WaterJet Cutting Technology – 4 Benefits

dropcap color=”#dd9933″ style=”style-1″ background=”#ffffff” ] W[/dropcap]hether youre a manufacturer with water jet technology or are completely new to waterjet cutting. Being mindful of the benefits of waterjet cutting is always important. In this article, well talk about four benefits of waterjet cutting to help you make an informed quality business decision. 

First things first, there are two types of waterjet cutting methods, namely abrasive waterjet and pure waterjet cutting. The difference is that pure waterjet cutting is used for cutting softer materials. Like, paper or foam by only using the water’s steam to do the cutting. In contrast, in abrasive waterjet, cutting granular abrasive is included in the water stream. 

This granular abrasive works to accelerate the strength of the cutting stream. Allowing hard materials like ceramics or metal to be cut with ease.

Here are the four benefits we promised to deliver to enhance your overall knowledge of waterjet cutting technology:

Benefit #1 Advance Quality 

Superior edge quality is one of the key reasons why engineers/designers prefer to use waterjet technology. With the use of a waterjet, youre able to create smooth uniform burr-free edges. The edge quality made by the waterjet function is made through the pressure, speed, abrasive flow rate, and nozzle size.

In most cases, the waterjet removes the need for secondary finishing. For this reason, it saves a lot of time and can improve efficiency in your workstation. Try cnc water jet cutting services for even better results.

Benefit #2 Cost Effective And Efficient

Like most gadgets and equipment, there is the ultimate tool for all applications. Waterjet exceeds expectations by being able to cut very thick products. Like aluminum, composites, multi-layer materials, hardened steels that are more than 25mm thick. As well as products that need to be cut without distortion or zones affected by heat. 

So if you are looking for a process that can give you wonderful edge quality with small or no additional edge treatment as well as a method that will give you the freedom to cut just about any material without hardness or thickness being an issue then waterjet cutting is your best bet.

Benefit #3 Can Cut Just About Any Shape Or Thickness

Mixing abrasive with high-pressure water produces a needle-sharp cutting stream that can cut just about through any thickness and just about any shape. Bonded laminated materials like aluminum composite panels and plates lined with rubber. Are included in the list of materials that waterjet technology can cut.

Benefit #4 No Zones Affected By Heat

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process that removes issues caused by hardened edges and heat distortion. This will especially work to your advantage when doing intricate metal fabrications and products that need more machining after cutting. 

For steel fabricators who specialize in detailed fabrication that demand accurate fitting, will know that distortion made by hot cutting is a big problem.Any cutting process that produces heat has the secondary impact of transforming the molecular structure of steel into the zone that is affected. This can particularly cause harm to the performance of steels utilized in specialized applications, for instance, bisalloy and armor plate can be hugely impacted. 

Conclusion On WaterJet Cutting

If you want to enhance your operational profitability and efficiency by cutting your materials using a single machine. Look no further than waterjet cutting technology. As it makes use of the same tool to cut all kinds of materials. In essence, if your material cant be cut by a waterjet, chances are it cant be cut at all.

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