Geeetech SL-300 3D Pen – Purchase or Pass?

Geeetech SL-300 intelligent 3D pen, let’s see whether to purchase or pass. I usually work with FDM 3D printers for my 3D printing and was fairly excited to have a play. This 3D pen has recently become available on the UK Amazon store, so I was keen to see what it was like… is it a quality 3D pen?

Geeetech 3D pen what’s inside the box

The Geeetech SL-300 3D Pen came really well presented. It has tailored packaging of which holds the 3D pen perfectly inside. The quality of both pen and packaging seems to be on the higher end of the scale, with a nice clean, impressive look which is continued on the inside.

Upon opening the box you will see the Geeetech SL-300 intelligent 3D pen itself. It is coloured black & white with a lightweight feel to it. Once you have removed the pen from the packaging you are greeted by a whole host of goodies as listed below:

  • 3D pen cradle – This is equipped with a suction cup underneath to hold the pen firm to the table
  • 2 samples of filament – Purple and Orange
  • USB charging cable – This is nicely wound and held with a twist tie
  • USB plug – to help with charging
  • Clear plastic acetate – This is to doodle on
  • User guide

Setting up the Geeetech SL-300 3D Pen

To set up the Geeetech SL-300 intelligent 3D pen is a relatively fast and clean process. This quality 3D pen comes with a cradle that you can mount to a smooth surface. It has a suction cup for added security and to make it stable. The Geeetech SL-300 then sits in the cradle comfortably and it comes with a wired lead which plugs firmly into the pen.

The wired lead is of reasonable length, besides it being a USB lead that attaches to a USB main adaptor. When you turn on the 3D pen, it heats up. You insert your PLA filament into the filament hole once up to temperature and then hold down the filament feed fingertip button. The filament will then feed smoothly through the pen. As soon as the filament extrudes you, then release the button. The pen is now primed and ready to use.

Geeetech SL-300

3D pen print quality

The design of the pen feels nice in the hand, allowing for excellent control on movement. The quality of the Geeetech SL-300 intelligent 3D pen seems to be consistent and extrudes evenly. The filament passes from the nozzle smoothly. The Geeetech SL-300 intelligent 3D pen seems to maintain its temperature very well. There is one issue I have with 3D pens, like most others of its kind. The plastic cools so quickly! However, it makes it a fairly wonderful tool for joining prints and filling voids. One thing to note is that the Geeetech SL-300 seems to be the same as the Sunlu SL-300. Similar by name and nature!

In no time at all, the pen is set up and ready to enjoy and get creative. I found the easiest method was to print my design in 3 sections. My design was some glasses for Pickle Rick! First I used the pen to create the frame for the lenses. I decided to do to different patterns for the lense part to purely test the 3D pen. I then proceeded to do each of the glasses arms. A good way to create your design is to draw it on paper, cover with the clear acetate sheet and then to use the pen and trace along your drawing. When I was happy with the frame and the arms I used the Geeetech 3D pen to attach the arms to the frame to make it more three dimensional. Pretty neat huh!?

geeetech pen funGeeetech 3D pen

Where to buy?

The Geeetech SL-300 is available to purchase via Amazon UK for £33.99. At the time of writing this review, there is a 20% off voucher on the product page. It’s fairly reasonable considering it will do both PLA and ABS.

Geeetech SL-300 3D Pen Conclusion 

In conclusion, the Geeetech SL-300 has a good range of features and is a comfortable pen to use. Enhancing FDM prints or to join multiple prints together I feel is the best use for this. The Geeetech SL-300 would be suitable for children, however, with supervision because of the heat of the nozzle. I would say this is a good addition for someone who prints multiple parts or as a supervised activity but not suitable for someone looking to build a hobby from it, however, if you are of the creative type, there are plenty of ways to utilise this further!. It heats fast and holds the heat well. The extruder is a little on the noisy side but feeds the filament nicely, just like in 3D printing.

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