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Many in the 3D printing community were wondering where Tevo / Homers had gone. They just disappeared from the face of the earth. There was no more Tevo! no more Homers!, no communication from them. What really did happen? Read on to find out more.

The Real Truth – What Actually Happened To TEVO

My name is Yongyi Wang, and I am the main investor in Tevo and Homers 3D printers. Since 3 years ago, I have continued to invest millions of dollars into Tevo and Homers. I have high expectations for the company, because I like the machines made by this company and I like all of you very much. I was a fan at first, and later became an investor, hoping to let TEVO and HOMERS bring more amazing machines and designs to our loyal and future customers.

Everything went wrong because I trusted Chris Leonardo too much! I gave him all the money and let him self-manage it. I trusted him because we were friends. Sadly, he took advantage of that friendship and most of the money was embezzled from the company by Chris Leonardo. I gave him money to buy raw materials for the machines, but no raw materials ever appeared. I gave him money to pay for those customers who placed an order but wanted a refund. But these customers did not receive the money, or the promised machine.

The company waited for the raw materials of the Hydra machine for 3 months, but nothing was delivered. That’s when I then realized he LIED to me, LIED to you and LIED to everyone! I signed up to Facebook and visited our online community; it was there when I discovered that everything I was told by Leo was a lie. All the money was transferred out of the company accounts, and he gave nothing to the customers, neither the machine nor their refund.

We contacted the police and reported the embezzlement and as a result, Chris Leonardo is now in JAIL and he will get the punishment that he deserves.

During this period, I took over the Facebook community and our official website. Once again, I paid a lot of extra money to repay customers who did not get their refunds, and arranged for the team to complete the machines according to the corresponding orders and ship them. It may take a long time, but I hope all of those customer who have paid for the 3D printers will finally receive what they have been waiting for.

As an investor, I have my own business. Actually, I never thought that I would participate in the management of Tevo / Homers company. But in the past three years of growing up with the team, I know that our entire team loves and believes in our products and company deeply. We have the best designers in the world, Mr.Pan from Lamborghini’s, professional engineers, professional fans and enthusiasts, who have been helping us improve and optimize our machines. Such as Makers Hub, Bill, Emanue, Greg Oetker, Thomas, Tarek, Inov3D, and many other friends.

There must be a lot of friends who have helped us but I haven’t been able to get in touch with them, please contact me as soon as possible, Let us continue to fight side by side, with integrity and high-quality products, continue to provide services for our customers. And of course, welcome more new friends to join our team and bring more surprises to our customers.

Email: [email protected]Facebook: Yongyi WangSkype:live: 840015252Whatsapp: 13686881898

As we have thousands of fans and customers all over the world. During this time, they are telling me they love our 3D printers and they hope that TEVO and Homers
will continue to provide them with more amazing and excellent 3D printers. I have considered for a few days and finally decided that I cannot give up on TEVO and HOMERS I cannot disband the team and abandon all customers. It took us two months to think about what to do next. In the end, our team left Chris Leonardo as he and his company were full of LIES.

TevoUp After Sales Support

We have gone and built a new brand, TevoUp, in the hopes we can get Tevo back to where it belongs in the 3D printing industry. Our Team has also rebuilt the after sales service department. If there is any problem with the previous TEVO or HOMERS machines, we can continue to provide you with technical support and after sales service for free. And we want you to join our new Facebook group and let’s get back to the excitement of the old Tevo days. (Email: [email protected])

How To Contact TevoUp

Facebook PageTechnical SupportWebsite Support PageTevoUp Store

Or scan the code to find us directly!

We are truly sorry to all our customers and to the community for what Chris Leonardo done. Tevo will be back stronger with the help of all our lovely supporters. Thank you!

TEVO/Homers CEO: Ethan Wang


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  1. I tried to write to him but the email “[email protected]” actually doesn’t exist and returns a failed delivery report (postmaster).

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