Phrozen Transform – Another 3D Printer Adventure

Phrozen Transform is another LCD printer from the Taiwanese company that is creating some ripples in the 3D printing industry. Today we will be reviewing this LCD printer and will take you through all the ins and outs of this printer. So let’s begin our review here.

Features of Phrozen Transform

The printer is distinct from the majority of the LCD printers available in the market. What makes it different from other LCD printers in the interchangeability of the 13.3″ and 5.5″ panels. As a result, you can now double the output production. Furthermore, the addition of an ultra-stable 40cm Z-axis allows for sizeable prints.

Interchangeable LCD Panels

While most of the 3D printers are confined to a single-sized panel, the feature to swap between two LCD panels makes this printer unique from other printers in this category. Also, the printer comprises a “Fast LCD Adaptor” that allows you to swap the LCDs within just 30 seconds.

Build Volume

The Phrozen Transform has a 40cm Z-axis that enables you to print very tall objects. Besides, because of the 13.3″ LCD panel, you can work on your tall designs with ease. Moreover, most of the other LCD printers have a build size of around 8.9″. So it is evident that the Transform provides an amazingly larger build size as compared to other LCD printers of the same category.

Print Resolution

The Phrozen Transform does not compromise on the print quality with the increase in the build volume. The printer has an XY resolution of 76 microns and a 47-micron resolution with the dual panel setting.

Stable Design

Understandably, a sturdy and firm frame is extremely important for a 3D printer. The Phrozen Transform brings great value to the table in this aspect. Thus, the frame of the printer is made of Aluminium which provides great stability to the prints. Furthermore, the dual linear rails with ball screws eliminate the chance of any unwanted vibrations that can affect your print. Moreover, this also allows you to adjust the printer’s speed during the print.

ParaLED Optical Engine

To increase the efficiency of light penetration through the panel, the printer has been equipped with a unique mechanism called ParaLED optical. This system’s LED array is the same as the LCD panel. The light delivery path is correct to channel the emission into making it nearly parallel to the LED. As a result, there is uniform exposure for the print, which increases the quality of the final print.


Phrozen Transform can support several different resins. A few of these resins include:

  • Rock-Black Stiff Resin – is best suited for providing a good surface hardness.
  • Wax Pro Castable Resin – this is a hard material that can be best suited for highly details objects.
  • Nylon-Green Tough Resin – Another sturdy material to reckon with.
  • Semi-Clear Resin – This resin is used to create transparent designs.
  • TR250 – heat-resistant, low shrinkage and high hardness.

It all depends on your requirement of the print to select the best resin for the job.


  • Size: 15.16 x 14.02 x 24.29 inch
  • Weight: 72.75 lbs
  • Z-axis Movement: Ball screws/ Dual linear rails
  • Light: 405nm UV-LED – ParaLED Matrix
  • Print Speed: Up to 200 layers/hour
  • Optical Evenness: Uniform intensity in > 95% surface area
  • Operating System: Phrozen OS 1.0
  • System: No limitation
  • Printing Status: 5″ touch panel
  • Connectivity:  USB, LAN, WiFi


The printer is available for £1,299.57 on Official Website.


Summing up, we can say that Phrozen Transform is one of the most amazing LCD based 3D printers out there. And amazingly you can start your printing experience with this wonderful printer. In case you want to share any comments on this printer, you can reach out to us here.

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