Category: 3D Model Projects

Big Geetech Project- Part One

Making one of the biggest models ever done to date. Namely called a Diorama, scene made up of some of our favourite characters from Marvel universe made and supplied by sanix. Walls and flooring printed with Geetech white Pla Filament. Under the hood! Creality Ender 3. E3d Titan Aero. Volcano. .08mm nozzle. 100% Scale no adjustments Temperatures

OpenRC F1 Car Project

Having printed the bog standard prints, you know the ones when you first get a 3D printer…Benchy, Leveling wheels, temp towers etc.  I wanted something more challenging to print. Something that gives you the wow factor. I decided to print the OpenRC F1 car project! Being part of Inov3D, I wanted to print the Open