Aibecy CR10 Mini Overview – Is it any good?

So, this is kind of an overview on the Aibecy CR10 Mini which is available from Amazon at £199 (Price correct at time of article)

Aibecy CR10 Mini

After owning the CR10S for just shy over 6 months, I wanted another larger build platform 3D printer but with a smaller budget and options were limited! With a build surface of 300 x 220 x 300, this was more than adequate and within budget!

So, what do you get with the Aibecy CR10 Mini? 

  • Instructions
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Masking tape sheet
  • Scraper
  • Cutters
  • Micro SD card with USB adapter
  • 200g of white PLA
  • Spare parts

Building this was a breeze…just 4 bolts required. Additionaly, to secure the Z axis endstop, just 4 T bolts required to secure into the frame.

The Unpacking of the CR10 Mini

Likewise, as with most 3D printers, the Aibecy CR10 Mini was packaged safe and secure with plenty of protection. The Z rod secured, the print head secured and in 2 separate parts, all snug inside the box.

What differences are there between the Aibecy CR10 Mini and the CR10S?

The Aibecy CR10 Mini does not have Auto Bed Leveling, only a single Z rod axis and no strain relief bracket for the heated bed. Apart from this, all seems the same as the CR10S albeit the build volume of course.

Bed leveling was pretty simple, and especially since the Aibecy CR10 Mini comes with the larger knobs for leveling the bed which makes things a lot easier. Firstly, using a piece of plain A4 paper, I moved the print head to each corner so the nozzle was just gripping the paper.

So you can feel the slight tension it gives, then moved the head to the next corner. I did this for all corners and also the center. My print bed isn’t warped!  Amazing! Secodly, the spool holder sits on top of the control box as standard, however, I have seen that this can be positioned on the rails at the back behind the extruder.  You will need shorter bolts for this. This is a perfect place for your filament on the Aibecy CR10 Mini so it doesn’t get in the way!

The First Print

The first print I did with the Aibecy CR10 Mini was the strain relief bracket for the build plate as I wanted to make sure this was safe and secure. The file actually comes on the included SD card!  Using S3D to slice this, I was printing within minutes and the results were pretty much flawless right away!


Additionally, other upgrades I printed for the Aibecy CR10 Mini were a Z rod axis wheel and a filament guide. I found these while researching on YouTube and again, they printed flawlessly straight after printing the previous job.


Here you can see the Aibecy CR10 Mini next to it’s big brother, the CR10S for comparison; slightly slimmer and not as tall. The noise level is quiet from what I remember from the CR10S before I installed dampers. You also get the Power off resume print, so as a result, if faced with a power outage, get the power back on and continue from where you left off!

Aibecy CR10 Mini next to CR10S

The Final Verdict of the CR10 Mini?

In conclusion, if you are after a large build volume 3D printer, with not a lot of effort in putting together or setting up, I would highly recommend the Aibecy CR10 Mini without a doubt!  Additionally, being part of the Creality family, you know it is going to a solid and sturdy build.

Above all, with plenty of Facebook support groups for help and advice. This printer can be modded to enhance its quality of prints.  At the touch of a button or two, you can get the Aibecy CR10 Mini from Amazon for just £199 (Price correct at time of article)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article, and any comments are welcome on anything I may have missed. In addition, if you would like me to include anything in future articles, let me know.

Happy printing!

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