Geeetech Marble Filament Review – Solid as a rock?

He Who Dares…

Geeetech Marble Filament, Silk Filament, Rainbow Filament it’s all a minefield! Buying new filaments can be hit an miss. Is it going to look like the pictures? Have I used this brand before? Is it a good value for money? Will I spend forever editing my slicer profile to get a beautiful print if the filament isn’t up to scratch?

All these reasons and more are why we at Inov3D take our time to check out the latest ideas and innovations coming from the brands you all know and the new ones as they emerge. Therefore, we take the risk, so you don’t have to.

Geeetech marble filament

What A Marble!

I admit to being a lazy shopper all of my filament comes from Amazon UK. I just like the easy way –¬† I click, and it arrives at my door within a day or 2.

Looking over the new offerings I wanted to try something different. Having recently experimented with the Bronze Silk PLA from Eryone I was delighted with the results, however this time I wanted something less flashy. I spotted the Geeetech Marble Filament on Amazon, interest piqued, and the order was placed. Now time to wait!

The Arrival Of The Geeetech Marble Filament

Opening the now-familiar Amazon bag, I find a nondescript brown box. If only the companies jazzed the packing up a little, it would make it easier to identify what you have received before you open it.

Examining the package, it is of course nicely sealed with the usual desiccant package to keep it dry. With the spool neatly wound, I saw no apparent crossovers. I weighed the filament prior to use and reel included this roll of Geeetech Marble Filament weighed in at precisely 1200G.

To 3D print Benchy or not to 3D print Benchy

As I’m sure, many of you can relate the first two things I do with a new filament is a calibration cube and Benchy. I can’t help it its like a ritual. This done I was happy with my chosen temps of 205C and 55C respectively on the Creality CR10S PRO,

Geeetech marble filament bency and calibration cube

It’s A Marble “Moai

Starting my chosen print off at a layer height of 0.2mm 3 walls and three shells with 10% infill sliced in Simplify 3D the first layer of the Geeetech Marble Filament goes down perfect. No issues here! Leaving the printer to run I return around the time my slicer said the print would finish and I’m presented with a ideal Easter Island head staring stoically at me from the print bed.

Final Thoughts on the Geeetech marble filament?

This Marble Filament is everything Geeetech promised. The finish is superb; you can almost convince yourself that you are holding a stone. The appearance is awesome! If I were into printing scenery for railways etc., this would be ideal for bridges and buildings.

The quality of the packing, despite its plain appearance, is excellent. The box is sturdy, and the plastic seal is thick. The spooling of the Geeetech Marble Filament is unique, and the value for money is reasonable, I would say when looking at the price of competing filaments.

The Overall print quality is excellent layer adhesion, and bed adhesion is excellent on plate glass. If you’re looking to snazz up your scenery building or print architectural items such as Romes Colosseum you can’t go far wrong with Geetechs Marble Filament in PLA. I have enjoyed using this Geeetech Marble Filament and am happy to recommend it.

I look forward to testing more of their products in the future.

Moai marble print

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