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Elegoo Industries have been developing high-quality tech-based products from the past several years. Subsequently, they have recently announced their brand-new product, Elegoo Mars. Elegoo Mars is an intelligent 3D printer embodied with the advanced “Digital Light Processing” (DLP) 3D printing technology as opposed to Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM). Here is a review we have done for our audience so they can decide about the ELEGOO Mars 3D printer.


The ELEGOO Mars features a sturdy aluminium platform with the eye-catching acrylic covers. Thus, the platform is durable as well as graceful in appearance. “We like its design and so will you”. Besides, the printer is shipped in its “semi-assembled” form. But due to its relatively simple design, it is straightforward to set up. Moreover, levelling of the bed is more straightforward as compared to the other printers of this category.

With the steel ball balancing structure in the build platform, you can quickly assemble and level it without having to remove the resin from the tank. This means you can start printing your first model within a few minutes after signing the shipment receipt. We suggest that it will be a piece of cake for you.

Printing Technology

The Elegoo Mars uses the decades-old yet advance industrial DLP technology. Thus, the technology ensures that you get added benefits of DLP over the common not-so-reliable FDM technique. Also, the higher resolution and smoother parts are a few characteristics that separate the Elegoo Mars from its Filament based counterparts.

Print Resolution of ELEGOO Mars

Furthermore, the printer’s 2560 x 1440 2K HD masking LCD provides very accurate printing on the “X-Y axis”. Thus, the printer offers a minimum resolution of as low as 0.047 mm for your prints. Moreover, a 40W UV light and the special resin of the ELEGOO Mars is designed to achieve the desired results of its users. “We found this to be a fantastic discovery on the printer”.

Print Time and Software of ELEGOO Mars

The DLP working technique means that you don’t have to worry about printing time. Subsequently, the printing time solely depends on the height of the model, which is not the case with the FDM printers. We think this is one of the most exceptional features of the printer.

Also, you can print larger models (concerning length and width) at the same time. However, the taller the printing model, the longer it would take to print. Thus, we recommend that you keep the print height of your models low for optimal and quick results.

Thus, ELEGOO Mar’s higher printing speed due to the DLP technology is a big plus. Besides, the latest version of ChituBox slicing software adds the topping to the printer’s value. The ChituBox slicing software offers a straightforward and clean user interface while retaining its excellent slicing technique.

It hollows out the 3D model before sending the sliced instruction to the printer, effectively reducing the resin usage to the minimum. We suggest this software is one of the best you can get in the market. Also, another outstanding feature of the ChituBox software is its extremely fast slicing speed, which translates to a tenfold times speed of any other open-source slicing software.

The Resin for ELEGOO Mars

The ELEGOO resin is another standout feature for the printer.  Thus, it is ideal for painting high-quality prints and providing great details and resolution to the model. Moreover, It comes in multi-colours, including transparent one as well. “We were amazed by the amazing colours the resin offers”.

Convenience AND Independence From the PC

Though you haven’t even expected it, we have prepared it for you. The ELEGOO Mars can be extremely helpful in the regard that you don’t need a computer for printing. Its integrated computer board can print your prepared model instantaneously while being completely offline. A multi-purpose 3.5 inches user-friendly touch screen is installed to help you with interfacing with the 3D printer directly while also displaying in the real-time the complete printing process.


You will be amazed to hear that the ELEGOO Mars 3D is being offered for as low as $ 250 at various vendors, including Amazon. This makes it one of the cheapest 3D printers available in the market. “We recommend you to go for this printer if you are beginning your 3D printing career”.

Alternatively, as Elegoo have now teamed up with MyMiniFactory, you can grab yourself an awesome package deal! Go and check it out…


Summing up, we can predict the ELEGOO Mars 3D printer is a useful tool for the beginners and hobbyists to get their hands-on experience with 3D printing. Also, its extremely affordable price makes the investment worthwhile for even the most basic of users. Thus, we ask you to feel free to communicate your thoughts on the ELEGOO Mars 3D with us.

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