Dragon Resin Review – Is It Different? We Shall See

I first saw Çağrı Aydoğan, CEO of Dragon Resin on facebook advertising his resin for SLA and MSLA resin 3D printers, just like any business owner would do. Me being a writer and reviewer just getting into resin 3D printing with my Anycubic Photon. I approached him asking would you be interested in Inov3D reviewing your Dragon Resin, Çağrı Aydoğan said YES!

All The Resin?

This article will be about all the resins we review from Dragon Resin. He is a great manufacturer; the reason behind this is because he likes to help the small business owners, like us. I won’t go into detail about all of their resin specifications and descriptions. This will end up being a lot of duplicate content. If I notice anything different down the line, I will update the article.

Where to buy Official Website

20 Colours Available

  1. Model Resin
  2. Exotic Metal Shine Resin
  3. Fluorescent Resin

Description Of Dragon Resin

1- FAST CURE – Designed to be used on low powered LCD/LED 3D printer technologies such as Anycubic Photon, Wanhao D7 or Phrozen Shuffle. So you can use our model resin with fast curing times

2- LOW ODOR – Since 3D printers are widely used in daily life, the resin odour is kept at the minimum level. Therefore, the Resin can easily be used in indoor conditions. Work with an open window is recommended.

3- PERFECT BUILD PLATE ADHESION – A special additive is added into our Model Resin formulation for a perfect adhesion of the printing model to the build plate. Therefore, high adhesion and less printing failure are ensured related to adhesion problem of the build plate.

4- LOW SHRINKAGE – The formulation is designed such that the shrinkage percentage is less than 0.5%. Therefore, shrinkage or cracking issues of printed models are eliminated.

5- SHARP COLORS – Special pigments are designed such that the colours of the printed models look like more reliable and sharp.

6- NO SEDIMENTATION – The pigments used have no sedimentation, meaning that they do not sink to the bottom of the resin.


7- HIGH RESOLUTION – The Model Resin is designed such that the most fabulous details of the printed objects are clearly and easily observed.

8- HIGH SURFACE SMOOTHNESS – The use of the Model Resin enables to achieve high smooth surfaces.

9- NO COLOR ADJUSTMENT – All colours are designed such that they have the same curing properties which allow same colour adjustment settings.

10- EASY SANDABLE – The Model Resin is easily sandable, reducing time waste before the painting.

11- PAINTABLE – The Model Resin can be used with all kind of paints.

12- EASY POST CLEANING – Cleans with IPA or Ethanol. Dip in alcohol bath and/or clean with soft brush remaining resin on the model.

13- POST CURE – Cure with 405 nm UV led lamps. Use of 30 W or more powered UV 405nm led light is suggested or keep under direct sunlight until achieved non-stickiness


Great attention to adding detail on to the box with their logo, comes with polystyrene inside to protect the bottle and keep it in place. Most resin bottles can resist UV light; this is why it is black to prevent light from shining inside. The only downside to the packaging is the cardboard box, it is fragile, but this could be to keep down the cost down. But overall, their packaging is not to bad. The sample bottles did not come with the resin. These are to show a close-up of colours.

Community Question

On Inov3D Facebook Page, we asked the community what should we print with this resin.  Artur LingLing made a comment saying “I think you know what to do.” He sent this picture down below about mixing the resin. Pretty impressive, as I wasn’t sure if that would work.  From the dragon picture, the transition came out fantastic in some places. The pink has faded into the brass, making a beautiful gradient colour.

Ps; the hand of the dragon broke off just before taking a picture due to dropping it. (oops)

Marketing Material

Once I started using the resin, I saw the fantastic 3D Model of a Dragon with a pearl from Artec3D. I instantly thought this needs to be used on all of their resins display pictures for marketing material. Could be a good idea or not.


Dragon resin is a flexible material that helps remove support much more comfortable than your standard resin. I found out that it is better to use slightly thicker supports. If you are thinking after curing the resin that it won’t harden you are wrong. The good thing about resin is that it can repair and sand any imperfections even on PLA. All you need to do is apply the adhesive where you want to fix, watch it flow into place. Using a UV pen over the resin will harden it entirely after a couple of minutes. Unlike the Elegoo resin, it moves when using the pen and can cause ripples.

Difference In Odour

There is a difference in odour between Elegoo and Dragon resin. When in the 3D printer, they both smelt the same, but as soon as you use the laser pen on Elegoo resin, it starts to smell and burn your eyes. There is no odour to the dragon resin

Dragon Resin 3D Exotic Metal shine Resin – Brass


Started printing using the brass resin first and wow my first impression is that this is fantastic resin. Outstanding colour that changes difference shades from dark to light. When you move the models around, you can see how the light can change it. Oh and I can not forget to mention the fantastic glitter effect that goes threw it! Words generally can’t describe how high the metal shine resin is, just look at the pictures these will show you. I have no clue how it can make it look like glitter as there is no pigments or anything in it to create that effect. Each design printed with no flaws also has been pictured outside in natural sunlight.

Dragon Resin 3D Model Resin – Pink


So now onto the pink dragon resin, this is just a standard colour, nothing fancy, but the end results are excellent. Finishes off with a lovely satin look, but of course, if you want a gloss or matte finish simply spray it with automotive lacquer. Again different sources of light hit the model and can change from a light pink to a very vibrant hot pink.  Printed correctly as expected, it is quite a  flexible resin before curing. Do I recommend? Most certainly do.



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