Eryone Matte PLA filament – It’s a Navy blue Review!

It’s been a while since I have tried out some new filament, so let me introduce you to Eryone Matte PLA! They sent me the navy blue colour which looks great, so let’s give it a go!

Eryone Matte PLA Packaging

Filament packaging changes all the time, I remember when I first got some Eryone filament it was in a plain brown box. Subsequent orders after that appeared in a branded orange box. This Eryone Matte PLA came in a brown box, but with their advertising on. As you can see, the spool is vacuum-sealed and wound really neatly too, with no crossovers from what I can see! I’m looking forward to trying this out!

Functional 3D Print – Voxelab Aquila Tool Holder

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s difficult to decide on what to print! I do like functional parts, rather than showy off 3D prints, so let’s put the Eryone Matte PLA to use for some functionality parts. My most recent 3D printer is the Voxelab Aquila, but there just aren’t anywhere to store the tools. I decided on printing a tool holder that slides on to the extrusion of the printer. It printed this on my CR10 Mini. Also, you can find the file from Thingiverse.

Looking really neat! Nice clean layer lines, slight stringing, but it printed really well. It has picked out the great detail from this model. As you know, pictures never do 3D prints any justice as it picks up every fine detail.


Lay-Z-spa Vegas

I’ve recently bought myself a 2nd hand hot tub, a Lay-Z-spa Vegas. However, it didn’t come with all the necessities. I had no caps for the valves, so I found some and got them printed too! Would PLA be able to hold up to being submerged in water at a steady 38°C-40°C? Only time will tell!

These fit perfectly and came out really nice! I like this Eryone Matte PLA! Again; I printed these on my CR10 Mini (with a WhamBam FBS installed, which is also great!) Files available via Thingiverse.

Spa Light Holder

Next on the hot tub list was a spa light holder to attach to the filter. This was a private file from one of the other authors on Inov3D Carl Knight.

The Cost And Where To Buy Matte PLA?

Eryone Matte PLA is available directly from Eryone for approx £27. You can also bag an exclusive Inov3D discount by using the code INOV3D which will give you 15% off all of your purchases! Alternatively, Amazon UK also stocks it at a price of just £23.45.

Conclusion Of The Eryone Matte PLA:

To sum up the Eryone Matte PLA, it is very good! I have had no problems with it, and it has produced some great-looking prints. It came packaged really well, as expected with Eryone. I’ve never had a bad batch! I also like the colour. It’s more of a masculine colour I’d say, but that is just my opinion. It seems to be hard-wearing, and the caps I printed have lasted well so far in my hot tub.

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