Peopoly Phenom Noir- Bring The UV Resin Back NEWS

Modern technology has reshaped the whole world with positive solutions which are exceedingly practical and useful by all means. The same thing you can see in the world of printing, where a lot more improvement you can see all around. Peopoly Phenom Noir, a 3D printer, was launched in Hong Kong, respectively. It presents the best speed along with an upgrade in size solution, which was far better than from the previous version of this series.

It has built with a faster system and potentially it is capable of printing 80-100 per cent faster. The Peopoly Phenom Noir is continued to leverage the MSLA technology which is related to the original Phenom 3D printer. The Phenom Noir has developed with a remarkable focus on its speed, and it has installed a monochrome LCD panel which is very much helpful in reducing UV light rays. It has also ensured the users that they will get an 80 to 100 per cent increase in speed while processing.

Noir has also installed an LCD panel with a life expectancy which is 3-4 times bigger than the standard size of Phenom respectively. It has built with a larger volume of 293.76 x 165.24 x 400 mm.

Here we will describe to you the technical definition of Peopoly Phenom Noir, which is very much essential to know about for the beginners. These types of incredible specifications you may not see in any 3D printer.


  • It has installed a panel 3840 x 2160 (UHD) (4k)
  • The print volume of Peopoly Phenom Noir is 293.76 x 165.24 x 400 mm
  • The pixel Pitch of Phenom Noir is 79um
  • The Aspect Ratio of Phenom Noir is 16:9
  • It has a brilliant UV light power 80W
  • The size of the Printer is 465 x 370 x 780 mm
  • Shipment size 910 x 580 x 510 mm
  • Its Vat Volume is 2kg
  • It has made Metal with Acrylic
  • Availability of colour is Dark Grey + Orange
  • Its Physical Weight is 43kg
  • Shipping weight is 53 kg
  • Its power consumption is 24V 6A

These points are enough to explain to you the brilliant 3D Printer of this era. It is also expecting that in 2020, the Peopoly Phenom Noir will be nominated as the best 3D Printer of all time. No doubt, it has added unique colours of attraction in the 3D printing industry.

You can find out more below on the Peopoly Phenom Noir:

You can also check out the Peopoly website for more info.

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