DIPA 3D FEP Film Review – FEP-Tastic film?

For those that are into resin printing, it is without a doubt that over time you will need to replace your FEP film on your resin vat. DIPA 3D have developed their own DIPA 3D FEP film and sent me a sample to test so. Please read on to find out more!


This was the most disappointing part for me. I was sent a piece of A4 DIPA 3D Fep film in a paper envelope. Inside, it was sandwiched between 2 pieces of A4 paper. There was no protection at all from any possible creases or folds. Luckily for me, it arrived undamaged! I would suggest shipping in a card back enveloped, or even some cardboard packaging like photo paper to avoid any damage during transit.

DIPA 3D Packing


Non-existent…I know it is not that difficult to install FEP film. However, it is always good to have some visual guidance with a product.

Product information

As nothing came with the DIPA 3D FEP film, I’ve looked on their site for the product information. They suggest that their film has much better release behaviour than your usual FEP. As a result, this increases your success rate with prints and allows more relaxed support settings.

Tech specs from their site

  • Alternative non-FEP film
  • Slightly milky
  • Optimised peeling behaviour
  • Reduced tensile forces


Installing the DIPA 3D FEP film was easy. I have the Longer 3D Orange 10 resin print, so it was just a case of undoing the many bolts that hold the vat together, cleaning it all up and then attaching the FEP film as a whole. Once secured in place by the many bolts, that is needed. Trim around the edge of the vat to rid of the excess film. Remember not to worry about slack as you install, as when securing to the actual vat this will tension the film.

Once installed, the feel of this FEP film seems more flexible and not as rigid as your usual. It’s softer, so could be more prone to dents if you need to scrape off cured resin after a print or an accidental mishap!.


Printing while using the DIPA 3D FEP film was no hassle at all. I heard no suction noises or popping while printing, and once my print had finished, I was able to move on to the next straight away!

Where to buy

DIPA 3D FEP film can be purchased directly from their website. They have other offerings, so be sure to check them out.


To sum up, the DPA 3D FEP Film works well. However, the lack of packaging/protection reduces the overall rating. If they get this right, then this would be a high scorer! Hopefully, they can branch out to other areas such as Amazon to make this more widely available to the masses!

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