TEVO Pulsar 3D Printer DLP – Reaching New Hights

TEVO Pulsar DLP 3D Printer, remember that as we will be hearing a lot about it over the coming weeks. Currently, information is thin on the ground.  With the first batch discount being announced on the companies Facebook page as recently as 12 hours ago.

TEVO Pulsar 3D Printer DLP Freeing The Beast

Now On Presale

Limited to several CAD mock-ups and a suggested retail price just under $350. For the first batch, including shipping are all that is currently known.

Newtons 3rd Law

The TEVO Pulsar DLP Printer is the Tevo response to the Anycubic Photon and the Elegoo Mars. Keep an eye out here to find out all the latest information as it becomes available.

Update 28/09.1019

NEW! Qianmin Tan CEO of Tevo uploaded this picture of the Tevo Pulsar 3D Printer, and an actual print from it Qianmin said in his post. “TEVO Pulsar Celebration for China 70 years Birthday”

Tevo pulsar

Update 13/11/2019

It’s ALIVE!!!! Tevo Pulsar release pending!

Presale orders are now being taken for the Tevo Pulsar – You can Order yours here! Prices are listed as £260 – £285. Specs are impressive – placing it in direct competition with the Orange Longer 10 and the Egloo Mars

Printing parameters

Operation screen: 3.5-inch resistance touch screen

Slicing software: MKS DHOST

Print mode: U disk offline printing

Print speed: 6~10 seconds/layer

Print format: STL/CWS/ZIP

Printing material: 405NM UV photosensitive resin

Hardware specifications

Light source specification: vertical UV light source (wavelength 405NM)

Forming technology: LCD screen light-curing forming

Moulding screen specifications: ips 5.5 inches

Moulding size: 115mm(length) * 65mm (width) *150mm (height)

XY resolution: 2560*1440

Height of Z-axis: 0.025~ 0.1mm

Working environment: 20~35℃

Power supply voltage: 110-220v

Lesson Time

For a great explanation on how DLP 3D printers work, check out this article on All3DP. Enjoying this article, why not read some of our other news pieces such as WeWork mini maker space or 3D printing with moon dust?


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