Creality DDX upgrade Kit By Bondtech And Slice Engineering

Slice Engineering and Bondtech have joined hands to bring to the industry Creality DDX upgrade kit. There are multiple features of the extruder that have really created ripples in the 3D print industry.

As you might already know that Slice is a hotends and nozzle manufacturer from the USA. One of their most popular hotend is the Mosquito hotends. Whereas,  their partners in this venture, Bondtech (Sweden), are famous for their feeders. Let’s find out what this amazing partnership between Slice Engineering and Bondtech has produced amazing upgrade kits for Creality printers.

Main Features of Creality DDX Upgrade Kit

Compatibility with multiple Creality Models

Bondtech and Slice Engineering have created a versatile solution for multiple Creality models. These models include Ender 3 Family, Ender 5 Family, CR-10, and CR-10 Max. Furthermore, the CR-10S, CR-10S Pro and Pro v2 are all supported printers for the Bondtech DDX.

Extended Copperhead Product

Slice Engineering has the extended Copperhead product range that is available for existing users of Creality printers. There are other benefits associated with DDX Direct Drive. Among the benefits that the kit offers, there is an option for the owner of Creality models to upgrade to Direct Drive and Bondtech technology without having to make major changes to the basic accessories of the printer.

Also, the users can also make use of Creality stock fans, hotends, heaters and thermistors. Other options available for users are to upgrade the hotends with Copperhead or Mosquito.

4 Phases of Bondtech DDX upgrade path

Currently, there are 4 options with the Creality upgrade kit to make use of Bondtech DDX upgrade path. These options are that either a user can;

Phase 1: Upgrade the extruder and keep using the existing stock hotend.

Phaser 2: Or, the user can upgrade the extruder plus the hear break and hot block using Copperhead.

Option 3: The 3rd option for the user is that the extruder and hotend are upgraded using full Copperhead or Mosquito or Mosquito Magnum hothead.

Phase 4 Whereas, another way to upgrade the extruder is to upgrade the hotend, thermistor, and heater. In addition, you can use a custom firmware along with 24v 50W heater and 300C temperature limit.

Option 2 Upgradation of DDX

Slice Engineering’s Copperhead Heat Breaks facilitates the users by improving the DDX upgrade by improving the hotend without replacing the entire unit. Therefore, the cost of the up-gradation is substantially reduced. Furthermore, the superior heat-creep reduction and flow rate advantage is another plus that the users will get.

Option 4 Upgradation

As discussed above, Option 4 allows for a new thermistor from Slice Engineering, which has a temperature rating of 300C. This will complement the existing high-temperature thermistor, which has a rating of 450C. However, since most of the Creality products are processed at temperatures near to 260C, this combination will work fine with almost all models of Creality mentioned above.

What’s So Special About Slice Engineering’s DDX?

You might be wondering what is so special about this combination of Slice Engineering and Bondtech. Well, if you have not picked up the level of innovation and engineering in place between these two heavyweights of 3D printing, then you have really not have had the opportunity of going hands-on with Creality printers.

This upgrade kit will provide you with an option to customize and optimize your print operations. Furthermore, the addition of high-temperature thermistors will definitely increase the opertunity of what yo can 3D print.

We at Inov3D strongly believe that the DDX upgrade kit from Slice Engineering and Bondtech is truly great to work from the two disruptive companies in 3D printing. You can check out more details about the venture on Slice Engineering’s website.

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