Eryone Star One A Starter Level 3D Printer For Newbies

Honestly, I am not sure why this manufacturer has discontinued the Eryone Thinker S/SE and the Eryone ER 20. Out of these 3D printers, the S/SE is my favorite because of its impressive size, super quiet operation, and impressive quality. Also, Eryone has announced the release of a new filament dryer box called the M2 Snail filament dryer box. This is for those who cannot manage looking after their filament properly for their 3D printers. Below, I summarize some of Eryone’s current 3D printers. If you had to choose one, which one would you choose?

Eryone Star One 3D Printer

Eryone Star One 3D Printer is a starter-level printer that is amazing for newbies, hobbyists and other people who want to get hands-on with 3D printing. As a quick overview, here are some of the printer’s main features.
ModelERYONE Star OneNozzle diameterStandard 0.4mm
Print Volume220*220*250 mmPrint precision±0.2 mm
Extruder quantity1Filamentφ1.75 mm PLA
Layer thickness0.1mm – 0.4mmFile formatSTL / OBJ / AMF
Compatible slicing softwareCura / Simplify 3DConnectivityMemory card offline printing or online printing
Power specifificationInput:AC 115/230V 50/60 Hz Output:DC 24VTotal power350W
Hotbed temperature≤100℃Nozzle temperature≤250℃
Resume printing functionYesLanguage switchYes
Supports(OS)Windows 7/10 / Mac OSPrint speed≤180 mm/s,30-60 mm/s normally | ≤180 mm/s
  • Build Volume – The Star One offers a build volume of 220 mm x 220 mm x 250 mm. As you can see, this is an impressive build volume, considering that the printer is primarily intended for novices and hobbyists.
  • Supported Filaments – There are a variety of filaments that can be used with the Eryone Star One.
  • Printing Features – The printer has a single extruder that has a print precision of 0.2 mm. It supports a filament diameter of 1.75 mm and prints with a layer thickness of 0.1-0.4 mm. Furthermore, the printer has a standard 0.4 mm diameter nozzle.
  • Print Speed – The Eryone Star One FDM 3D Printer usually prints at a speed of 30-60mm/s. However, it can print up to 180 mm/s. This is an amazing speed considering the printer to be for beginners and hobbyists.
  • Compatible Slicer – The recommended slicers by the company are Cura and Simplify 3D. Although you can also use other Slicers with this printer it is recommended to use the printers devised by the company.
  • Bed leveling – Although this is a printer for beginners, the leveling feature of the printer is manual. Therefore, you will have to spend some time in leveling the bed. With the help of the 4 wheels, you can easily level the bed manually.
  • Filament Auto-stop Feature – The Eryone Star One FDM 3D Printer has a filament run-out sensor that detects the filament status. In case, the filament is about to run out the print function auto-sops unless the new filament is not loaded. This ensures that there are no risks with newbies starting their printing experience with these printers. Moreover, with the resume print feature, you can resume your printing from where you had left it.
  • Multiple Prints – A lot of people ask about the possibility of more than one print from the Star One printer. Multiple prints are possible, however, you will have to load the file in  the Slicer software.
  • Power Input – The input voltage required for smooth operation is 115/230 V. The input power required for the operation fo the printer is 350 W.

3D Printable Test STL Files

There are many PLA 3D printer filaments available nowadays, and I am about to take you through the process of deciding which of these filaments is best to use on the Eryone Star One FDM 3D printer in this article. All with a 0.04mm nozzle. In the case of the Eryone Marble filament these STL files are from the SD CARD. However, I’m certain you will be able to find them on numerous STL websites like Thingiverse and so forth. I am very pleased with the outcome of all 3D models. The Eryone Star One 3D Printer handled all the models well and produced amazing results in all 3D models, especially with the Eryone dark wood PLA filament.



Where To Get The Eryone Star One 3D Printer

The Star One printer is available at $ 229 at the official Eryone site. There are, however, chances that this printer may be available with a discount based on the time and season at which you order it. There is no doubt that with all the features on offer, this printer appears to be a very cost-effective way for newbies and hobbyists to enhance their skills of printing.

Eryone ER 20 3D Printer Discontinued

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult to get motivated to do anything 3D printing related, and having a part-time job in the retail industry has added another layer of stress to the situation, and I know I am not the only person who has struggled to deal with this outbreak. Now that everything is becoming easier, I am ready to do what I love again, and I have the energy to pursue what I want to achieve. It’s time to get to the interesting stuff now that the boring part is done.

In regards to the Eryone ER 20 3D printer, you will find that it comes in a well-packaged package with all of the tools that you will need to get started right away. It was very pleasing to me that the item I ordered from Eryone arrived almost ready to be used. I can not say enough good things about it. I was able to assemble the Gantry, the Extruder, and the Spool Holder in just 20 minutes with the help of the clear instructions. In order to begin printing, you simply need to plug in the cables and you’re off to the races. After you have done that, you will be able to test the STL files that are contained on the “MICRO SD CARD” that you will receive as part of the package.


Physical Parameters


Molding Technology: FDMPower Supply Input: 115/230 VAC 50/60HZMaximum Nozzle Temperature: 260 ℃
Printing Size: 250x220x200mmPower Supply Output: +24V 14.5A MAXMaximum Heated Bed Temperature: 100 ℃
Printing Precision: 0.05mmStandby Power Consumption: 12WRecommended Nozzle Heating Time (20~180℃): ~1min
X/Y/Z Axis Positioning Precision: 12.5μm/12.5μm/2.5μmPrinter Size: 396×446.5x449mmRecommended Heated Bed Heating Time (25~60℃): ~3min
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mmPackage Size: 575x540x240mmOperating Temperature: 10~32℃
Filament Diameter: 1.75mmFile Transfer: USB/SD CardNon-Operating Temperature: 0~32℃
Recommended Printing Speed: 40-70mm/sFile Format: .STL, .OBJ, .ADE, .AMF
Average Noise: 49dBFiles: GCODE ,Firmware: Marlin
Filament: PLA, PETG,TPU, etcOperation System: WIN/MAC/LINUX


Eryone ER-20 3D Printer Quick Assembly Video

3D Printable Test STL Files

Honestly, I rarely use the sample filament provided by the company unless it is a relatively small filament spool weighing 250 grams. This is mainly because it tangles up almost every single minute, I could not get it to print at the beginning because of this problem. Despite sitting for as much as two hours waiting for the squirrel STL file to complete, the Eryone ER 20 realized it was done.

The 3D model had not yet been completed only around 80% when the printing head moved back out of the way and the “100%” was displayed on the screen. I was fuming, so I proceeded and switched to the Noulie Silk Green filament, which seemed to work. I was able to print the 3D model perfectly. There were no more displacing layers caused by the filament snagging.

Furthermore, I will no longer use sample packs for 3D printers in the future – I will instead use these for my 3D pen, the Anet. In general, the filament itself is exceptional and produces high-quality results. The test STL files I got were the XYZ Calibration Cube, Standard Vase and a Squirrel. Despite printing from a box straight out of the box, and needing to switch the filament halfway through the printing process, these came out OK.

Eryone White PLA Filament

Eryone Dark Wood PLA Filament

Eryone ER-20 3D Printer Conclusion

This article is not about comparing the B1 to the ER 20, because I know they are different printers, but the reason I purchased the ER 20 was to see if it can replace the BIQU B1. The main points I disliked about the ER 20 are the following. The spool holder doesn’t cater for bigger spools, and when you are loading the filament, it tells you on the LCD screen press to continue to load and it does not work! Also, the print quality started off fine, but then started to miss layers. A blockage did not cause this, and the extruder gear was on tight enough to pull the filament through.

The only way I got it to print better was to slow it down and to turn the temperature of the hotend up. And then it still wasn’t working perfect, normally I would use my standard S3D profile on all of my 3D printers with slight adjustments and the printer would be ready to go. But the ER, 20 it was more of a challenge to get it to print OK!

In the end i tested out some Eryone PLA filaments and as you see from the results, they all came out pretty nice especially the dark wood filament absolutely incredible details.

For the price point of £299.99 when i first purchased the ER 20 a while back I felt it was pricey for what you got. This price was based on Amazon UK store, I would have payed £250 max

Below I have a summary of what the pros and cons are for the Eryone ER 20 3D printer.

Eryone ER 20 3D Printe Pros

  • Assembly – Very easy to assemble and has decent quality prints right out of the box.
  • Auto Leveling – The Auto Leveling sensor is great to have, although it’s needed with the included glass bed, which is a probe type sensor. That will come in handy if you switch to a different type of build plate. Auto-bed leveling sensor gives you the perfect first layer no need to manually level the bed anymore, it is the quickest way to get up and running.
  • Build Plate – The glass build plate is very thick and has a coating on one side to help with adhesion. The other side is plain glass.
  • TMC2209 silent stepper drivers – Very quiet when printing with the help of the 2209 silent stepper drivers. TMC2209 offers quiet and more accurate 3D printing without the need for mechanical limit switch (sensor less homing)
  • Dual Z- Axis – This will help keep the X gantry level more stable and in return, allowing you to put more weight onto the gantry. For example, adding more fans, direct extruder or upgrade your own 3D printer into a food printer and finish up your meals at home like never before using Cakewalk3D.
  • Enclosed Body – It will keep dirt and filament out of the electronics and make it look very stylish. ER 20 sleek & streamlined round corners comply with the ergonomic design.
  • Reliable – ER 20 supplies resume printing, sparing you the unexpected head-scratching outage. Fully upgraded aluminum profile frame provides durability. The extruder is mounted with an Eryone sensor for hassle-free printing.

Eryone ER 20 3D Printer Cons

  • Price – Compared to other 3D printers in the same class, it is pricey without a coupon or discount.
  • Power Supply – It has a 24v, but it takes a long time to get the print bed up to the temperature. Compared to other 24v printers in the same category, it takes about twice the time. Now this may be because of the thickness of the glass. Eryone recommends heating bed time (25~60℃) 3 minutes: for me it was 3.17 minutes, this was starting from 27℃. And for the nozzle heating time (20~180℃) 1 minute, mines took 1.10 minutes started at 22℃. Remember, it all depends on your ambient temperature.
  • Print Bed Size – Odd dimensions for the print bed. 220×200 is an odd size and will be difficult to find a flexible build plate if I decide to go that way.

Where To Get The Eryone ER 20

You can order the ER 20 from the following online store if you still wish to purchase it.

Eryone Filament Dryer Box Snail M2

Eryone filament dryer box snail m2 offers a great way to get rid of the humidity in your filaments. A lot of people complain that moisture causes great damage to their prints. By the time they realize its moisture, a lot of damage has been done. So, Eryone has found a way to keep moisture away from your prints. Here are the main features of the Snail Filament Dryer Box

Features Of The Eryone Filament Dryer Box Snail M2

  • Evenly distributes heat – With the help of an internal fan, the snail m2 ensures the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire filament.
  • Humidity and Temperature Monitor – The snail m2 contains a built-in hygrometer and thermomameter, often also known as a thermo-hygrometer. This ensures that the current situation of temperature and humidity is always available for reading. This helps the user to customize the temperature and humidity settings of the snail m2 according to the local weather conditions.
  • Safe Build Quality – The Eryone filament dryer box snail m2 has been built with a special material that keeps it safe against heat. Therefore, as per the company, it is completely safe to use the snail m2.
  • Compatibility – The filament dryer box is compatible with both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm filaments. So, you will not have to look for different boxes to use different filament sizes.
  • Drying Fan – The Eryone filament dryer comes with a  built-in fan that evenly distributes the dry air around the casing. The fan not only evenly distributes the air but also helps in drying the filament in a very short time. Furthermore, a lot of users have claimed that in this price tag, the drying fan is a real value addition.
  • USB Power Option – The Snail Filament Dryer Boxcomes with a USB power cord. This cord can be connected to the dryer box and can power the filament dryer.
  • Auto-Shutoff Feature – The Auto shut-off feature enables the Eryone filament dryer box snail m2 to turn off automatically after a certain time. The longest time that you can set the setting for is 5 hours. However, in case you need to increase the time to more than 5 hours, you will have to restart the timer.
  • Drying Rate – Some of the consumers have claimed that the drying rate of the dryer is very fast. As such, it can bring down the humidity level from 65% to less than 20% in less than an hour. However, different users can have different experiences with this dryer.
  • Recyclable Desiccant – The Desiccant is recyclable. This means that it can be dried on the 3d printer bed. And the dryer box can be used to store filament when it is not performing a drying function.
  • Ultra Quiet Design – The design of the Eryone filament dryer box makes it ultra-quiet. This means that during operation, the noise level does not exceed 40 db. This makes it ultra-quiet and a treat for operation inside your house.

What is the difference between the Eryone M1 and Eryone M2 styles?

Snail Filament Dryer BoxM1:

  1. Fashionable snail-shape appearance
  2. Built-in high-precision thermohygrometer
  3. Easy to use and can effectively avoid moisture from outside
  4. Recyclable desiccant, which can be dried on 3d printer hot bed
  5. Compact design can save space
  6. compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filaments

Snail Filament Dryer Box means that you can only put the unsealed filament into it to ensure that it will not get wet, but it cannot be heated and dried. M2 Snail Filament Dryer Box can be moisture proof or heat-drying.


  1. Fashionable and compact snail-shape design
  2. Built-in fan makes the heating internal circulation system heat evenly
  3. Built-in high-precision thermohygrometer designed far from heating position, which can show the temperature and humidity more precisely  
  4. Effectively improve damp-affected filament printing quality after heating
  5. Safe in using, made from ABS+PC fireproof materials
  6. Silent, below 40db during heating
  7. Recyclable desiccant, which can be dried on 3d printer hot bed; And filament dryer box can be used to store filament when not heating;
  8. Compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filaments

Questions About The Eryone Snail M2 Filament Dryer

  • Does it use USB for power? It comes with a specific power cord that comes in the package
  • What is the widest filament roll? Will it fit? The size of the consumable box is 245mm long, 110mm wide, and 240mm high. The size of our filament is 205mm and 70mm, so it is suitable for basically all sizes.
  • Does it have auto shut offso, how long does it run before it shuts down? Yea, it does so. It has three setting and the longest it will stay heating is 5hrs and it shuts off. if you need, it longer you will have to turn it on after.that again.
  • Does it circulate the heat evenly or is like sunlus that just heats up? it circulates the heat evenly with a fan inside for more even heating
  • Can you increase drying time or are we only limited to the 3 mode presets? You can run it again as much as you want. But there’s no need to. It dries the filament in the allocated time.
  • Are you able to change the temperature to Fahrenheit? Not yet, the temperature is shown in degrees Celsius.

Snail M2 Filament Dryer Price

The Eryone filament dryer box snail M2 is available for $60 at the official Eryone website. You can check out the latest updates and offers for the dryer on this website.


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