Test

For the best results when engraving, you need to use the right settings. To engrave 2mm PLY wood, use a speed of 17000 mm/min and power level of 100%. This will make sure the engraving is done well and gives you the finished product you want. You can trust these settings to make your engraving look great and impress others.

Engraving And Cutting 3mm MDF Test

I’m very proud of my work and I think it’s important to use good materials for the best outcome. For engraving and cutting, I find that Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is great because it works well in all sizes and is tough. This makes it perfect for making complex architectural designs and buildings.

If you want the best results when engraving, I suggest using a speed of 13000mm/min and 100% power. If you want a darker outcome, go slower at 8000mm/min. These settings should give you perfectly detailed work with a good finish.

If you’re cutting, try a speed of 900mm/min and 100% power. These settings have worked well for me and will give you sharp, smooth edges. Trust me, combining MDF and these settings will make your work look great!

MDF Projects

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an incredible material that comes in an exceptional range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Many DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen prefer MDF due to its effortless processing, pliability, and versatility. It is useful for making an eclectic range of items such as decorative ornaments, intricate structures, and functional objects, among others. It is highly customizable through painting or using a laser engraver, making it ideal for diverse requirements. Moreover, MDF’s uniform surface and smooth texture make it perfect for painting or finishing. Given its composition, MDF is also less vulnerable to warping or splitting compared to several other types of wood, making it an excellent choice for projects that require durability and resilience. In short, with MDF in your toolkit, the possibilities are endless. You can bring your imaginations to life as it is a practical solution for all your creative needs.

Personalized Perfection: Laser Engraved and Cut Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner, can you believe it? The holiday season is always a special time for family and friends to get together, enjoy each other’s company, and of course, exchange gifts. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your gifts, why not try making some Christmas ornaments? There’s something truly special about handmade ornaments that add a warm, cozy feel to any home. And what better way to do it than by using the Algolaser? The Algolaser is perfect for making intricate and customizable designs, making it the perfect tool for creating one-of-a-kind ornaments that reflect the unique personality and style of the person you’re giving it to. So why not add that personal touch to your gifts with some beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments made with the Algolaser?
Angel Wings Memorial Ornament SVG

Remembering someone who has passed away can be a difficult and emotional experience, and it’s important to find ways to honor their memory that truly capture their spirit and essence. The memorial Christmas ornament SVG created by HandCraftNw is an excellent example of a beautiful and touching tribute that can help keep your loved one’s memory alive during the holiday season and beyond.

This stunning ornament is a true work of art, skillfully crafted from two layers of 3mm MDF with a crisp, clean white finish. The delicate wings have been painted a soft shade of pink, adding a touch of warmth and tenderness to the overall design. The outer edges of the ornament have been carefully painted in black, creating a wonderful sense of depth and contrast that draws the eye in and captures the attention of all who see it.

Angel Wings Memorial Ornament
Cheer-O-Meter Ornament SVG Laser Cut Files

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids excited about the upcoming visit from Santa Claus this holiday season? If so, we have the perfect decor for you! A beautifully crafted Christmas tree SVG ornament is made from 3mm MDF with a white finish and boasts a 9mm thickness due to its three layers. With a festive green, black, and red color scheme, this ornament is sure to give your tree a warm and cosy Christmas feeling. Additionally, the arrow and cogs are moving parts, making this ornament even more delightful. This laser-ready files was created by the talented team at LaserSharkSVG, so you know it’s a quality product. Head on over to their Etsy store now to snag this delightful ornament for your family to enjoy this holiday season!

Cheer O Meter Christmas Tree Ornament
Pet Paw Chritmas Tree Decoration Digital File SVG

I am happy to provide additional details on this incredible bundle offer from SkillfullVectors. The bundle includes two beautifully designed pieces that have been carefully crafted using 2 layers of 3mm MDF, making a total thickness of 6mm. The designs have been expertly hand painted with Christmas colors, perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to any space. Whether you are looking for a unique and special way to remember a loved Pet or you want to add your beloved pet’s name to your Christmas tree, this laser ready svg is an excellent option to consider. It offers versatility and can be used in a wide variety of settings, making it an ideal holiday decoration for any home or office. With its high quality and affordable price, this bundle is an opportunity you will not want to miss. Get yours today and start enjoying the festive spirit!

Family Tree Christmas Ornament SVG

Looking for a unique decoration to add to your Christmas tree this holiday season? Look no further than HandCraftNw‘s SVG family tree! This one-of-a-kind ornament is made from three layers of 3mm MDF, giving it a total thickness of 9mm. We took special care in crafting this ornament to ensure that it perfectly captures the essence of your family tree. The first layer showcases the beautiful natural look of unfinished MDF, while the second layer is engraved with your family name on the smooth white side. On the third and final layer, you’ll find your family members, with the top spot reserved for none other than my self! Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your own tree or a heartfelt gift for a loved one, this family tree ornament is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Family Tree Christmas Tree Ornament

Engraving Canvas Test

For the best canvas engraving, we suggest using a speed of 32000 mm/min and a power of 100%. Even though you may not have tried cutting canvas before, these settings have worked great for us.

You can also use 6000 mm/min and 100% power, but be careful when trying different settings. Different materials might need different settings to work their best. Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns about engraving your canvas.

Engraving Natural Slate Test

If you want to engrave images to display in your house, natural slate is a great choice. It looks unique and beautiful and lasts a long time, even in bad weather. But each person might want different settings depending on what they like.

For example, if you want to engrave onto white paint, you need to be careful with your equipment settings. Some people use a speed of 6000 mm/min and 100% power, but that might not work for everyone. It depends on the brand and type of white paint you’re using. So, before engraving your image onto natural slate, choose the settings that work best for you.

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver

Featured Project

The AlgoLaser alpha 22w laser engraver has become one of my most favorite tools, especially after having a recent project that turned out amazingly stunning. It was an overwhelming experience watching the laser perform so exceptionally well. For this project, I used MDF and natural slate, along with the exceptional Lightburn software that helped me transform the designs into detailed and precise patterns. I was also able to incorporate some pre-made designs from Etsy that added an extra charm to the piece. With the laser engraver, every detail was perfectly done, making the house design look remarkably beautiful. What made it more special was engraving a heart to make a lock for the house in memory of my recently passed away mum. This has become my favorite project so far, and I am incredibly proud of how it all turned out.

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver


7.8Expert Score

The AlgoLaser Alpha is truly a remarkable machine that has been designed to exude an air of sturdiness and high quality that is unmatched in the industry. With its impressive design that combines the best of reliability, power, and precision, it stands out in the market, outpacing its competitors. The manufacturer's claims about this machine are not mere empty hype; instead, the AlgoLaser Alpha has proven itself to be an efficient and trustworthy engraver and cutter that can handle frequent use with ease. As such, we highly recommend this laser engraving machine to anyone who is seeking a reliable and efficient engraver. This is especially the case for small business owners and passionate makers, who can greatly benefit from its impressive features. Investing in the AlgoLaser Alpha guarantees quality and precision in every engraving and cutting work, making it an excellent choice to cater for your business needs. So, don't hesitate to get the AlgoLaser Alpha today and experience the transformative power of efficient engraving!. The focal positioning tool is easy to use and the clamp to keep the laser in place works as it should better than some other lasers.

Material Useability
Machine Quality
  • Speed And Power
  • Pricey

Hey there superstar! We'd love to see your amazing work with this product on social media! Why not use the super cool hashtag #inov3D or tag us with @Inov3D so we can all gush over your amazing creations! Can't wait to see what you come up with 🙂

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver

Where To Buy

At Gearberry, you can buy great products right from their website. You don’t have to go to a store and you’ll have more choices. It’s easy to use their website and it’s safe to buy things. 

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