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You’ve been 3D printing for a while, mainly doing bits for yourself and perhaps for the odd friend or family member. Why not take it a step further and try to make some money from it? A new Kickstarter campaign from Addmio, 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs – Complete online course has been introduced to help you achieve this, so read on to find out more!

The Story

3D printing is continuously modifying the world around us. Everyone is aware of the fantastic stories about 3D printed houses, 3D printed hearts and 3D printed space rocket. They are all correct! In the uncertain times, we are facing right you would have seen examples of 3D printed face shields and ventilators. This is where you see the real added value of 3D printing!

With 3D printing, you can print single parts or small batches. These can be customised in the same day. If you are knowledgable in product development, you will know that this can be costly! In addition, 3D printing has such an amount of flexibility, you can design very complicated, ingenious, and beautiful designs, and without any additional costs.

Here is an example below of the difference between injection moulding and 3D printing

3D Printing for Entrepreneurs

3D printing can be like rocket fuel for your creative mind.

The reasoning for 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs – Complete online course

We were looking for a way to bring 3D printing knowledge to the broader audience. The first reason being is so we can help the industry succeed. Many different 3D printing technologies are advancing, and 3D printed materials are reaching the same attributes as standard materials. Having just bought a 3D printer for our office for only €100, Yes that’s right, €100! This was unbelievable a few years ago.

The 3D Printing industry warrants the attention of the world as a result. This is where we saw a gap. We know what 3D printing is capable of as we have worked in the industry for many years; however, we feel that you should know it too. This is the second reason. Millions of creative minds would benefit from 3D printing from the very first day, potentially making them great entrepreneurs!

3D Printing for Entrepreneurs – 100% online course

We’ve trained and taught 100’s of people. Giving lectures, presentation, masterclasses and workshops. However, it is not expandable. We can share our experiences and knowledge every day. In a different city, in a room full of people; however, the impact on the industry will remain very minimal.

This is why we came up with an online platform. This is the only way that is scalable. Our courses can help many people in a day in many countries simultaneously. All that you will need to follow our course is a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. That’s all.

The course

The 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs course consists of 3 main segments:

  • Application
  • Design
  • Monetisation

The cost

The costs of the 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs online course is as follows:

3d printing course pricing

Where can I find out more?

If you want to find out more on the 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs – Complete online course, you can check out their site or go on to the Kickstarter campaign!

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