BIQU Matte Filament Review Navy Blue & Olive Green

The company has a professional technical team and operation team in 3D technology. Biqu are based in China with many innovative products, ranging from 3D printers, filaments, motherboards, hotends and many more extras for your 3D printer BIQU / BigTreeTech is best known for their BTT SKR 3D printer motherboards, printers like their BIQU B1 or BIQU BX. BIQU is now also introducing their own filament. Let’s look at the BIQU Matte filament.

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BIQU Matte Filament Colour Range

BIQU Matte Filament Packaging & Spool

BIQU matte filament comes in a cardboard box with recommended printing parameters and a brief description. The plastic bag has been vacuum sealed, but it is not reusable. There is also a bag of desiccant inside to keep the filament dry during transport. The desiccant can be reused when you store the spool of filament later. The overall design for the packaging and filament spool is attractive to the eye.

Biqu Matte Filament Packaging

BIQU Matte 3D Printer Filament

We love using our FDM 3D Printer from Eryone their ER-20 and using a 0.4 nozzle. The basic setting I used was Infill 15%, perimeter shells 2, top solid layers 3, bottom solid layers 4, heat bed temperature at 65c, hotend temperature 200c and used a layer height of 0.25.I made several prints using this filament. Let’s go check it out!

The glasses holder and quad star didn’t print perfect I end up with lines going through both 3D models. This was due to snagging of the filament or hotend temperature to be raised and slow it down.

Biqu Matte Filament Navy Blue PLA

Penny Whistle in the key of D – By iceman1979 Quad Star | Fidget Toy – By HexNuts Rocket Retro 004 – By cerberus333

Matte Filament Olive Green PLA

Sir Nigel Glasses Holder – By Zyltech Friendly Articulated Slug – By Isaiah Steampunk Octopus – By 32mb

Where To Buy Matte PLA Filament

BIQU Matte PLA filament is available on EBay and Amazon. The price is about 26 dollars which puts it just above SUNLU and near other PLA.

BIQU Matte PLA Filament Conclusion

Overall, it’s been a glorious experience, and most of the 3D prints turned out very eye pleasing. It takes some tuning but once you get it right; it prints very well. BIQU matte Navy Blue and Olive Green are an amazing color for any Tabletop or Vase that will be displayed in your house. Their green will be perfect for those who love to print out arm tanks. The matte PLA hides layer lines very well, for best results use a high infill. I would highly recommend trying out this filament, the only downfall is that it doesn’t have the same properties as Spidermaker Matte Filament.


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