Eryone TPU filament review – I got your black Must Buy!

I‘m updating my OpenRC F1 project, which includes the tyres. Rather than buying them, I want to print them. I have Sunlu TPU filament, which is now just over 2 years old, and I was having issues with the quality of prints. Looking for something new, I went with the Eryone TPU filament Black. They are a tried and trusted brand, so lets see how good this filament really is. After ordering directly from the Eryone site, I received the Eryone TPU filament within two days. It comes packaged in a branded brown box, and inside it is vacuum sealed with a dessicant sachet. That’s your lot! The spool itself has the usual label which gives you recommended printing temps and the specs.


Eryone TPU Filament Printing

Owning multiple printers with different extruder types, I tested on a Micro Swiss Direct Drive extruder (CR10S with Biqu SSS build surface) and your usual standard bowden style (CR10 Mini with glass bed) using the Eryone TPU filament.

CR10S 3D Printer

For this Direct Drive setup, I have my settings as follows:

  • Extruder Temp : 210°
  • Bed Temp : 60°
  • Retraction : Off
  • Speed : 30 mm/s

As I am updating my OpenRC with some new tyres, this is what I did. I chose the Rain Tyres from Thingiverse to print as they look cool and in addition could offer more grip when it comes to 3D printed tyres.

These were printed with the following parameters:

  • Layer height : 0.2
  • Infill : 10% (with a concentric external fill pattern)
  • Top/Bottom layers : 4/4
  • Perimeters : 2

I could have done with a couple more top/bottom layers just to close it up more closely, but I am thrilled with this result!

CR10 Mini 3D Printer

I used the exact same settings as above…and here are the results! In addition, I also printed the premium tyre for my Delage 15 S8 of which turned out pretty well!

OpenRC F1 3D Printable Model

Here is my OpenRC F1 car printed with the new tyres… looking slick, eh!? You may notice some colours are different to my original. This is because I am upgrading some parts. For example, a new front and rear wing (2019 release).  Besides that, I will also install a flashing rear light for it. A tutorial will be posted on that soon! Here’s a quick video of the OpenRC F1 in action with the new Eryone TPU tyres!



Eryone TPU Filament Conclusion

I was sceptical about printing with Eryone TPU filament because of the poor prints I suffered recently with Sunlu TPU. It can be a difficult filament to print with, however; I am not one to give up easily! Once my settings were dialled in, I was pleasantly pleased with the overall quality of the prints! This will make my OpenRC F1 car look much nicer! My best prints to date in TPU since I first got some a couple of years ago. I’ll definitely be wanting to try out the other colours on offer, as long as I have a project that utilises it! Let me know what projects you have on the go using different colour TPU filaments!

The only downside to the Eryone TPU is the spool size. 500g isn’t a lot, but I guess it depends how much you will print with TPU. It would also be good if Eryone were to include a leaflet giving you best advice on using TPU and perhaps some test models linked to that you can try. In addition, TPU doesn’t give the best grip, but it has its good looks!

Eryone TPU filament is available directly from the Eryone store, or via Amazon. Priced at £17.06 on Eryone or £19.99 from Amazon, it’s not too badly priced considering it is an exotic filament in a way. It’s a shame they are only 500g spools, as being used to getting 1KG PLA spools for a similar price. It may seem you are being shortchanged!

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