Author: 3D Printing Bird

OpenRC F1 Car Project

Having printed the bog standard prints, you know the ones when you first get a 3D printer…Benchy, Leveling wheels, temp towers etc.  I wanted something more challenging to print. Something that gives you the wow factor. I decided to print the OpenRC F1 car project! Being part of Inov3D, I wanted to print the Open

Emvio Carbloaded PETG Filament Review

O.M.veeeooo – Emvio Carbloaded PETG filament…it’s amazing! I am currently in the process of printing the Open RC F1 car using various manufacturer filaments, and being F1, cars, engineering, engines…you gotta have some carbon fibre right!?? Behold the Emvio Carbloaded PETG! The guys over at Emvio Engineering kindly donated some of their Carbloaded PETG filament for

Aibecy CR10 Mini Overview

So, this is kinda an overview/review on the Aibecy CR10 Mini which is available from Amazon at £295 (Price correct at time of article) After owning the CR10S for just shy over 6 months, I wanted another larger build platform 3D printer but with a smaller budget and options were limited! With a build surface