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Bondtech BMG Extruder Review: You Must Try This!

Emvio Engineering gave me the opportunity to do a review on the Bondtech BMG Extruder.  I've been wracking my brain on how to do this article; for me, it is a ...

LuBan Features : Have A Look, Try Them Out!

I take it you have all heard about Luban?  Yes, that program where you can make your models into multiple parts. Well, it's now going a lot further by adding ...

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Common Causes That Can Happen To The Extruder

This issue may be a quite common one for brand spanking new 3D Printer owners, however things can be straight forward to resolve. In this article it will ...

Tronxy X3S 3D Printer Review Must See

Inov3D would like to thank Gearbest for sending us their Tronxy X3S for review. We always try our best to give a fair review with the Good and the Bad ...

Bed Leveling Beginner’s to Bed Leveling in Simplify3D

It is really important to make sure your 3D Printer Build platform or "bed" is at a level distance on all points of the bed with the extruder nozzle. There ...

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  1. great work andrew keep the articles comeing

  2. Nice review happy to have you as part of the team

  3. It was so nice of you to share your experience if you would like we could add you to this article also just send us a email at [email protected]

  4. hello just download it and import the profile on to s3d

  5. the email is now updated i had the wrong email

  6. i just sent them a msg the email does seem to not be working

  7. sorry cant help have not herd of this printer

  8. welcome to being a 3D printer the ender 3 is not a resin printer but still be safe

  9. the xvico x3s is a 95 percent assembled machine printing good so far

  10. hopefully they reply back we have not actually tested this machine

  11. We will have a article on it soon can you point me in how you know about weedoo and alfawise

  12. Hello I’m william co founder of inov3d are you part of weedo

  13. im sorry this person not with the team no more what do you mean by what gcode?

  14. Thank you for the nice comment we do try our best.

  15. Send us a message on facebook and i shall try get the files for you

  16. hello thank you for the comment sometime soon we will add it 🙂

  17. Yes and this will end up growing and growing

  18. Wish i could have it also 🙁

  19. if you would like to contact us on [email protected] we could discuss this further

  20. thank you for this information i shall update the article now

  21. i think tevo is not at work because of the corona virus.

  22. currently none of our team have a sunlu s8 so we wont be of much help have you tried the sunlu facebook group?

  23. we are still rebuilding the site the download will work again soon or get in contact with andrew delisle on fb

  24. our other website is under construction it will all be updated soon send me a email on [email protected]

  25. the links working ok for me can you check again

  26. go to then top left where it says login you can register there