Eryone Black Glitter PLA -Is all that glitters gold?

Eryone Black Glitter PLA. The latest in a line of premium silk filaments from Eryone. Let’s test it!


As I’m sure, you all know how you’ve read enough of my ramblings to know that my filaments come from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer for review. As a result, Eryone Black Glitter PLA came to me from my contact in Eryone. Previously I have used their Bronze filament as I felt it was perfect for the look of a Hulk model I got from Creative Geek MB on Facebook. It’s still a work in progress for me, and a review may be pending in the future.


Never the most exciting section to any review, however, Eryone at least have listened to people and have changed their packing from the last spool I received. As a result, the Eryone Black Glitter PLA box is brightly coloured with a window to show your reel as is usual. Additionally, on the rear of the box is a generic attribute and printing table for all Eryone filaments. Hopefully, this is a work in progress as there are spelling errors that need rectification however once the box is open you are greeted with the same spool as usual, black with a black sticker denoting the brand name in white lettering.

Dark Side – I find your lack of sparkle disturbing

Eryone Black Glitter PLA Darth Vader

Eryone Black Glitter PLA. It’s different. I can’t compare it to anything else as I haven’t tried any other glitter filaments. Unfortunately for me, my little photo booth has yet to arrive, so my photos don’t do the result justice. Browsing for new models to print, I get a request from my son for something Star Wars related.

Black filament and Star Wars, its got to be Darth Vader! I found the STL on my HDD so can’t be sure where it came from but if anyone knows the author let me know, and I will link to them. I printed this on my CR10S Pro with supports at a layer height of 2.0, temp of 215C and with the bed at 55C. The print took around 5 hours, and this little print has come out beyond expectations. The lines are smooth and no signs of stringing.


No evil to speak of none to see and who can hear a thing?

Spurred on by this success, I went looking for the three skull tower everyone seems to be printing this time of year. Locating the STL on Thingiverse I set the printer off going. Again this was on my CR10S Pro. Also, you can find my article about this printer. Following the instructions on Thingiverse, I printed with no supports using the same settings as I did earlier with a 20% infill.  I’m pleased with how well it’s printed. No layer lines again, no signs of anything skipping or salmon skin, a flawless print! Yet my lack of photography skills let this filament down as it doesn’t photograph well to show the glitter effect.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Eryone Black Glitter PLA is easy to print with. It’s a good looking and inexpensive. This filament ticks a lot of boxes. I brought it from Amazon for £20.59! (Price correct as of 22/10/19. Eryone is currently running a £3 off Voucher on Amazon UK for this filament, and Amazon FR has the same deal in €’s.

My only concern is that long term would the glitter prove to be abrasive to the nozzle? It’s not a big concern, I admit. All in all, this is one of my favourite silk filaments. While I like the others I have tested and have yet to write reviews for, this is just something different.

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