Anycubic Chiron: Huge 3D Printer Have A Look?

Greetings fellows, today we will be going through some things about Anycubic Chiron. If you are in the 3D printing business, then you might have already heard a lot about the Anycubic franchise. Yes, they are trendy for creating some amazing 3D printers. Here we are going to review one of their latest introductions to the market, i.e. Anycubic Chiron.

Features and Specifications of the Anycubic Chiron


The Anycubic Chiron is a large, desktop-based 3D printer. As a result, the machine sizes 400mm x400mm x450mm printing frame. The look, with its black and yellow tone, is undoubtedly fantastic. However, do the looks translate to excellent performance and high-quality prints? We will find out soon.

Anycubic Chiron size

Chiron Structure

The structure is sturdy, as it is supposed to be with such a large frame. Made up of Aluminium, the extrusions are secured with metal T-plates. This ensures high-stability during the printing function and enables the printer to make big-sized prints.


Wiring plays a vital role in determining the quality of a 3D printer. Anycubic Chiron features a neat and tidy cabling technique that enables you to print without worrying about damaging the internal wiring. Furthermore, a drag chain housing places the thermistor, temperature probe, both fans and levelling probe cables. As a result, despite the wiring work, things appear in shape and do not interfere with the printing function.


The Anycubic Chiron works well with flexible filaments like TPU. Moreover, the gigantic extruder teamed up with the E3D V6-like hotend to ensure smooth operation during the print. The incredible feature of the print function is the Ultrabase Pro. The ultrabase pro provides a beautiful base for the Anycubic Chiron to work on. This is perhaps the most iconic feature of the printer.


This is one of the major disappointments of the Anycubic Chiron users. Anycubic claims that the levelling function is entirely automatic; most of the users expect it to be automated. However, our experience with the printer proves otherwise. The printer is not fully-automatic as is advertised. In reality, the printer detects 25 points across the bed surface. However, these points are not stored in the memory, and the subsequent tests make a variance in the bed level. As a result, you have to level the bed manually. And that too by adjusting the 25 points .05mm at a time. This is one of the major nuisances of the Anycubic Chiron.

Anycubic Chiron levelling

Chiron Quality Control Issues

Moreover, a few of the customers have reported quality control issues with their units. These issues include loose screws falling from the unit during unwrapping, loose pulleys under the bed that required manual tightening, etc. However, these quality control issues are inconsistent. That was found with sporadic consumers all over the dataset of our survey.


The Anycubic Chiron is being offered at £469.99 on Amazon alternatively, if you can wait it is only £286 from Gearbest! And this is not only it, but the people who have purchased from Amazon are also loving their device. The printer rates at an Aggregated 4 star across 36 ratings. With 66% of those coming as a 5-star rating. Thus, we can suggest that quality control issues are sporadic and not consistent with the printer.


  • The print bed, i.e. ultrabase pro, is impressive.
  • Edge to edge heating is extremely fast.


  • The automatic bed-levelling is not as intuitive as you expect
  • Consumers have reported packaging and shipment issues

Chiron Conclusion

Summing up, we can suggest that Anycubic Chiron is a giant 3D printer that has its pros and cons. If you want to design and print products to the extent of this giant printer, then you can go for this printer. The software is impressive, the body is sturdy, and it will not give you much of a tough time. Plus, the trademark Ultrabase Pro is as good as it gets when it comes to the print beds. However, a few improvements in the Chiron can make it a force to reckon with in the 3D printing industry.

You can share your comments with us and let us know what you think about our reviews. Check out Mcor Arke 3D Printer: All that you need to know or Creating a silicone mould from a 3D printed model

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