Nova3D Resin review – Is it a Nova-lty Come and see?

Nova3D is primarily developing 3D Printer resins and LCD 3D printers. Besides, they are dedicated to bringing the users with better 3D printing experience. They sent me 3 of their Nova3D resins to test – Clear Blue, Transparent & Grey.


Nova3D resin comes in cardboard packaging with its logo and information on its usage and storage. Also, it comes with a security seal and checks boxes to indicate the resin enclosed.

The bottles are made with thick, sturdy plastic, so they feel strong. The Nova3D resin itself is of the right consistency, and good colour, especially the Clear Blue! As per my previous reviews, all settings are stock from the Longer3D Orange 10 resin printer for these prints.

Clear Blue

For the Clear Blue Nova3D resin, I printed a Logitech C920 camera cover. It’s printed high, and straight out of the vat, the colour is nice, and the transparency high. However, once rinsed in IPA, the pigment becomes cloudy! This was quite disappointing. I imagine it could be sanded down using different grits of sandpaper to bring it to a transparent state then? A test I have yet to try. Besides, support removal was excellent!

After curing, this is the final result.

I saw a hoard of skeletons on the Brite Minis Facebook page of which they had some free files, so I thought I’d give those a try!

Again, straight out of the vat, the Nova3D resin is a shiny transparent blue, but after rinsing, it goes cloudy!

After curing…

I have a clear varnish, so I sprayed one of the models to see if that would make a difference…not really if I’m honest.

I do like the initial blue colour, but the cloudiness is off-putting. Let’s move on to the next resin!


I’ve heard that Grey is the right colour to show details on prints, so for this, I went for the Medieval Castle

The model printed beautifully with the Nova3D resin. However, I noticed that some of the tops of the towers did not print correctly. This could well be down to my exposure time, so I may have to increase that slightly so the resin can cure successfully. Besides, it has some good detail!

I decided to re-print the skeletons as above to see if I can increase the detail with this resin. The results?

I am thrilled with how these came out. The detail is excellent, and you can hardly see the layer lines. Grey is most definitely a unique colour to use for this type of application! I also printed the Banana Knight. Again, great quality!


Now its time for the last resin, which is the transparent one. In its raw form, it is see-through! I decided to print the Fantasy Castle and the Skeletons again as they were already loaded up on my SD card.

Once printed, I thought, wow! These look good, however, like the blue…the cloudiness appears! I can only assume this is what resin does once cured due to a chemical reaction; however, I am still happy with these prints. I did manage to break one of the bases while removing from the build platform, but it stayed firm!

The Fantasy Castle printed similarly to the Grey one with missing tops of towers as I hadn’t changed settings, so at least I know it is down to those and not the resin. The print has come out with good detail, and again, has that cloudy look. The bottom of this model is more yellow. I can only put this down to the resin as the model isn’t hollow. I did give this more curing time than usual as it is a transparent resin. Not bad, not bad…

More info & where to buy

You can find out more information on Nova3D and their products by visiting their website. You can buy the Nova3D Resin on Alibaba or alternatively,  The price point may seem expensive. However, I would imagine this may be reduced as demand grows for resins.


To sum up, I am happy with Nova3D resins, but above all more in particular with the Grey as this shows much better and more detail than the others. You would need a specific application to use the clear/transparent resins. The Grey is best for your miniatures, so I highly recommend it for those!

I hope you have enjoyed this review. Have I missed anything or do you have any further questions? Please leave them below!

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