CR-X PRO 2019 3D Printer: All that you need to know

CR-X PRO 2019 is one of the most popular 3D Printers of the year. With great features such as a dual extruder, two colour printing and touch screen, these are few of the great options available with the printer. This article will take you through the main features of the printer and how you can benefit the most from this wonderful printer.

Features of the CR-X PRO 2019

  • Dual Extruder & 2-Color Printing

The incredible feature of the CR-X PRO 2019 is the dual extruder and 2-colour printing option. As a result, this fantastic feature makes your printing experience colourful and adds more creativity to your prints. This is a great feature for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy the colourful prints no matter why you are printing. Moreover, the extruders are all-metal. Thus, the all-metal nature enables the extruder to work smoothly without undergoing much of deterioration over the printing sessions.

CR-X PRO 2019 Dual Extruder

  • Touch Screen Operation

The 3D Printer comes with a 4-inch touch screen (LCD) that makes the human-machine interface extremely easy. Therefore, you can enjoy printing on this amazing printer without ever getting stuck in the print control functions.

  • Silent Operation

The TMC2208 ultra-silent driver is a state of the art motherboard in this printer. As the name suggests, this ultra-silent motherboard performs its functions with speed and without producing much sound. Furthermore, the heat dissipation element of the motherboard is beautiful in dissipating the heat generated during the processing of printing functions.

  • Print Size

CR-X PRO 2019 offers a nice print size of 300mmx300mmx400mm in single colour and 270mmx270mmx400mm in dual-colour mode. As a result, you can develop multiple designs that are of formidable size.

  • Platform and Machine Size

The platform size for this printer is 310mmx320mm. This means that you have quite some space to work on your designs here. Besides, the machine size is 550mmx400mmx650mm. Thus, the machine has a formidable size, and you need to have enough space accordingly to incorporate your printer into the workshop.

  • Filament

The printer can work smoothly with the 1.75 mm ABS and PLA filaments. This means you can complete all your basic 3D printing needs with this amazing printer.

  • Levelling

Yes, you have guessed it right! The printer comes with an auto-levelling bed that can be easily levelled without putting in much of an effort.  The printer is equipped with Antclabs BL Touch Probe for 9- point auto-bed levelling. As a result, the printer becomes an ideal choice for not only hobbyists, newbies and young enthusiasts but also professionals.

CR-X PRO 2019 BLTouch

  • Power Supply Support

The printer comes with a UL certified power supply. This ensures that you will not experience interruptions during your printing sessions. As a result, the final product will be much more smooth and high-quality.

  • Price

The Creality CR-X PRO 2019 is currently being offered at a fantastic rate of USD 669 at Creality’s official website. Therefore, this is an excellent price for a printer of this calibre. Although this makes the printer slightly expensive for hobbyists alone, yet when compared to the offered features, this price is not too high.


  • Dual extruder
  • Two colour print
  • all-metal extruder
  • Touch screen control
  • Silent operation motherboard


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Not many customer reviews available


To sum up, this amazing printer from Creality will set your printing workshop for the next level. We highly recommend mid-level professionals and experienced hobbyists to go for this printer. Furthermore, don’t forget to share your experience with this amazing printer.

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