Hero Resin review – Does it go from zero to hero?

I was sent two bottles of Hero Resin from 3D Resin Solutions to test, so here is my review!

About 3D Resin Solutions

3D Resin Solutions are the creators of the Hero and Anti-Hero line of SLA resins for general form printing. As a custom SLA resin manufacturer, they customise their products for specific applications. If you are looking for particular products, order quantities, bulk discounts, or specific requests of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact them. Also, they do specialise in B2B accommodations as well.

3D Resin Solutions is also a certified distributor of UNIZ Printers and Resins. They will continue to accept orders after all available stock is depleted. Orders will be fulfilled in the order of which they are received.

They will continue to come out with new colours and unique products, so be sure to check back often. They also appreciate any feedback you have, check them out on Youtube – They welcome questions and comments on their Youtube channel.

Hero Resin Specifications

Technical Data:

  • UV Absorption 405, 395, 385, (nm)
  • Uncured Density 1.11 (g/ml)
  • Cured Density 1.21 (g/ml)
  • Shrinkage 8.3%
  • Viscosity (25°C) 1,078 mPa*s
  • E modulus 144,200 (psi)
  • Tensile Strength 3,747 (psi)
  • Elongation 17%
    *Tested according to ASTM D638 specifications and bones, 50 mm/min, Type IV
    Shelf Life minimum 1 year unopened
Normal Exposure
Layer Thickness (mm).Exposure time (sec.)
Bottom Exposure


Coming from the US, there was an import duty to pay of approx £25, so be wary of that if ordering outside the US. However, they are looking into this to avoid future customs charges. The Hero Resin came in a white box with bubble wrap protection and the two bottles sealed in vacuum bags, although not vacuum sealed.

The bottles are of premium quality and have push down security lids which is good. They are sealed under the cap by some foam sealer which you need to remove.

I was sent Hero Resin Blue and the Hero Resin Grey for testing. The blue looks great in its raw format, whereas the grey seems a dark, murky colour!

The initial smell of the Hero Resin was quite strong I found, stronger than the other resins I have, however, this isn’t off-putting for me, and the consistency of the resin is as expected.

Time to print!

As I loved the colour of the blue, I decided to try this first. I amended my recipe settings for the Hero Resin to suit as detailed above.

I printed the Mouse Programmer by shura2000 on Thingiverse. As I am using my Longer3D Orange 10 resin printer, I used Chitubox to hollow out this model; however, when importing into Longerware, the file did not generate properly. As a result, I just stuck with Longerware to slice this model, meaning it wouldn’t be hollow. (Chitubix has now been updated since writing this article)

I started the print, which would take about 4.5 hours as I did scale it to the max size of my print bed and I’d check on it often to ensure it was adhering throughout. If you ever wondered how the resin 3D printer works, I noticed something while this was printing…

As the Hero Resin is transparent, you can see the UV light that is used to cure the layers. How cool is that!? On this pic, it appears it is part of the keyboard of the model. I was amazed!

Here is the finished model after printing and cleaning

And after curing

The print details are great! Everything printed as expected, no misprints or anything and these things weigh quite a bit! But I like its look. I previously reviewed some clear Blue resin from Nova3D of which went cloudy after processing, however, with this Hero Resin, there is no cloud! That’s a bonus in my book. I followed the same procedure when post-processing the print, so nothing was done differently.

You make me happy when the resin is Grey

Now time for the Grey Hero Resin! From previous experience with Grey resin, this shows the best detail. Due to the cold weather climate here in the UK, I did struggle to get some successful prints. However, perseverance paid off after changing some settings of which you can see below.

Firstly, I went with a calibration test print by Ameralabs. There will be a review coming soon for their resin, so keep an eye out for that. This is a tiny detailed print which tests your material for modelling.

As you can see, some of the details did not come out so well. I don’t put this down to the resin, but my settings/printer hardware. Nonetheless, I am pleased it came out as well as it did!

Secondly, I found this cool looking Orc from Warmill Miniatures on Facebook. You can get the file for free, or pay for it. The choice is yours! This has to be my best-detailed print to date!

Where to buy?

Hero Resin is available to purchase from their site for just $17 for a 250ml bottle. Limited colours in this size, however, if you go for the 950ml bottle at a higher cost, many more colours are available! Other products include cleaners and pigment kits too, so go and take a look around!


To sum up, Hero Resin is excellent to print with! Despite my issues earlier, I was able to overcome these and get some great prints from it! With its detailed website, Facebook presence, there is no doubt that there is plenty of support should you need it. In addition to the other types of resin systems they have too, there is a great variety for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you’re feeling peckish, then why not check out my review of the MyCusini Chocolate 3D Printer Review – Chocaholics rejoice! Or are you struggling with Chitubox? This is the article for you!


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  1. Thank you for great review of the HERO line of resin from 3D Resin Solutions. I switched to their products a few months ago, shortly after receiving my first AnyCubic Photon. I have not regretted that decision. Their resin has proven durable and maintains some flexibility so prints don’t break easily if dropped. I print very small objects (ranging from 1:220 scale to 1:48 scale) and the details come through even on the smallest of prints. I am in the US so shipping is fast and no import fees. Customer Support is excellent and they have even mixed a couple of custom color resins for me. I have never had a bottle of resin from them. I highly recommend the HERO resin.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It’s appreciated!
    If I had a higher spec printer, there is no doubt these prints would look even more awesome and could get some great quality prints! I look forward to trying more of their products 🙂

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