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Savage Realms Citadel – Jeremy Gosser Interview

  Interview with Jeremy Gosser – Savage Realms Citadel Jeremy is back with his 4th Kickstarter.  Coming off the very successful Elf Outpost, he has released the Savage Realms Citadel kickstarter that is fully compatible with his previous Kickstarters.  This is a very modular system giving you the tools to create a very customized keep.  This

Interview With The 3D Printing Professor

We had the opportunity to interview the 3D Printing professor from you tube, was a great interview, this is what he has to say   “What would you like to achieve in the next 3-4 years?” Wouldn’t it be awesome if this thing I did were expanded to a full show length, with a full set, actual crew

Graften 3D Printers Interview

 What would you like to achieve in the next 3-4 years? The perspective of 3-4 years in such a dynamically developing industry as 3D printing is very distant. The most important challenges we’ll be facing during this period are, dynamic expansion into foreign markets and addition of new devices to our product offer. The development of

Inov3D Interview with Nubwerkes From e-Nable

We had the honor of asking Andrew DeLisle from the Nubwerkes chapter of eNABLE some questions.   What exactly is eNABLE?   Enable is a world wide group of volunteers that provide free 3D printed prosthetic devices to people in need. These designs are free to print and modify and you can not charge for the 3D printed hands.