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Lithophane Tutorial: 3D Printing Pictures on the Tornado!

What is a Lithophane? Lithophanes are 3D printed picture impressions.  These will typically look like a topographical map until it is lit from the back, and the image will appear.  Today, I will be explaining how to set up your printer to print lithophanes and also investigating some different slicer settings regarding lithophanes.  All of

Common Causes That Can Happen To The Extruder

This issue may be a quite common one for brand spanking new 3D Printer owners, however things can be straight forward to resolve. In this article it will cover four common cause that can happen to the extruder, we are going to practice each below and justify what settings are often accustomed solve the matter. Prime The Extruder At The Beginning Most extruders have a foul habit of leaking plastic once they are sitting idle at