BIQU Thunder : Pre-Sale Features And Quality Overview. Just WOW !!!

!!!IMPORTANT!!! : this is a BETA version of the printer, it’s already awesome but will be upgraded with more features

I was lucky to get the BIQU Thunder a few weeks before it was released so I could test it in detail. The price will only be between 350$ and 420$! I just know that BIQU will make big promotions on this occasion making it an even better deal!

Before the BIQU Thunder, I had a lot of bad experiences with Cartesian printers, so I only used delta printers. My main machines were two BIQU Kossel Pro’s because I think the delta printers print remarkably well.

Since I ended up with a big cartesian printer, why not test it and see if I can like this type of machine again.

The Unboxing

Let’s start with the packaging. I notice directly on delivery something that surprises me: the package is heavy! Much heavier than my old printers, after verification, the package weighs a total of 23kg, much more than the tens of pounds of old printers.

Let’s see what this big and heavy package contains:



At the opening we discover only foam, nothing else, in fact the printer is securely stuck in the foam, delicately cut to size for each piece and then covered with another piece of foam that rigidly secures each part. The cardboard parcel has suffered from transport, but all the shocks have been cushioned perfectly by the rigid foam.

Everything is packaged separately, and the small spare parts are in numbered bags. With all that we find three sheets that list each component of the printer down to the smallest screw.


(The video of the assembly will soon be available)

First surprise: I couldn’t find the assembly instructions, but after checking, the pdf is on the USB key because the printed version was not yet available in this test version.

The thing that surprises me: only 5 mounting pages, the rest of the page explains the wifi connection. I quickly understood why! This printer is not really a DIY machine, but a machine where you just have to add 6 screws to finalize it. It’s really great to have assembled the printer in less than 15 minutes and as everything fits perfectly there is almost no settings to change!

After assembly, there are only two things to setup:
The tightening of the wheels on the plate (Y axis), with the aid of a 10mm flat key it is necessary to turn gently the 3 eccentric screws to remove all the movements of the plate (without it being too hard to move )

Finally the height of the two motors for the Z axis, for that takesliding calipers (a rule if you do not have calipers), choose a height and block the calipers, then align the left engine and straight at this height by hand screwing the two endless screws of the Z axis
That’s it! you are ready to print!

First Print

At the first use it is necessary to do automatic levelling, for that we connect the small sensor provided for this purpose and it is put on the cold nozzle. We search in the menus “Automatic levelling” and “run”, the printer will calibrate all alone for 5 minutes. at the end we remove the sensor and we are finally ready.

Choose a model to print, slice it with your favourite software.
Insert the SD card into the printer and turn it on.
Go to “More” and then choose “Change material”, the printer will preheat all alone at 180 ° C, you just have to introduce the filament and press the arrow to the front. The printer will load the filament and stop as it leaves by the nozzle.

We click on “Print” we choose the file to print and go, the printer asks you if it should wipe the nozzle, so it wipes the edge of the tray and starts printing.

Here are the results using the Cura print profile provided on the SD card


Simply sublime! and without having spent hours making adjustments, there is no excedent plastic, no layer shifting, no stringing. You judge the results in the photos




LCD Screen:

A BIG Nine Tails Fox Print (23H print time) scaled to the maximum XY size


I am not sponsored to say this but I already love this printer!
Between the ease of editing, the low price for a well finished product and the ease of use I fell back in love with the Cartesian printers!
The Thunder BIQU has become my main printer for the moment and I will take the opportunity to modify my other machines in an exotic way.

You can buy The BIQU Thunder from Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd. Official websites :

Buy them on Aliexpress

Buy them on Alibaba
You can also visit the Big Tree Tech shop HERE

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