Phiz Tabletop 3D Scanner: All that you need to know

KIRI have recently launched their state-of-the-art Phiz tabletop 3D scanner. This fantastic 3D scanner can fit on top of your desktop and create amazing prints.

Phiz Tabletop 3D Scanner Features

Powerful AI

The amazing AI from Phiz can process 1,700,000 3D point data from each scan. This makes it one of the most accurate and precise 3D scanners in the market.

High Scan Speed

According to KIRI innovation, the Phiz Tabletop 3D scanner has a fantastic scan speed. Thus, they claim it to scan a simple 3D object in less than 3minutes with an accuracy of .2mm.

Adaptable to Object Size

Moreover, the Tabletop 3D scanner is highly versatile to 3D object sizes. Subsequently, it can print objects from the size of 1000 mm3 to 1 min layman terms this translates to “you can print a small lego piece to a small-sized bag with this amazing tabletop 3D printer.”

Makes Colored Scans

Besides, you can also scan the object according to its actual colour in reality. This makes it extremely easy for you to have coloured 3D models of the scanned objects.

Scans Editable Designs

Also, you can do the fine-tuning of the 3D models in the Phiz 3D Scanner software. You can get an “.STL” file prepared, that can easily be manipulated on CAD software.

Smartphone Integration

Moreover, you can integrate the 3D scanner with your smartphone. Thus, within seconds of printing, you can get the 3D model on your smartphone.

Design of the Phiz Tabletop 3D Scanner

3D scannerLike most of the other 3D scanners, Phiz also uses an illumination light source in the form of a laser. This is an eye-safe green laser, and you are safe while scanning with the Phiz. Plus, the tabletop 3D printer comes with an auto-rotating turntable.

This makes it extremely easy for you to scan objects without having to worry about the coverage of the scanned object. Though, unlike other 3D scanners, the Phiz does not have a dedicated camera that comes along it. Instead, you can use your camera from the laptop or webcam for the scanning purpose.

The Working of the Phiz Tabletop 3D Scanner

Kiri 3D scannerThe working of the 3D scanner is effortless to work around with.

    • First, you clip the Phiz light source with the laptop bezel
    • Then, place the turntable because of the light source and webcam
    • Place the object to be scanned on the turntable
    • And you are ready to print

Remember, the Phiz 3D scanner can print from the size of 10 mm to 1 m long objects. Make sure to keep the dimensions in mind while printing.

Furthermore, make sure that the light source and the webcam are unobstructed throughout the scanning. Once the scanning is completed, a watertight mesh will be prepared from the point cloud using the Phiz AI algorithm. Using this software, you can manipulate the design of the 3D model.


The Phiz 3D tabletop Scanner is not available for sale as yet. But you can subscribe via email to the latest updates relating to the 3D scanner.


    • High scan resolution
    • Amazing scan speed
    • Affordable
    • Powerful AI
    • Cross-platform integration possible
    • Can be fixed on the tabletop


      • User reviews not available yet
      • Webcam quality can affect the scanning quality


Summing up, Phiz 3D tabletop scanner is a fantastic addition to the 3D scanning realm. We believe that it will be one of the best 3D scanners in the market very soon. But only time will tell about the real performance of the Phiz 3D scanner.


To find out more, you can visit their Kickstarter page

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