Big Geetech Project- Part One

Making one of the biggest models ever done to date. Namely called a Diorama, scene made up of some of our favourite characters from Marvel universe made and supplied by sanix. Walls and flooring printed with Geetech white Pla Filament.

Under the hood!

  • Creality Ender 3.
  • E3d Titan Aero.
  • Volcano.
  • .08mm nozzle.
  • 100% Scale no adjustments
  • Temperatures at 205c for the hot end
  • 70c (glass bed)  printing fairly fast at around 55ms.


Welcome to the continuous review of the Geetech filament. In this article i will keep it up to date with the progress of this project, in the mean time keep checking on my  facebook page for updates on the progress as u will see snipets of whats going on. Hoping to add some videos of the build and painting of this model in-between work and life.

The floor and walls

Geetech sent two rolls of  the white Pla to get started on the walls and base. The roll of filament came in a standard brown box with the details of the PlaSpool seems in good shape and the bag was air tight as we should expect. On the side you can see they have added the information of what temperatures to use along with the usual 1.75m size that most use today.

Total time the flooring took was about a week to do, once the walls where done took almost a whole 1kg of filament. Continued with the walls, again this took literally was down to the wire of 1kg Geetech white filament.

Size of this model is starting to show, the walls and floor took up a whole box. Next instalment will be concentrating on the figures. Nozzle size .03mm and will be used and speed slow to insure we get really good detail of the prints. The filament that will be used will be in blue, good for painting as there be darker colours.

Big job now is to take off all the supports and clean them up good, ready to be painted. Using my harder & steenbeck infinity CR Plus and air compressor that we use for art work and models. Createx paint, which is my all time favourite go to paint for all my work.

Too be continued….


Mancave uk

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