Creality CR-6 SE – Crowdfunded and Maker Approved Must See

Kleenex. Facetime. Swiffer. Creality CR-6 SE. Products and services we use every day as “household names”. Even if we’re using store-brand tissues, non-Apple devices, or standard dust brooms, well, the CR-6 SE isn’t yet, but it may soon be. Creality itself is quickly becoming one in its own right. That’s because of their wild success over the past six years. The Ender and CR series 3D printers brought reliable quality in the homes of many hobbyists at low price points. So much so, that Creality is gaining market share at a light-speed pace. Now, through crowdfunding, they want to capitalize on the value of the users.  The CR-6 SE is that “vehicle”. So let’s take a quick look at what there is to know about this new offering.

Initial Impressions of the CR-6 SE

Late last week, Creality celebrated their sixth anniversary through many festivities. One way was through live streams. In one stream, they premiered the CR-6 SE right at the start. At first glance, there seemed to be nothing special about it. But, upon closer inspection, you quickly realize there is some wizardry going on. First, aside from the Bowden tube and gantry wires, none of the other wirings is visible. It provides an immaculate, sleek profile. Next, Creality boasts a five-minute build time. Install four bolts, plug-in power, and you can begin printing.

Digging Deeper

So, what else was shared about the CR-6 SE? Let’s start with the specs:

  • Printer dimensions: 442mm X 462mm X 499mm
  • Printer weight: 9.2kg
  • Build Volume: 235mm X 235mm X 250mm
  • Build Surface: Carborundum Glass
  • Print precision: 0.1mm
  • Max Hot End Temp: 260°C
  • Filament type: PLA/TPU/PETG/Wood
  • Printing modes: Online or SD Card (Offline)

One of the most significant technology changes I noticed was the lack of bed-levelling adjustment knobs. They don’t exist because Creality has outfitted this printer with photoelectric sensors. This provides automatic bed-levelling in a new way – and it’s been patented, meaning you won’t see it in any of the competitor’s printers! Also noteworthy, the new Carborundum glass bed has many advantages. It is prone to less warping that the standard aluminium beds. It has improved thermal performance over standard glass. Lastly, the microporous composite material coating improves adhesion during printing and release of the prints, once cooled.

Creality has also redesigned the cooling system of the hot end to be both more efficient and quieter. Consequently, the data reports an efficiency increase of 30%, while remaining ultra-quiet. Another patented design is the “Ark 2” extrusion mechanism. The focus here is on a faster, more simple method of feeding filament. The claim is that it can be done one-handed. One technology already being used in other existing printers, like the Artillery Genius, is the use of dual Z-axes with a timing belt linking their movement. Indeed, I can attest to the high value this has – being an owner of the Genius. It seems like I never have to check if my X-axis rail is level.

Ark 2 extruder

Creature Comforts from Creality

There are a few other “add-on” enhancements that the Creality CR-6 SE has for increased convenience. First, the X-axis belt has a built-in, adjustable belt tensioner. This is an instant time-saver, as it is one of the most popular items printed first by new printer owners. Second, Creality has included a toolbox that stores underneath the framework (another widespread print among Ender series owners). Third, there is a portable handle installed at the top of the printer frame. That means relocating the CR-6 SE is less cumbersome. Fourth, the spool holder can be folded away. For makers with limited space or low frequency of use, this is a prominent space-saving feature. Finally, Creality has updated to a touch-screen interface. No more dials to twist!

creature comforts CR-6 SE

More to come from the CR-6 SE.

At this time, that is all we know about the Creality CR-6 SE. However, Creality has committed to sharing more about this fantastic printer that has crammed so much new technology in it. They are doing this via Kickstarter at the end of this month. Inov3D will be updating this article as further information arrives. Also, you can sign up yourself to get more details on the Kickstarter itself. Above all, happy printing; Stay safe!

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All credit for images belongs to Creality.


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