Creality CR-20 Pro 3D Pinter News Huge Effort

Who doesn’t need an economical and good quality printer like the Creality CR-20 Pro? In a time where economical printers are only a thing of the recent past, Creality has come up with yet another wonderful printer. So let’s begin our Specification review of the Creality CR-20 Pro and explore this amazing machine.

Features and Specs of the Creality CR-20 Pro

  • Build Size

The Creality CR-20 Pro has a moderate build size of 220 mm x 220 mm x 250 mm. This is like the Creality CR-20, but a smaller build volume as compared to the CR-10. However, with this moderate build size, you can quickly build multiple products of your liking.

  • ┬áBed-levelling

The auto-levelling bed of the Creality CR-20 Pro is a fantastic feature that makes the printer worth much more than the 20 bucks difference it has with the basic version. The printer is equipped with genuine Antclabs BL Touch Probe for 9-point auto bed-levelling. Thus, this makes it fantastic for hobbyists and new beginners to level the beds. Moreover, even expert users like something “co-operative” when it comes to bed levelling.

  • Removable Print Surface

Another significant addition made to the Creality CR-20 Pro is the inclusion of a removable C-magnetic print surface. This surface can be removed and makes the part removal much more comfortable.

  • Stability

The stability of the Creality CR-20 Pro is impressive. The major parts that add to the balance of the printer are the 40 mm x 40 mm Y-axis extrusions. Although this is a feature borrowed from the Ender 3 Pro, it adds excellent stability to the printer.

  • Capricorn Teflon Tubing

Another significant addition to the printer is the Capricorn Teflon Tubing. As a result of the tubing, there is higher lubricity and high-temperature resistance compared to the stad=ndard filament tubing.

  • Improved Filament Senor

One of the major issues that 3D printing poses is the empty running of the printer without the filament. As a result, this printer introduces an improved filament run-out sensor that can detect the filament is running low and pauses the printing. The auto-resume function enables you to resume printing right from the spot where you left it without any hesitation.

  • Compatible Filaments

With a maximum nozzle temperature of 250 C and a maximum heated bed temperature of 110 C, Creality CR-20 Pro is compatible with multiple filaments. These filaments include PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, TPU and most of the exotics.

  • Improved Design

When compared with the Creality CR-20, there are some significant improvements. In terms of the quality of material and wire routing. Although, to a noob observer, this might not seem a huge difference; however, we can tell that there is a substantial difference when it comes to making prints. And that too at only a difference of $20.

  • Price

The official store of Creality is offering the Creality CR-20 Pro for $ 419. This is a perfect price for the added feature, improved sensors and increased strength of the printer. Furthermore, this price is well in range for hobbyists and experts alike.


Summing up, you can safely invest in this fantastic machine without having to worry much about the quality of the print. The quality of the print is moderate. Moreover, the printer offers an excellent opportunity for hobbyists and beginners to start their 3D printing experience with a professional type of printer. But the stand out features of the Creality CR-20 Pro is its moderately low price auto bed-levelling, proper wire routing and all of this in an affordable budget.

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