Filamentive Cosmic Filament Review

Welcome to the review of Filamentive and their Cosmic Blue PLA filament, with a price of only £24.98. Their highly-rated PLA, now featuring metallic flakes to create prints that are “out of this world.  Another good point about Filamentive is that they are committed to using recycled materials where possible, without compromising quality. Filamentive cosmic filament range includes Silver, Grey, Gold and Red.


On a DAILY basis all 3D printer filament and 3D printers will change price over time. Dont forgot that the 3D models all have been linked but we cant promise if they will still be available for download.


Filamentive Cosmic Blue Filament

100% Recyclable –  cardboard spool and packaging
High Quality – PLA 3D Printer filament
Featuring Non-Toxic Metallic Flakes – For that extra sparkle
750g – of material.
2 Options Available –1.75mm and 2.85mm

Where to Buy Filamentive Cosmic Blue Filament

You can purchase from their website.


Its layers are almost invisible. Also, you can see the parts; they appear like they have not been 3D printed. The best part about using any type of filament that has additive. For example carbon fiber, glitter or wood filaments can help to give the illusion that you can not see any layer lines.

We love using our delta 3D Printer from Tevo their Little Monster and using a 0.4 nozzle. I do recommend going up to a 0.5 nozzle because it may clog and you don’t want that. The basic setting I used was, Infill 12%, perimeter shells 1, top solid layers 4, bottom solid layers 3, heat bed temperature at 50c, hotend temperature 215c used a layer height of 0.25.

This may be something different from what other people do, but it works well for me. When you scroll down, you will see that the model is not all painted. This is because I wanted to show off the filament also. Usually, I would use a primer before painting any model, but this time there was no need. By using automotive clear lacquer, it makes the model smoother and super glossy. Apply one thin coat at first and let it dry then apply another two thick coats to finish it off.

I also found out if you use resin and a UV pen, it can help correct any errors. With my printer having salmon skin, the face-off voodoo Bree was not perfect when I first painted it, so I sanded it back down. Then applied Dragon resin and placing the UV pen over it for a few seconds and then sand it again. I continued to do this technique until I was happy with a pretty face with no wrinkles.

So, with having the lacquer already on, I’m not going to worry about getting paint on the parts I don’t want. Why? Because the finish acts as a barrier and that I can scrape or clean the paint off it without compromising the filament colour. If you use water-based paints, you can take the paint off with water and a paper cloth.

My favourite paints that are used is citadel and Vallejo. I went for a Jamaican theme with red, yellow, green and black. It’s nothing exciting, but by adding some simple colours in the right places, it can make a world of difference. To add a little extra effect to the base, I used glow in the dark spray paint. Or to get the world’s glowiest glow then I recommend using LIT powder by Stuart simple super bright.

Written by lyn stewart

Featured 3D prints

Voodoo Bree

Arte Creators have other versions, from the standard Bree to summer Bree (Paid & Free)

Arte Creator is a couple of artists who love 3D printing, and that create 3D Characters. I found the STL file of Voodoo Bree on MyMiniFactory, for free download. Voodoo Bree comes in many parts, including two sizes for each snapkey and also two versions of the base small and big.

There is also a full version in the file, that would be perfect for resin 3D printers. That sounds like a good idea for my next resin print on the Anycubic Photon. Such a fun and detailed model to 3D print, I think it should be a paid file as there is so much work that has been put into, I’d happily pay for it.

I have 3D printed Arte Creator standard Bree using 3DQF anime pink PLA filament, if you would like to read more about this, then head over to this article.



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