All Metal Hotend Micro Swiss for the Ender 3?

You have your Ender 3 printer and have been printing with it no-end using just eryone PLA as that is pretty much what you are limited to. What if you wanted to print something more exotic? The Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend is your answer! I previously reviewed the Micro Swiss All-Metal hotend for the CR10S, but now its time to treat the Ender 3! The same installation would apply, so please check it out!

What is the Micro Swiss All Metal Hot End?

The Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend is an upgrade for MK10 style extruders. The hotend contains a thermal barrier tube as well as a modified nozzle. The barrier tube consists of 2 separate materials, the lower part being stainless steel and the upper part is aluminium. The stainless steel has low thermal conductivity while the aluminium has a better thermal conductivity, which allows it to carry the heat away from the filament.

By utilising this upgrade, this enables you to be able to print at higher temperatures of which is required for a variety of exotic materials such as carbon fibre. Due to the design of the Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend, it gives you a consistent control over the melting of the filament which reduces clogs as the filament is surrounded by a thermally conductive tube throughout its entirety.

What are the differences between the stock hotend and the micro swiss all-metal hotend?

As you can see from the above diagrams, the Ender 3 hotend PTFE tube reaches down to the top of the nozzle. Now, if this isn’t flush, this is where clogs are caused. With the Microswiss All Metal Hotend, the PTFE tube only goes so far in as the rest is all metal. Therefore no clogs can occur!

What filaments can be used with Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend?

You will be able to print with all kinds of high-temp filaments with the Micro swiss All Metal Hotend. These include Nylon, TPU, ASA, PETG, PolyCarbonate, and PolyPropylene amongst others!. If you wanted to print with abrasive filaments, such as NylonX and NylonG for example, all you’ll need to do is install a hardened steel nozzle!

Let’s see some prints Eryone!

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any specialised filament to test this with. However, I have used some Eryone Blue Glitter filament and also Eryone’s new Marble filament which does have additives although it can be treated as standard PLA. First up was the Nutella wine glass which can be found on MyMiniFactory. The pictures don’t do it justice as much better in person. However, I’d say its more of a metallic effect than glitter but don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice looking filament! Next up is the Still Water sculpture, again, available from MyMiniFactory.

Unfortunately, part way through my print, I experienced a power cut. However, I was able to resume my print of which you can see the point it stopped. A quick clean up of it has made it less noticeable now. Towards the top of the print, there was a bit of wobble within the model. I can only assume was made worse from when the power cut occurred which turned off the heated bed making the print lose its grip on the bed. I’m just glad it finished successfully!

The conclusion

The Microswiss All Metal Hotend is a super upgrade for your printer regardless. It stops the heat creep and future proofs the different filaments you may get over time! Some slight setting changes with your retraction and temperature is pretty much all you need, and it is so easy to install! You can purchase the Microswiss All Metal Hotend from MicroSwiss.

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  1. I have a sunlu s8 3d printer and can’t find many upgrades for it was wondering if the micro swiss will work on it and if no one know can you help me find a way to try it out or have some one try it. I’m also looking it upgrade cooling fan for the filament but nothing again the ended is close but fan locations are different need help please

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