TronHoo BestGee T220S Lite 3D Printer Review

We’ve seen the launch of many new FDM 3D printers in recent months. With many pushing boundaries and some remakes of old classics. In this review, I’m going to look at Tronhoo’s BestGee T220s Lite 3D printer.

Who Are TronHoo

TronHoo is a 3D printer and 3D printing filament, producer. TronHoo’s 3D products have been widely used in product R&D, mold manufacturing, medical industry, construction industry, accessories, and other fields. Tronhoo’s aim is to discover the 3D printing solution that’s right for you, to bring 3D printing technology into your life. Formed in 2017, Tronhoo has continuously worked to produce a material range and printer line that is becoming more widespread and available to consumers. TronHoo’s manufacturing center is 15,000 square meters located in China, which houses ten high-quality fully automated 3D filaments production lines, two testing laboratories for 3D products.

The annual production capacity of 3D printers reaches 200,000 units, and the annual production of 3D printing filaments reaches 1,500 tons. making TronHoo a fairly well-planted contender in the 3d printing world.

3D printers and related products have passed FCC, CE, and other standards certification, and all 3D printing materials have passed many approval tests. You can learn more about TronHoo here


3.5'' Color Touch Screen

3.5-inch full color high definition touch screen. Friendly and easy to use UI with rich features.

5-minute Quick Set Up

Quick set up in only 5 minutes with 95% pre-assemble before delivery. Hidden wiring, neat and nice.

Accurate and Stable Extrusion

Powerful titan extruder, providing accurate and stable extrusion. Able to print flexible materials easily.

Mid-Print Filament Changing

Enable to pause and change filaments with different colors in mid-print so as to print multi-color models.

Filament Run-Out Detection

Sensitive real-time filament run-out detecting system. Auto pause printing when filament runs out.

Power Outage Recovery

Power outage protection and printing recovery. One-key continues printing with no break.

Easy Print Removing

Remove print nice and easy with the detachable magnetic print bed. No need of a scraper.

Easy Leveling

Axualiary leveling by 5 points automatic positioning. Big thumb nuts for precise leveling and comfortable operation.

T220S Series Tutorial

Specifactions of the BestGee T220s Lite 3D Printer

Layer Resolution0.1
Build Volume220x220x250
Print SpeedUp to 150mm/s
Nozzle Travel SpeedUp to 200mm/s
XYZ Precision0.05mm, 0.05mm, 0.01mm
Supported MaterialsPLA, ABS, TPU, Flexible Materials
Filament Diameter1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
Nozzle Temperature275°c
Bed Springyellow
Sstepper DriversTMC 2208
Heated Bed Temperature100°c
ConnectivityUSB Micro SD Card
LanguageChinese / English
Power Supply110VAC, 240VAC 240 W
Support Files FormatsGCODE, GCO
Slicing SoftwareCura Rapetier-Host, Simplify 3D
Display3.5″ TFT Touch Screen

What's In The TronHoo BestGee T220S Lite Box

Whilst I’m in the excitement of opening boxes, it seems fitting to start there. The first thing to come out is a lock-tight bag containing:

  • the user manual.
  • A USB micro SD card reader with GB micro SD.
  • 2 spare 0.4 nozzles
  • 4 gantry Allen bolts
  • 4 small Allen bolts
  • a bag of assorted sizes Allen keys
  • a duel sized spanner
  • There is also a glass fuse. TronHoo sent a spare.
  • Also in the box is a power lead
  • the spool holder
  • a pair of pliers and
  • A small sample of filament. The sample is just enough to get you going ideal to 3D print calibration tests and maybe a sample print but not much more.

The BestGee T220s Lite is seriously well packed with overseas shipping in mind. It is packed in the thick foam and has been cut to ensure minimal movement. TronHoo has added a silica gel pack added in the top layer to draw any moister. The foam trays set in a sealed bag. They then wrap all movable components in cling film with a bung added in the frame. It’s really nice to see a company go the extra mile to look at every avenue to ensure their product makes it to consumers with an absolute minimal movement and damage.

Next up in the same tray we have the gantry. It has everything pre-installed including hot-end, extruder, z rod, stepper motor, etc. It is all held in place by cling film and wheel chocks to ensure minimal movement in shipping.

In the final tray, we have the base of the unit with the build plate already in place. Held in place using a block on either side to stop bed movement. Then it has a wrap of cling films around the bed and base, and therefore it stops it from sliding back and forward. This holding it very still.

Construct The BestGee T220s Lite

According to the user guide, it takes around 5 minutes to put the BestGee T220s Lite together. There are 6 bolts to complete the construction on the T220s Lite. 4 for the gantry and 2 for the spool holder. Then plug the connectors in their relevant sockets. This is a very simple printer to put together for the semi DIY group of printers. All that’s required is the 4 gantry bolts to be screwed in from the bottom through the base into the gantry. I would suggest going over all nuts, bolts and screws to ensure all are tight after shipping.

TronHoo BestGee T220s Lite 3D Prints

Now that the BestGee T220s Lite is built its time to run a couple of cubes to get a gauge on how it performs out of the box. Out of the box, they are actually consistent a fairly accurate.

XYZ Calibration Cube

The cubes had a reading range from 19.98 to 20.00 which is a nice tolerance for straight from pox to print. I used the cube I have used to set up all my 3D printers, which can be found here on Thingiverse.

Stress test

As far as stress tests go the BestGee T220s Lite was probably the least stressful run I’ve had to date. It ran and done the dome, bridge, spiral, and gradients just as it should there was a little stinging (minimal) but I was running at the high temp range of the filament. Overall I was pleased with how it has done on the different tasks it faced.

BESTGEE t220s lite

OpenForge Miniature Bases: Cobble (Square)

Now that I was happy with seeing how the BestGee T220s performs from the box, I wanted to see how it faired printing something I use a lot of. If any of you follow me on Instagram, you will know how I love tabletop miniature figure painting.

I make each figure base custom and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to see how the BESTGEE would cope by making some 20mm and 30mm bases. I pulled a square base file from Thingiverse containing a large size range of bases that I commonly used. The designer Devon Jones has some amazing miniature gaming scenery files he shares that are well worth a look.

I used Giantarm PLA from Amazon, which seems to be consistent and fairly nice to print with. These have come out perfectly for an upcoming project I have planned and should look great when painted.

Pencil Pot Monster

Next, I wanted to see how the BestGee T220s Lite done on a long run of over 10hr. I opted for a fairly simple first long print again from Thingiverse I chose a monster pen holder. I sliced in Cura using the suppled profile that came with the BestGee T220s with no changes. This print took 12.5hr and came out fairly well, although I think I went a little heavy on the supports. Nothing a little sanding before painting won’t solve. If you would like to run this print, I’ve added a link here.

BESTGEE t220s lite

Pumpkin Garden

Feeling satisfied with how TronHoo’s BestGee T220s Lite had done on the bases, I wanted to see how well it would do with other miniature related prints. I headed over to a designer I love on Thingiverse who does some great board game minis and scenery. After a quick look and thinking id like to do something Halloween related as it is coming up, I quickly found something I could print pant and use on a tabletop WIN.


The print I chose is called the pumpkin garden. I was extremely happy with how this came out and still no alterations on the Cura profile and no playing with the printer in any way. Excited to get painting I couldn’t wait until the end of the article so I made a start after setting the printer on another print this time I wanted to do some more bases.

But this time I wanted some for bigger figures I wanted to keep the same theme and had noticed in the same files the small bases were many sizes. I decided I wanted three 50mm bases and one at 100mm for something I have planned for Instagram. I made a start on the pumpkin patch to a point I’ve only last details left to do in time for Halloween.

Dragon Bust

Deciding it was finally time to set the BestGee on a long detailed print to see how well it can do on a bust. I thought to myself we can’t just do a normal bust oh no we need a dragon in here off I went and found a fitting dragon bust designed by robwzor over on Thingiverse. this time I adjusted the slicer settings I went to a 0.2 layer height again with tree supports and a brim. I set the BestGee T220s to run overnight as it’s a pretty quiet machine.

Random 3D Prints

BestGee T220s Lite 3D Printer Conclusion 

Is TronHoo’s another big contender? from what experience I’ve had with the BestGee T220s, I can say I’m thrilled with the DIY bracket seems to be fairly quiet, consistent, good build quality. The cable management is really nice. And so far has been one of the most hassle-free printers I’ve used. The print quality is above average for a printer that had no tuning at all.

I’d have to say it’s up there for a quick build DIY printer. Having filament runout, power loss resume, yellow bedsprings and TMC 2208 drivers from the box is a nice spec for the price tag. Also, the BestGee T220s comes with the 32-bit board rather than the 8 bit, which I expect takes this printer to a whole new level.

It is fairly priced and comes nicely specked if you are in the market for a quick build DIY printer or looking for a great printer to start out with id recommend considering the BESTGEE t220lite as an option. Where to purchase TronHoo website.

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