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Anycubic mega pro could this be another impressive machine to the family. It looks like it’s set to have some outstanding features. ANYCUBIC has been continuingly growing and creating new products, and the latest one to get released is the new Anycubic Mega Pro 3D Printer. Similar to the I3 Mega, but with some nice extra features.

It comes with a Laser Engraving head you can swap out to make designs in wood, plastic or even leather creating impressive results. Pricing is 325.00 euros with pre-orders stated to start on August 1 and the first shipments are going out on August 15th. This will be an appealing machine too many. Due to incorporating engraving and printing this may be an impressive addition to the Anycubic line up. The laser brings extra features to the range, opening new doors to attract a wider range of costumers.

What Do You Get In The Box

Anycubic Mega Pro 2 IN 1 3D Printer

The Anycubic comes with 2  printing heads. Now this sounds very interesting. You have one that is used for 3D printing and In addition, a second which is a laser engraver. The high precision laser engraver allows the user to be more creative and inspires in more than one way. From decoration, personalisation and art design giving more options to the standard 3D printer.

Anycubic mega pro

The pause features on mega pro makes it possible to pre-set up to 6 times at desired heights which is a glorious feature allowing for more control and personalisation to projects. The pause combined with the enormous build volume allows users to create larger projects and allows for limitless creativity. As a result of the mega pro having TMC2208 ultra quiet stepper drivers, the ANYCUBIC can be run significantly quieter.

Anycubic Mega Pro Features

  • The Anycubic mega pro comes with duel gear extruder which optimises extrusion, torque and path orientation. Compatible for many filaments, including flexible filaments like TPU.

    duel gear

  • The ridged solid metal frame combined with its module design means assembly is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.modular frame
  • They have upgraded levelling knobs in a modular design now larger to allow for easier to set up in minutes.levelling knobs
  • Allow multi-colour printing offers the option to pause at specific layer, enabling you to print with unique colours on a single nozzle.pre-set pause
  • Smart auxiliary levelling automatically locate the levelling spot and easy to level.

smart levelling


Anycubic Mega PRO 3D Printer

Printing Technology: FDM Layer Resolution: 0.05-0.3 mmPositioning Accuracy: X/Y- 0.0125mm
Build Volume: 210×210×205 mm³Travel Speed: 100mm/sExtruder Quantity: Single
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mmPrint Speed: 20~100mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)Supported Materials: PLA, TPU, etc
Ambient Operating Temperature: 8°C – 40°COperational Extruder Temperature: max 260°CInput Formats: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF
Connectivity: SD Card; USB cable(expert users only)Filament Sensor: YesInput Rating: 110V-220V AC, 50/60Hz
Printer Dimensions: 405X410X453mm³Net Weight:~15kg 

Anycubic Mega Pro Laser Engraving

Image Format: bmp Engraving Mode: BitmapRated Power: 1500mw
Engraving Size:220×140 mm²Recommended Laser Intensity: Brown paper – 15%Laser Height: 1-100mm(suggested 50mm)
Pixel Size:0.05-0.4mm (suggested 0.1mm)Wood – 25%Mirror Image: The default value is recommended
Supported Materials: Leather, Paper, Wood, etc  

ANYCUBIC MEGA Pro - Drucker und Laser

Anycubic Mega Pro Conclusion

Overall, this new 3D printer that Anycubic has taken out will be an impressive aspect to the 3D printing community. With it being a multi-function 2 in 1 3D printer there are many opportunity’s that could be done. Show your creative side you don’t need to just 3D print In addition, you can also engrave on to wood. I would say that this isn’t for beginners and could take a little time to master however, a little time spent to understand the use of this addition and you could be making some impressive creation and become the envy of your friends. 

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