Biqu SSS Print Surface – Super Spring Steel Magnetic Print Surface

Different magnetic print beds are aplenty with many to choose from. Biqu sent me their Biqu SSS print surface (Super Spring Steel) for review, so lets find out more about this magnetic print surface for FDM 3D printers.

Biqu Magnetic Build Surface Specifications

biqu sss specifications


Ordering via Amazon, the Biqu SSS print surface arrived in an enormous box. Inside the box was a brown sturdy envelope which contained the super spring steel build surface. This was tight to get out of the envelope, however, upon taking out. It is enclosed in a bag and that was it. Basic, really! There is no magnet that comes with this, so you will need an existing magnetic sheet already applied, or you can use clips.

Magnetic Build Plate Quality

The quality of the Biqu SSS feels great. It has a textured, smooth feel to it, Black with prominent blue visuals along the edge. It also has the tips to make it easier to remove from your 3D print bed! Besides this, it is double sided too, so you can use both sides, although it has the same texture. It is very flexible and strong!. As you all know the Biqu b1 3D printer is now out this also comes with the Biqu SSS Print Surface but in pink.

Below you can view a video from Biqu using the biqu B1 3d printer with the magnetic 3d print surface.

Installation Of The BIQU SSS

For me, this was easy to install. As I already had an existing magnetic sheet on my print bed of the CR10S, it was just a case of putting this magnetic print surface on. If you don’t have an existing magnetic surface, you can use clips. If you don’t already have a magnetic surface, ensure you do buy the one that comes with it!

Magnetic Print Surface Performance

So, how does the Biqu SSS build surface perform? On my CR10S, I already have installed the Ziflex which already has a magnetic surface, and with this Biqu build surface, I can utilise the existing magnet. A bonus is, the blue matches the blue on my CR10S! One thing to note however that I have read. The ink seems to come off the build surface onto the bottom of your prints if you are printing over it, so something to be aware of. However, I did a test print over the ink and all was ok. Perhaps those that experienced this issue had the nozzle too close?

Bringing my 3D printer up to temperature as normal, I level the bed manually with a piece of paper ensuring all 4 corners of the magnetic print surface have some little drag on the paper. Let’s do a test print to see how well it adheres! My step-daughter needed an ear saver for her facemask, so an ideal first print as it’s a flat object, so would be good to see how well it adheres and it did an expert job!

I’ve been printing a holder for my 2nd gen Amazon Echo Dot. The side mounts are slightly tall with a small area, so a great test for the Biqu SSS. Again, this performed well. The part stuck well and was easy to pop off once finished, and the surface cooled slightly.

Let’s go flat out with the magnetic print surface

Let’s now see how well it adheres with something that requires good adhesion. Such as this articulated shark from Thingiverse.

Despite the obvious layer shift (filament got snagged and ended up snapping!) this turned out well and I had no worries wondering if it would stay stuck to the Biqu SSS. It did exactly that! After printing, I lifted off the build surface, gave it a flex and the print just popped off! You will get a smooth bottom with this, but remember, it’s textured.


Where To Buy The Biqu SSS 3D Print Surface

If you want to grab your hands on the magnetic print bed, head over to Amazon if you want it quickly and already have a magnetic bed in place. It’s £30.99 for the 310 x 310 size or £28.99 for the 235 x 235. If you need the full kit, you are best off purchasing directly from Biqu on their website of which there are more variations to choose from.

BIQU Magnetic Print Surface Conclusion

So, what do I make of the Biqu SSS magnetic print surface? I like it! It does it’s job as intended and is easy to use and clean! In addition, it looks great on the printer and appears of premium quality. It seems to be hard wearing and the coating should last a while! Another glorious addition to my 3D printers and this certainly will get it’s use.

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