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Emvio Carbloaded PETG Filament Review

O.M.veeeooo – Emvio Carbloaded PETG filament…it’s amazing! I am currently in the process of printing the Open RC F1 car using various manufacturer filaments, and being F1, cars, engineering, engines…you gotta have some carbon fibre right!?? Behold the Emvio Carbloaded PETG! The guys over at Emvio Engineering kindly donated some of their Carbloaded PETG filament for

Tesla Aluminum Filament Review Must Have

Aluminum Filament Today we’re going to share our review of Tesla aluminum filament for 3D printers with you. This 3D filament falls into the “exotic filaments” category, which includes filaments that are more than just basic PLA, ABS or other filaments partially made of wood or metal. So, you have a 3D printer and you